Later that evening when Doctor Crusher returned to her quarters she saw the room was dark and the lights came up dimly. She noticed that the couch had been made into a bed. She also noticed a pile of clothes next to the bed and a pair of shoes with a pair of socks hanging out of them. She also noticed the blond haired boy sleeping, the covers were partially off of him so she went over and picked them up and laid them over the slender body of the teen. She figured he had been too tired to head back to the seaQuest. As she pulled it up by his shoulders one of his hands garbed it and she heard him mumble "thanks".

She then went over to Wesley's room and saw that he was asleep too, when she returned to the main room she saw Lucas had his eyes open and was rubbing them and mumbling "where the hell am I."

Doctor Crusher then said "you're in mine and Wesley's quarters aboard the Enterprise"

Lucas smiled at that as he remembered that and said "sorry for crashing in your living room I was too tired to head back to the seaQuest. I had a long day yesterday and spent too much time last night working on something. Before I knew it I had only slept about an hour when someone was banning on my door to remind me to eat breakfast. Then we ended up here."

Doctor Crusher was a little concerned about what he had just said, but then again she knew that Wesley sometimes had days like that too. Although given what she knew about Lucas from talking with Doctor Westphalia on the seaQuest that kind of behaviour concerned her to. Right now wasn't the time to talk with the teen as he needed his sleep as did she.

Lucas settled back into the bed again this time he had the blanket covering more of him. Doctor Crusher then went into her room for the night.

The next morning Lucas woke to see both Wesley and Doctor Crusher getting ready for their various shifts that morning. During one of the rare moments that they had both left the room Lucas took the time to get his clothes on. Wesley was first back in the main room and asked Lucas first if he would like to heave a shower. Lucas told him "nah, I'll grab one back on the seaQuest."

Doctor Crusher then came in and offered Lucas breakfast if he wanted it. Lucas said "sure but only if you're going to have some otherwise I can just grab something on the seaQuest when I head back there."

Doctor Crusher ended up getting some scrambled eggs and bacon for the three of them. Lucas couldn't remember the last time he had bacon as it wasn't something they carried on the seaQuest. Then it hit him it was one time on shore leave with the Captain on his island. It was the morning of their last day Lucas had decided to get up early and make breakfasts for him and the captain. He had grabbed some Mangos from a tree growing outside of the window of his bedroom. He ended up making pancakes with them and even made a Mangos foster sauce with them too. He chuckled to himself as he remembered the look on Captain Bridger's face seeing him flambéing the sauce. He ended up telling Wesley and Doctor Crusher the story.

After they were finished Doctor Crusher headed out the door well the two teens put the bed away Wesley then said that he had a shift up on the bridge, and unfortunately he didn't have the time to show Lucas how to get back to the seaQuest but did ask the computer to provide him directions.

Lucas found it very easy to follow the directions that the Enterprise computer gave him sometimes it would have an arrow on a screen or other times it would prompt him verbally, when he got to a turbo lift it even announced what floor it was heading too and where the citation bay was from there. Once Lucas arrived there he pulled out his pal to contact the seaQuest. Captain Bridger came out on the lunch to meet him. Lucas ended up apologising to him about not letting him know that he ended up crashing with Wesley. Captain Bridger forgave him and said "in this case you're off the hook as I figured you must have been there and I got Commander Data to check if you were still on board the Enterprise when you didn't answer your Pal last night."

Lucas replied "sorry about that I tuned it off before crashing for the night so I didn't disturb anyone."

Once they were back on board the seaQuest Lucas headed to his room to grab some clean clothes before heading off to the shower. He picked out a pair of cargo shorts, some clean boxers, a t – shirt that had the seaQuest logo on it and also a zip up hoodie that also had it on it. Normally he didn't wear anything that resembled a uniform but it was nearing laundry day for him and it was clean, plus he had gotten then off of Ben a while ago, the one thing he never really bothered to figure out was whether or not Ben had taken them out of his paycheck or not, it was something he never really concerned himself with as his pay check covered everything he needed anyway and everything else he just used the money his parents put in his bank account.

Once he was finished Lucas returned to his room to check his schedule, it was one of the few days he had where he had no shifts on the bridge and wasn't scheduled to work in the lab. Luckily he didn't actually have anything to do then as he had some work still to do on a new security program for the seaQuest. Lucas also took the time to run a full virus sweep of all of seaQuest's systems, he had each of those up on a monitor in front of him. On the other three as he had swung the one he kept over his bed down to the desk level, he had his music program open, a game of solitaire, and a random view from one of the W.S.K.R.S.

