Superboy cleared his throat, breaking M'gann's still startled look at the still smirking Beastboy. "We should go over the plan before we get to Mars," Conner said authoritatively and sending the message to Garfield that not to give him and M'gann the third degree.

"Right," Megan began uncertainly and motioned for Garfield to take a seat next to where Conner had sat, "All we got from B'arzz's message was that Mars is completely controlled by the Reach..."

"If it took the whole team to boot the Reach off Earth... I mean as crash as we are, there is still only three of us," Garfield said a little apprehensively because on the surface the mission was starting to sound like a suicide mission.

"The Reach never fully took Earth," Conner stated thinking that cleared things up.

Seeing that her brother was still confused Megan elaborated, "According to Hal, the Green Lantern's database on the Reach says that once they take over a world they only leave behind a small force to keep order."

Hearing the new tidbit Garfield put the rest together, "So if the Reach controls Mars, what it really means is they have the population enslaved."

Superboy nodding affirming Beastboy's statement.

"Since we really don't know all the details, this mission has to be covert as long as possible," M'gann said looking at Garfield specifically.

A half smile came over Conner's face as he saw Garfield's face fill with disappointment. He himself still carried those same feelings, but over the years of being out of the pod he had come to realize acting strategically was sometimes better than just charging in.

Getting over his disappointment Garfield had another question and motioned between him and Conner, "We aren't going to have to wear oxygen masks are we?"

M'gann heard the question as she walked back to take control of the ship, "If my people were able to live on the surface yes, but we live below ground where there is an atmosphere for us to breathe."

Garfield was about to ask another question when Superboy spoke. "Since this is covert mission we need to use the coms," Conner stated and dug the three coms out of his pocket and tossed one to each of his team members.

Catching his, Garfield now had a more pressing question than the one he had before. "Why do we need these, can't Megan just link us up with her mind?" Garfield looked over at sister for an answer but it was Conner who spoke up.

"No!" Conner said a little to quickly and loudly, but calmed his emotions, "We're going to be on Mars and so a mental link is more likely to be hacked than our coms."

M'gann who had been staring at her com looked up at Conner as he gave his explanation for use of the devices. It was a lie, but as M'gann made eye contact with Conner she decided not to challenge him. Truthfully she understood Conner's reasons, but she would be lying to herself if she said it didn't hurt to hear him say it.

M'gann cleared her voice to try to sound confident, "Conner's right, it is too big of a risk to use a mental link with so many telepaths around." As she backed up Conner her eyes shifted downward briefly, with a look best described as a mixture between sorrow over what she had lost and shame.

Her expression was not lost on Garfield, but as he looked between his sister's depressed look and the stony expression of Conner, he knew whatever was going on between them wasn't going to be solved by him prodding them about it.

As Garfield turned around to face the front of the ship, he saw that they were about to reach their destination.

Seeing Garfield was transfixed on the sight of the giant red planet; Conner made eye contact with M'gann and gave her a nod with a look of adamance behind his icy blue eyes.

For a fraction of a second M'gann thought his eyes also conveyed a touch of sorrow, but that could have also just been wishful thinking on her part. Deciding now wasn't the time to dwell over what had just happen, M'gann focused on bringing the bio-ship closer to the surface of the planet.

As the ship got a little too close to the surface for Garfield's liking he had another question, "If martians live below the surface, how are we going to get in?"

Maintaining her concentration M'gann answered, "If it was just me, I would just phase through the surface with the ship. Luckily for us Uncle J'onn made entry in case he ever needed to bring anyone here."

"Why would he do that?" Conner asked now slightly curious himself.

"It wasn't his idea actually, Batman told Uncle J'onn it would be a good idea if the League was ever needed on Mars," M'gann said thoughtfully.

"Sounds like Batman," Conner agreed and wondered to himself if Batman had a plan for every scenario.

"So where is it?" Garfield asked, intrigued to where the mysterious hatch into the planet was.

As Garfield asked his question Conner watched the ship glide over the red rocky terrain of Mars. There were large canyons on both sides of the ship, and mountains that were taller than any he had ever seen on Earth. Suddenly, catching Conner slightly off guard, M'gann started to steer the ship upwards as they approached a large plateau.

M'gann concentrated the on the controls and guided the ship to hover about 15 feet above the top of the plateau.

Curious as to why they were stopping Garfield look down at the plateau. Expecting to see an entryway, Garfield was puzzled to see a hard surface of rock below them. For a moment Garfield was a little scared his sister may have forgot that Conner and him could not phase through, morphing was the only ability he got from his blood-sister. Suddenly though, as Garfield continued to watch, the ground started to open up below him.

Looking back quickly at M'gann, Garfield saw a familiar green glow in his sister's eyes. He knew that sometimes Megan had to have intense focus for some of the more taxing uses of her power, which briefly meant a new eye color for his sister.

"Just like the entrance to Mount Justice," Garfield said making an observation. However at the mention of their destroyed home Beastboy saw a look of sadness overcome Conner, but the look was gone as quickly as it appeared.

As the ship started its descent Garfield shifted his attention back to the front of the ship. Looking down all he could he was pure darkness, and started to think how the mission was starting to feel like the many B horror movies he watched... the ones his sister told him not to.

Garfield looked over at Superboy, only to find the Kryptonian held the same unfazed demeanor he always did. Apparently he was alone in his apprehensiveness, and as result started tapping his foot nervously.

Slowly the ship lowered past the point of where the surface used to be, and kept lowering for another ten feet. All of a sudden the ship stopped its descent, and still the only thing to be seen below them was pitch black.

Than without warning, Garfield heard the surface of the plateau slam shut, making an ominous shaking noise all around the ship. Beastboy yelped in terror as his fears were seemingly becoming a reality.


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