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Butch: toke you long enough to explain

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Butch's P.O.V

I see my idiot blonde brothers counter part and if I don't say so myself she looks gorgeous her blonde hair going down to the middle of her back her nice curves. I walk up beside her to my locker.

"Hey beautiful, remember me. " I say coolly as I grab my books for math since it's my first class and then I lock my locker. She then looks at me.

"Butch" she says without a worry about how one of her won't enemy's from her past is standing right in front of her.

"You know it Babe" I replied coolly.

"Don't call me Babe" she says as she slams her locker closed. This action let me see her face for the first time since we were 5. Her hair framed her beautiful face. Her skin was pale,
But it is a healthy and pretty pale. Her lips looked so kissable, her nose was small and cute, and finally her eyes they looked as if they were made of the most clearest and purest water.

"No need to get feisty Bubbly, I'm new to the school and I just wanted some help finding my Class" I say as I put my hands up in defense as I look into to those crystal blue eyes of hers.

"Oh, I can help you what's your first Class" she asked as her voice went from talking to a bad guy to her normal cheery voice.

"I have math with Mr. Lakehouse in room 12 D" I say as I just look at her.

"Okay that's right across from my AP English class follow Me." she says as she starts to walk away. I start to follow her.

"It's been awhile since we have last seen each other hasn't it Bubbly" I say as I run my hand through my hair.

"Yes it has been, and why do you call Bubbly." She asked as we turn down another hall.

"Bubbles kinda sounds like a stripper name plus your so Bubbly and upbeat." I replied and I know that the first part of what I said wasn't the smartest thing to say, but even when we were 5 I loved making her mad and annoyed.

"Did you just say that my name is a stripper Name" at this point she stopped walking and was glaring at me, her glare isn't as scary as Buttercups, but still is scary and it's rarer then her sisters glares.

"I mostly just complemented you and all you got is that I said your name sounds like a strippers Name" I say as I stop as well.

"Your a pig. Your class is right there, your very welcome that I showed you your way to your class, have a great Day." she pointed to my classroom then spun around on her heels and walked into her class. You could hear her teacher greet her. I smirked as I watched her do so. I walk into my classroom. I told my teacher I was new and he just pointed to a free seat. I walk over and sit down and who do you think walks in the door none other than my raven haired counterpart as soon as she sees me she gives me her famous glare. With glares like her's your glad looks can't kill because hers would kill every living thing on the earth.

"What is a rowdyruff doing in powerpuff Turf." she asked bitterly as she sat down beside me and a whole bunch of guys who I'm guessing are her friends sit around her.

"Well Butterbut, I believe I am here to get an education, but I thought that was pretty Obvious" I replied sarcastically back. Even an idiot like Boomer would be able to see that she was fuming mad. See this is why I like bugging Bubbles the most out of the Powerpuffs. Blossom is planner if things don't go exactly how she wants them to she gets mad and then proceeds to make you feel like an idiot; way to easy to get mad, but almost impossible to get yourself out of it. Buttercup say anything bad about her or her family you've got a fight, and then she try's to make you feel weak; way way to easy to get into and even easier to get out of. I like a challenge, even a little one. Bubbles hard to make her mad, but not impossible and walks away mad; a challenge both ways and not an impossible. She is going to be mine I don't care what it takes, because when I take a challenge I will do anything to make sure I succeed.

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