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Butch: to late

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Bubbles P.O.V

I can't believe Butch was such a pig and rude. Although he is very muscular and he has hair that you want to run your hands through and those beautiful, mesmerizing, mysterious green eyes he has. Stop it Bubbles he's evil. I guess I know have to keep my eyes off him. Plus I have a boyfriend.

Buttercup P.O.V

This stupid idiot is now in Townsville high I bet his brothers are here to. Like I have enough to worry about, Blossom and Professor are on me about my grads. I know you would think Bubbles is the dumb one but her grades are all A's and she is in all AP classes. So ya technically I'm the dumbest Powerpuff, but if you tell anyone I said that your beyond dead. I look over at Butch was in deep thought about something if only I knew.

Bubbles P.O.V

English class is over and then I went to science that was pretty boring so I won't tell you about it. At lunch I got my lunch from the caf and went to my table at the cafeteria you see the cafeteria is split into sections I'm in the jock/popular area, Buttercup is in a group of guys who look at her like she's one of the boys, and there's Blossoms group of nerds. My group is the head of the school. When I get to my table I sit in between my best friend Alice and my boyfriend Josh.

"Hey everyone"I say as I sit down and kiss Josh. He then put his arm around my shoulders and we talked about whatever we wanted to.

Butch's P.O.V

I got my lunch and sat down beside my brothers which was also the table Buttercup was at but I ignored all her insults. I am too busy looking around for my girl yeah that's right my girl! But when I find her I see a sight that is very disturbing. Some idiot with his arm around her and oh man do I want to kill him, then they kiss that makes my challenge way harder and way more tempting. Oh, this is going to be fun. Watch out Bubbles because your boyfriend will be me not who ever he is.

Time skip to the rowdyruff house after school.

I knew I had to get my brothers to help, I need Bricks planing ability and if I don't include Boomer I will never hear the end of it.

"Hey Brick you know I was just thinking about how you are the best leader ever better than I could ever be " I say trying to butter him up so he'll help me.

"What do you want Butch"He replied coldly.

"How did you know that I wanted Something" I ask I know that he is good at knowing a persons next move but that's in battle.

"Butch, you never complament anybody except hot girls or when you want Something." he says not looking up from his video game.

"You know the Powerpuffs" I ask

"No Butch I don't know the girls that we tried to kill and are now trying to be part of their group. No I don't know them at all." he said with sarcasm oozing from his voice.

"You don't have to be so sarcastic I saw two of the Powerpuffs Today." I started to explain in till I was interrupted.

"Oh my god tell the Authorities, dude I saw 2 Too" at this point I am doing all I can do to not lose my temper because if I do Brick won't help me and boy do I need it.

"I took a challenge about dating a Powerpuff" I said getting it out of the way right away.

"You took a challenge on dating Buttercup" he says as he paused his game and looked at me.

"No, Buttercup is hot but not my type. Bubbles is who I'm After" I said

"Doesn't she have a Boyfriend" he asked, you can tell that he is already working out a plan in his head. And is asking me that to get all the factors in to create the perfect plan.

"Yeah, I found out that his name is Josh" I said hoping it would help him.

"Okay we need to know more about him we need Boomers Help." Brick said and I know he's right Boomer can find out just about anything about anyone.

"Okay, where is He" I asked.

"Boomer get your butt down Here" Brick yelled.

"Yeah" he says as he enters the room.

"We need you to know things about Bubbles boyfriend Josh." I said.

"Oh okay, well he's the caption of the football team, he's been dating Bubbles for 3 weeks, he is apparently the hottest guy in the School." he said

"Wow usually It takes you at least a couple of hours. Your getting really. Good." Brick said in amazement.

"In my science class I was forced to sit by some annoying cheerleaders that would shut up about him or how he and Bubbles are going to together Forever" Boomer said as if is the worst thing in the world.

"Dude you got sat by cheerleaders and your complaining, you are messed up " Brick said with jealousy in his voice.

"Why did you need to know anything about Josh because if this is a plan to take down the Powerpuffs we said that we were going to join them not destroy them and if we are count me Out." Boomer said.

"Butch I think you should explain this one " Brick orders.

"Okay, I have taken a challenge to make Bubbles my girlfriend and not that idiot who you think is Hot" Butch explained.

"Okay first of all I will help you and get more information on him and second of all it was the cheerleaders who thought he was hot not Me." Boomer said the first part of his explanation normally, the second part of his sentence he yelled.

"Woo dude take a chill pill and Butch I will need more time and more information to make a plan but trust me I'm In." Brick says then he sends us to bed and says that we will have a long day tomorrow. All I can think about is how beautiful Bubbles is inside and out.

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