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Annabeth's P.O.V

I sat in the woods, watching the nymph's go by, their world basically unaffected by the arrival of the twins. They skipped, sang and danced, not stopping to wonder what was going on outside of the woods. But dinner was coming. They would find out soon enough. They would gossip about my failed love life.

After what could have been a few minutes or a few hours, I gathered up the courage to walk back into camp. After seeing me down like that, no one could see me walk in with my head down, tail between my legs. I was going to walk into camp and show them that I was caught off guard- that I wasn't broken, just scratched.

But even as these thoughts passed through my mind, I knew it wasn't true. Percy and I had had years together, but he had thrown it all away for some random girl off the street. I couldn't believe him. But at the same time, I felt that Percy wasn't being himself. He wasn't goofy, his eyes didn't shift like the sea and it looked to me as if someone had put a spell on him.

The question was: How? As far as I know, the Hecate kids didn't have anything against Percy. Why would they? He was the one who got them recognized. Without him, they would be mushed together in the Hermes cabin, not knowing who their parent's really were.

The nearer I got to camp, the more nervous I became. What was everyone going to think? What would Percy say? Would he be disgusted by my outburst? Would he ask for me back, and say he was wrong (He should be used to it by now)?

Just before I reached the edge of the woods, I bumped into someone, toppling over.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't see you," the person said, helping me up.

"Piper?" I asked, seeing my friend standing there, fuming.

"Oh, Annabeth! Sorry, sorry. I never got to ask, are you okay? You kind of uh, ran off before I got the chance to ask." Piper looked nervous.

"I'm okay, now. How are you? I mean… Jason… all the boys… the camp…" my voice trailed off. I wasn't sure how I should word it. All of Olympus seemed to be in love with these girls. And it was extremely annoying.

"Yeah… Something about those girls strikes me as odd. One part of me is telling me to be best friends with them, but on the other hand, I want them to rot in Tartarus."

"Thank you! I thought I was the only one… They're just not like regular people. They're perfect. Too perfect."

"And not a Godly kind of perfect. A… well, just plain too good to be true. Even God's have their flaws, but not those girls," Piper said.

"Yeah… strange," I say, not really paying attention. I was trying to figure out what angered me about those girls. There was something I read, but… I couldn't quite think of what it was.

"Let's go back to Camp. No point in going into the woods now. Come on," Piper said, grabbing my arm reassuringly and leading me out of the woods. It was sweet Piper was staying strong for me, when the same thing had just happened to her.

Leo's P.O.V.

Calypso and I were sitting on the beach, watching the waves. Or rather, Calypso was watching the waves while I busied myself with putting together and taking apart a small mechanical beetle from my father's forge. Calypso had gotten it for me for our six month anniversary. How she even got a hold of it, I don't know.

"Leo, aren't the waves beautiful? Leo?" Calypso was saying, but I was busy trying to rearrange the parts so that the beetle could deliver messages for me. Of course, I didn't have the right tools since I'd left my tool belt in Bunker 9. Or rather, Calypso threatened to hide it if I didn't leave it.

"Hm?" I said absentmindedly, not looking away from my project at hand.

"Valdez. I asked about the-" Calypso was saying, but something to the right of us had gotten her attention. I turned, and saw two figures standing about three hundred yards from us, whispering to each other.

First, I thought that Calypso envied the girl stand there. Maybe she wanted us to be more like that. It took a few moments for me to realize who the guy was. It was Percy. The only problem was, the girl wasn't Annabeth.

I thought I was seeing things. Maybe the guy just looked like Percy. It could be anyone with crazy black hair. There were a few here and there. Just when I had convinced myself of this, the guy reached his hand out, and a large wave in the shape of a heart was made. Uh-oh. Not everyone could do that.

"Oh my gods… Calypso do you-" I was asking, but Calypso had already scrambled to her feet, stalking over to the girl and Percy. I quickly jumped to my feet. Unfortuneatley for me, I wasn't as coordinated as my girlfriend, and I fell over. I was immediately met with a faceful of sand. So much for smooth, Valdez.

I got up and ran over. Hopefully, Calyspo would go easy on Percy. Or maybe slap him senseless until he realized that when Annabeth found out, she would gut him like a fish. No pun intended.

I caught up with Calypso just as she reached Percy and a very gorgeous girl. Actually, scratch that. This girl was capital F fine. She was beautiful. More beautiful than any girl I had ever see-

"Perseus Jackson, what are you doing? Are you crazy? Annabeth and I might not be the best of friends, but I certainly wouldn't want her to go through this. Not when I have so many times! Are you insane?" Calypso screeched, breaking me from my trance.

I turned to stare at her, the gentleness gone from her. She had a fierce set in her jaw, a fire in her eyes that I had never seen before. She looked more like a goddess than ever.

Percy looked up from the girl. He gazed long and hard at Calypso, as if he were trying to remember who she was. It took him a minute, but finally, the buttons clicked in his head.

"Calypso… Hi," he said dumbly.

This didn't seem to help Calypso's mood, because she was literally shaking. I had the urge to wrap my arms around her, to tell her that everything would be ok. I refrained, because by the murderous look on her face, I'm not sure a hug would have cut it.

"Hi? Hi?! Oh, hi he says! Hi, Perseus Jackson! Hi! Hello! My name is Calypso, the girl who's about to tear you to pieces!"

"Hey, now. Uh, Calypso, how about we calm down?" I said nervously.

Now I was the victim of Calypso's rage as she turned towards me, fixing her gaze at me. I took a step back, out of slapping reach.

"Calm. Down? Calm… down. Calm. Calm down. How about I rip your head off, then, Leo Valdez, if you're going to defend the two timing-"

"Hey, hey. Language, Cal. Please? Just… let's get you away from him. Before you do something you regret?" I pleaded with Calypso. I saw her expression soften a fraction. She took a deep breath and walked away. With a final look at the starltled Percy and his equally startled girlfriend, I sprinted after Calypso.

I found her sitting under a tree, sniffling, her eyes puffy and red. I sat down beside her, wrapping my arms around her. She buried her head in my shoulder, and I pulled her closer.

"It's gonna be ok, Calypso. It's gonna be ok eventually," I whispered in her ear.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, me contemplating if what I said was true, her breathing evenly. Just when I had assumed she had fallen asleep, she mumbled into my neck, "Leo… will you ever leave me?"

I sat there for a moment, not sure how to respond. Of course I would never leave her. She was Calypso. She was mine. She was my definition of perfection. She made me whole. She made me me. I was fortunate to have her.

"Calypso… I'm not used to you asking stupid questions. I would never leave you. Not if Zeus himself asked me to."

I heard her sigh, a sigh of relief. We just sat there under that tree for the longest time, not saying anything, just happy to be close to each other.

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