In sickbay on board the Enterprise Doctor Crusher had looked into the federation data base for the doctor that had worked on Lucas in the past she was shocked to find out that he had experimented on other children as well as Lucas and of them Lucas was the only one to live a normal life well whatever was normal for him. It had actually been hard for her to find information on him at first as apparently at some point he had changed his name, and also some of his personal files were sealed by him, not that she needed to go into them. She had also looked over what information her counterpart from the seaQuest had given her on him, about his medical history. She was also looking over the files specifically on his heart history and comparing that to her tricorder scans of him earlier. She knew it was something that could be fixed with a simple procedure now; she had even preformed it on another young man when she had diagnosed him with the same problem when he was about 13. The young man actually had no knowledge of it as she had done it after giving him a routine physical. She gave him a sedative without him realising it. She thought about doing the same to Lucas but at the same time she knew it was wrong to do without his consent plus given his history she didn't think he would give consent to it. She also knew from talking to Doctor Westphalia from the seaQuest that Lucas wasn't always the most cooperative of patients and that the only times he didn't hesitate with her was when he had broken his wrist and when he had appendicitis a few weeks ago. She also knew doing anything to him like that would be a violation of the temporal Prime Directive. She thought about looking into his future medical records to see what became of him as she was only looking at his current ones from the seaQuest and not looking at historical ones which would take a long time to look up.

Meanwhile Wesley and Lucas had finished their lunch with Dr. Westphalia. Wesley wanted to introduce Lucas to some of his friends on the Enterprise; also Dr. Westphalia was going to speak with Doctor Crusher about how things were going with the crew.

Lucas and Wesley headed to a reaction area near the school rooms that the teens on the ship usually hung out in. Wesley introduced Lucas to them. They all found it interesting to get to know someone from the past. Weasly also told them to keep any talk of future events to a minimum just in case anything happened that Lucas could change them. Lucas joked "well there is the possibility that they have already been changed and nobody would know except for those that changed them when they changed them."

Wesley looked at him and said "what are you talking about."

Lucas then said "Ok take for example that I've met Gunnin before what if I've met her more than the two times that I have already and let's say she could tell you that we meet again?"

Wesley then said "yeah but that dson't mean that you would have knowledge of future events."

Lucas added "maybe although I will admit that time travel isn't actually my field of study. I'm more into linguistics and computer engineering."

A boy called Jeremy asked "what's linguist...?"

Lucas cut him off and said "it's the study of languages and how they are used and formed.

Another boy in the room asked "do you have any pets on the SeaQuest?"

Lucas looked up and said "yeah just one the whole crew kind of looks after him though his name is Darwin and he's a Dolphin."

The Boy then said "Oh wow I'd love to see him sometime."

Lucas then said "well he's probably swimming in the citation bay that the seaQuest is in right now we could go and see him if you want."

Wesley then said "I guess I should have told you Harry is abased with dolphins."

Lucas replied "then maybe we should arrange for you to meet Darwin. I could take you guys onto the seaQuest and you could meet him there. I could also see if I can show you around the seaQuest if you want."

Wesley then said "are you sure you want to do that?"

Lucas replied "I'd have to clear it with Captain Bridger first and I'm sure it would have to be cleared with Captain Picard as well."