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Chapter One:

Hannah(Miley) gazed forward in a dream like state. She stared at the adeuence numbly, her eyes locked on the most beautiful girl ever. She had straight blond locks that flowed perfectly down her front. She also had a awesome violet beanie on the top of her head. Hannah/ Miley was happy this was a interview not a concert, because if the blond was in a concert she would have stopped her from singing one note.

"And were back," Alison said creepily, "with the famiouse Hannah Montaine and doesn't she look nice tonight."

Nice does not begin to describer her, Lilly thought from the adeuence.

"What you thinking so hard about?" Oliver asked. Lilly pulled out her pen and wrote on the pad of paper on her lap. On the paper she wrote: thinking about how pretty Hannah's eyes are. Oliver rolled his eyes after reading the note.

"Still hopelessly in love with her, aren't you?" He sighted. Lilly nodded vigorously. Her eye's re-glued on the pop star.

"So, Hannah," Alison continued, "anyone impotent in your life?"

"Well, there's my dad and brother," Hannah/Miley answered with a sweet smile.

"Isn't she funny?" Alison laughed.

"What do you mean?" she now really confused.

"Oh, Hannah," Alison said in a baby voice, "I mean is there a romantic interest in your life?" Well I hope the blond in the back will be,Miley/ Hannah thought.

"No one for now, " she smiled. Yes!, Lilly screamed in her head.

"That's good for your fans then," Alison hinted as Lilly bobbed her head in agreement.

"Well, I do love to make them happy. My fans mean a lot to me," Hannah (an/ i am sick of the slashes so when shes Hannah i just say Hannah) replied with smile. I just love how she smile's Lilly wrote.

"She does have a good smile," Oliver noted. MINE! Lilly wrote back, but Oliver just laughed and rolled his eyes. There was five more minutes of banter before Alison asked the question hat everyone was waiting for.

"What are you going to do now that your tour is over?"

"Just hang with my family in cal. and a few small concerts," Hannah smiled. And go to public school Hannah added in her head.

"Cal. as in here?" Oliver asked wide eyed. However unknown to him Lilly was mentally screaming happily. EEEEPPPPP! Lilly wrote.

"Well that's all the time we have," Allison said to a courses of sights, " thank you for your time, Hannah."

"Thank you, Allison." And with that Hannah walked off the stage.

"Good job, Darlene," Robby Ray said as his daughter walk on the back stage.

"Thanks, Daddy," Hannah said as she gave her father a quick hug.

"Now if you exsuess me," Robby commented after be relished form the hug, "The snack table is calling my name." Then he hurried off in a random derision as Hannah rolled her eyes. I wounder if the blond is still here? Hannah asked herself and looked around the barer. There she is! Yes! But whose that with her? Probably her boyfriend. Please don't be!

"Who you staring at?" Jackison asked his little sister. Hannah jump a little and turned around.

"Don't scare like that," Hannah said swatting at her bother.

"I woun't, sorry," he said covering his face. At his words Hannah lowered her arm and turn back to the croud,but the blond was no longer turn back to glare at her brother. "Now will you tell me who you were staring at?" Jackison continued. That quision brought a smile back to her face.

"I most grogeuse girl I ever seen," Hannah siged.

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