Meanwhile Wesley had his normal duties on the bridge, as they were currently heading back to earth for some routine maintenance on the Enterprise. The crew also figured if they didn't find a way to get the seaQuest home they could always attempt time warp once they got back to Earth. Once Wesley had finished his shift on the bridge he decided he wanted to find Lucas and see if he wanted to do anything, Wesley was also thinking of introducing him to some of his friends on the Enterprise.

Wesley first headed back to his quarters to change out of his uniform. Then he made his way to the citation bay. When he got there he tapped his communicator and called the seaQuest. The communications officer lt. Tim O'Neill answered it and told him that a lunch would be sent up for him.

Once the lunch arrived to the surface Wesley strapped himself in at the front at the request of the pilot who he asked if he knew where he could find Lucas, the pilot said "I'm not really sure he might be in his quarters somewhere in Mammal Engineering on c deck. Sorry I can't be much more help then that but he's kind of private about where they are with anyone other than the senior staff. Heck I doubt he knows were mine are."

Once the lunch was docked Wesley started looking around for the way to Mammal Engineering. A crew member pointed him in the right direction and told him to take a ladder up a deck. Wesley at first had a hard time figuring out what they meant by ladder as all he saw were stairs; he also found a sign by them pointing the way to the upper decks. Wesley then made his way along the corridor the only person he saw there, looked to be some sort of janitor who was able to point him to Lucas's quarters . Wesley tried the door and found it was locked but he heard some loud music so he figured that Lucas must be in here, he looked around for something like a doorbell when he couldn't find it he just decided to knock.

A few hours later when most of what Lucas was doing was wrapping up there was a knock on his door. He casually rolled his desk chair over to open the door. He was surprised to see Wesley there. Lucas invited him in and apologised about the mess but told him if he wanted too he could sit on his bunk if he wanted to as he only had the one chair in the room. As Wesley came in Lucas turned down what he was listening to, the song that had just come on was Enter Sandman by Metallica it was the version with the San Francisco orchestra, Wesley sat down and watched what Lucas was doing and found it amazing how he interacted with all the screens at once, he didn't even think that Data ever had that many screens showing information at once.

Wesley stared to ask Lucas what some of the things were, Lucas replied to him without taking his eyes off of what he was doing and told him what most of them were. Once he was finished with the work he was doing he turned around to face Wesley and said "sorry I was just catching up on some stuff I should have gotten to yesterday, but given our current situation I had a bit of an excuse."

Wesley then said "that's ok I found it interesting watching you work, it was interesting watching you interacting with each of the screens."

Lucas then said "yeah I guess it is, to me it just comes naturally."

Wesley then said "don't you find some of it distracting?"

Lucas then said "not really as I know what I have on what screen at all times and I keep things organised on them for example anything I'm working on is usually right in front of me and other things I'm either playing with or watching are on the others off to the side."

Lucas then jokingly said to Wesley "so did you have a hard time finding me? I know seaQuest isn't as big as the Enterprise, but my room isn't exactly easy to find unless you know exactly where it is."

Wesley then said "it wasn't too bad most of the crew I asked were able to point me in the right direction. The hardest part was figuring out when they told me to go up a ladder they actually meant stairs."

Lucas laughed at that and said "yeah tell me about that a lot of the navy speak still throws me for a loop. Like for example a bathroom is called the head and as you pointed out stairs are called ladders. Another example is this is a compartment rather than a cabin because I'm not an officer."

Wesley then asked 'so does everyone know how to find your compartment on this boat or is it just limited to a few? Because there were a couple people that just knew what deck your were on but didn't know anything else. Although the most helpful was some guy that looked like he had military print tattoos on him he was mopping the hallway and took the time to show me here himself."

Lucas then replied" it's mostly just the senior staff, who knows the exact location as I really hate being bothered by people with every little problem with a computer. As for the guy you're talking about he's called Dagwood and he's from a race that was created in the early 21st century as a sort of supper soldier. He was the prototype, and he's pretty harmless unless you get him mad."

Wesley then asked "do you really get bothered about every little computer problem on the ship?"

Lucas looked back at him and said "pretty much everything form they picked up a virus on it to they forgot there password and need me to rest it so they can log in. The craziest was one time I caught someone trying to hack into my laptop well I was working on his. The captain threw him in the brig for it. Although it's not like he was getting into my computer as the best hacker in the world I'm not going to let someone get very far."

Wesley then said "wow now I really want to look you up."

Lucas laughed at that and said "I looked myself up once back in my own time the odd thing is you also get information on a TV series from the early 1990's. The guy who played my charter on it ended up committing suicide because after the show his carrier wasn't doing so hot. It's kind of odd to read something like that and see someone that kind of resembles you."

Wesley then replied "that stinks ", just the some pictures came up on the screens of Lucas's computer and Wesley saw a coupe interesting ones and asked "what are those pictures of some of them look like you with a guitar?"

