Lucas was sitting at one of the empty stations on the bridge on one screen he had a full diagnostic of the computers on the SeaQuest on the other monitor beside him he was watching the feedback from the whiskers. It wasn't something that he needed to do he just like to watch them sometimes even when he was in his cabin he would hack into the feed from them just to see something different then the metal walls of his cabin along with the aqua tube. Lucas turned his attention again to the diagnostic which was ending, everything was normal which he was kind of glad of, true he liked to work on the computers when they got broken, but at the same time he didn't want to do it every day of his life well on the SeaQuest.

Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz called over to Lucas to see if he was seeing what he was seeing on the whiskers as he knew that Lucas was watching them too. Lucas turned to look at it and began running something on his other monitor and said "it looks like to be some sort of temporal distortion and we're heading right for it."

Lucas then turned to Captain Bridger and said "Captain I recommend we come to a full stop, we're heading straight for some sort of temporal distortion, and I don't know what will happen to the SeaQuest if we go in to it."

The Captain then ordered all stop, as the SeaQuest began to slow down from its cruising speed Lucas continued to watch the feedback from the forward facing whiskers when he looked up from them and said "dam Ortiz we need to pull in the whiskers now were being pulled into the temporal rift and I don't think we can get out at this point even at full power reverse."

Captain Bridger was monitoring the conversation as well as looking over the teen genius's shoulder called out to sound collision and to prepare for impact just as the whiskers had retracted into the SeaQuest. Only seconds later there was a blinding flash of light and the SeaQuest was no longer in the ocean, nor was it on earth it was sitting in the main shuttle bay of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 – D.