As Conner stared into the endless expanse of space in front of him, many thoughts were rolling around in his head. Thoughts about the team's big victory over The Reach and The Light, the sadness at the thought of never hearing Wally make another one of his immature jokes, whether he could ever trust Aqualad or Nightwing ever again, etc. All these things pulling Conner's attention in his mind, but one thought above the others kept racing to the forefront.

At the thought, he unfixed his gaze from the stars in front of him and glanced back at who was piloting the bio-ship. Slightly raised above him sat the woman who was the main fixture of his thoughts at the moment. He knew they were on a mission to rescue Mars from the Reach, but he doubted anybody could stay focused on such a long voyage. As fast as the bio-ship was they were only into the sixth hour of their ten hour voyage. Conner swore when they got to Mars every Reach soldier he met was going to feel his wrath for cutting of access to the zeta tubes.

Right before they were assigned to Alpha squad and given their mission, he and M'gann were close to picking up where they left all those months ago. In the memorial sanctuary they were very close to kissing one another, but duty intervened. Conner knew they still had problems to work out, but after what they both went through recently he didn't think that would be problem. They had already talked things over, both the night after she fought Aqualad and earlier that day in the courtroom on Rimbor.

"Guess we never go to finish our talk earlier," M'gann said breaking Conner out of his reveries.

Conner gave a partial smile and slightly blushed knowing he got caught staring at her. He turned his chair fully to face her and noticed they were alone, "Where's Garfield?"

"He went down below and had the ship bio-shift a cot for him. Guess all the excitement of the past 48 hours got to him," M'gann said thoughtfully.

Slightly confused Conner wondered how he missed the exit of his green monkey teammate, and guessed he really had been deep in his own thoughts. "About earlier," Conner began slowly.

At his slow words M'gann fidgeted a little, "Its' alright if you don't want to talk about this, or wait until after the mission... or you want to forget about earlier." M'gann added the last part with fearful apprehension and shifted her eyes downward dejectedly.

"What? No!," Conner said hurriedly and stood up quickly, his bio-seatbelt retracting at his movement.

M'gann looked up startled but slightly hopeful at his quick movement.

Conner rubbed his jaw a little embarrassed at his reaction as well, "This is just a little awkward... what I mean is how does this work?" Conner said a little unsure of himself.

M'Gann momentarily focused on the controls and telepathically told the ship to maintain course. She stood and stepped down and stood in front of Conner, about a foot separated them.

"You mean how do we start over?" M'Gann asked in a soft voice and Conner gave a small nod in confirmation.

"Well we don't actually," M'gann started and then saw the surprise in Conner's eyes and quickly added, "start over that is, we start back up."

Conner thought for a second before speaking but maintained eye contact, "What's the difference?"

M'gann looked down and turned foot back and forth before looking back at the Kryptonian in front of her, "Well we... I mean I don't forget what broke us up in the first place."

"M'gann you don't," Conner.

"I know I have already admitted you were right about the use of my powers," M'gann said and reached out and took hold of Conner's hand, "but it is something I need to remember if were going to get back what we once had."

Conner nodded in finally understanding, "M'gann you aren't the only one to blame here..."

"What?" M'gann began startled, "Conner you never did anything wrong, it was me abusing my powers on the enemy... and you."

Conner lightly traced circles on the soft skin of the left hand that was trapped in right, "Trying to control me was wrong, but I should've tried to work it out with you instead of just ending things."

"I would not have listened even if you tried," M'gann admitted, "You were right to leave me, but we can move forward."

Conner stood there for a few seconds and smirk tugged at his lips, "You never answered how we start back up."

M'gann thought for a second and let a blush come over her, "I guess how we started things the fir..."

Figuring out what she was going to say Conner crashed his lips down upon M'gann's. Conner than moved one of his hands to the small of her back and pushed her forward to close the distance between them, and held her close.

They stood there and continued exploring mouths and feeling they had been missing since all the months ago. The only sounds in the that were made was low hum as the living ship continued to cruise forward into the dark depths of the space, and the sounds of the reunited lovers made as they continued to passionately embrace.


Gar opened his eyes and sat up groggily. Rubbing his eyes and moving around his tail, Gar remembered he was on his sister's ship. Upon remembering why he was there Beastboy, smiled with giddiness. Him, M'gann, and Conner were on the same team, and they were Alpha squad.

Sure he had heard Nightwing's speech a hundred times on how they were just team names, but Beastboy knew better. Who could argue Alpha team was the best when two of the members had been two of the longest active members, and he was also one of the teams heaviest hitters.

Almost everything was going right in his world, Garfield thought. Well except for one thing, that thing being his sister and Conner being on the same squad but not together. He never knew why they broke up in the first place, neither would tell him why. However he could feel the winds of change coming, his sister had finally flushed fishboy, and he could tell Conner and M'Gann were acting much better towards one another.

"All they really need is a little help," thought the green monkey shapeshifter. Garfield began to work out plans in his mind as he started up the ramp to the main level of the ship, but stopped right in his tracks as he saw into the cabin.

His jaw nearly fell and hit the floor when he saw it, his sister and Conner making out in the middle of the ship. The scene made Gar want to jump up and down and scream for joy, which made nothing short of a miracle he was able to contain himself.

Backing up slowly and as quietly as possible, Garfield made his way back to the lower level. He could stand a few more hours rest before the mission.

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