Lucas turned around and said "yeah there from a couple of months ago when the seaQuest was in dock in San Francisco and one of my college buddies contacted me about doing a show in the bar we used to perform in, so all of the senior staff and most of the crew form the seaQuest were in the audience for it too. It was a lot of fun." Lucas then pulled up some videos that he had from the show the first one he showed him was of him playing Enter Sandman by Metallica. He showed Wesley some other videos of him playing U2, and Van Halen; he even showed him a video of him singing Both Sides of the story by Phil Collins Lucas had changed a couple of the lyrics at one part to reflect one of the arguments he had heard his parents have. Next Lucas showed him some videos of him playing AC/DC songs, Lucas had changed out of the black t-shirt and jeans he had on for the first few and was wearing a school boy uniform. Lucas explained to Wesley that the lead guitar player of AC/DC Angus Young always wore a school boy uniform as a bit of a gimmick to suggest that he had just come from school to play in the show. Wesley was really impressed Lucas playing the guitar playing and asked him if he had one with him on the seaQuest. Lucas shook his head and said "no I don't have the space to keep them here."

Well Lucas was showing the various videos there was a knock at his door Lucas got up to answer it wondering who it was. It was Doctor Westphalia and she had a small case with her. Lucas invited her in and she said "I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you, yesterday as I was going though your medical file I realised that no one had ever had you wear a portable heart monitor."

Lucas then said "what's that for?"

Doctor Westphalia then explained to him that it was a small device that he would be wearing that would record his heart beat. She then explained to him that it was just so she could double check that the beta blockers he took were working properly and were doing their job. Lucas then said "so how do you hook me up to this thing?"

She then opened the small case she had with her and showed him the device it was a small box, about the size of a pager or one of the seaQuest Pals, which had five small wires coming off of it. She also had five small stickers to put on him that would connect to the wires. Lucas then asked if she needed him to take his shirt off. The Doctor smiled and said "no you can just lift it up for me if you want."

Wesley then asked if Lucas wanted him to leave Lucas said he was ok if he stayed as he lifted up is shirt, so that Doctor Westphalia could attach the monitor first she put two stickers up by Lucas's nipples, then two more up near his shoulders and then she put the fifth one on his belly just below his rib cage. She then connoted the wires to it and turned the device on, she then attached it to his belt. Lucas then dropped his shirt and partially tucked it in at the front of his shorts so his shirt hung over the device. The Doctor then told him that he couldn't swim with it on. Lucas nodded and said "that's Ok I think Darwin is still enjoying being out in the big tank anyway."

She had also brought a USB stick that had a special program on it for the monitor to download its information too. She then asked Lucas if it was Ok if she put it on his laptop he looked at her and held out his hand as he sat down at it she knew that the teen was always very protective of it and didn't normally let anyone use it. There had been a few time where he had it in the lab to help speed things up and she had used it then. There were also times when he would have it plugged into the Vocorder when he was upgrading the software in it or downloading new information on to CD's as a back up just in case.

She watched as Lucas put it into a USB port in his computer and ran a virus scan of it; she knew that it wasn't that he didn't trust her he was just cautious when it came to his computer. One that was done he opened up the files on his computer to install the program as it was installing she then pulled out a USB cable form the case the heart monitor had been in and told him that all he had to do was connect the monitor to his computer and the program he was installing would store the results and he could just return the USB stick to her at the end of the day.

Lucas nodded and said "man I feel, like some sort of since experiment now."

Doctor Westphalia looked at him and said "I understand that and I'm sorry I'm making you feel like that but it's just so I can make sure your heart is working the way it's supposed to."

Wesley then turned to Lucas and said "I'll understand if you don't want to answer but can I ask what's wrong with your heart."

Lucas looked at him and said "Ok I'll answer it. When I was at Stanford I volunteered to be a patient for the medical students and well I was hooked up to a monitor the Doctor teaching the class noticed something odd about my heart rate and ran some tests. He discovered that I have something called Long QT syndrome which basically means my heart has an electrical glitch to it where it sometimes beats irregularly. The meds I take are something called beta blockers they basically control my problem."

Wesley then said "wow I wonder if my mom could do something to fix that."

Lucas replied "even if she could I don't know if I really would want to go through anything invasive."

Doctor Westphalia then said "Lucas doesn't really like Doctors all that much plus he's not likely to consent to having any sort of surgery. "

She then changed the subject and said "either of you two hungry the Captain told me some good things about a place on the Enterprise."

Lucas then said "yeah Ten Forward and the odd thing is I know the bartender from Stanford."

AS the three of them left Lucas told Doctor Westphalia about some of the times he had talked with Guinan when he was at Stanford.