Summary:Sasuke & Naruto a demon and a human in love. Is that a crime? According to Kyuubi, Naruto's older brother, yes or he just jealous?KyuuSasu and SasuNaru/NaruSasu Maybe Mpreg Maybe threesome Warning: M for a reason.

A/N: Listening to Breath by Breaking Benjamin and My Obsession by Skillet and think about KyuuSasu equals this how I have no clue at all. Warning: Sexual Contact willing and unwilling in later chapters. And I'm not sure what this falls under so some one tell me. Romance and Angst right?

"So you sleeping over or what?"Sasuke asked tiredly as Naruto laid on his chest. They were both all sweaty.

"Really the first after sex is that."Naruto said offended .

"I'm sorry,but your brother-" Sasuke started to say actually sounding sorry but was interrupted.

"I know."Naruto quickly interrupted hear Sasuke's heartbeat. "He's just...complicated." he said in Kyuubi's defensive.

"Complicated my ass. He's had a problem with me since we two were twelve maybe thirteen."Sasuke said.


Three year ago Sasuke and Naruto were snuggling on Naruto's sofa in the his living room they were watch a movie. The room was nice and quiet until Kyuubi suddenly popped through the door anger looking. His orange hair was a mess it he had leaves in it, his red eyes were darker than usual and his were finger nails and teeth looked sharper. Not to mention he had blood drip from the sword in his right hand "Hi Kyuubi." Naruto said as realize if Kyuubi was about to go from anger to peeved.

"What in fuck do you want" Kyuubi yelled. Sasuke opened his mouth to say something but as cut off "I'm not in mood Uchiha." Kyuubi yelled at Sasuke. Sasuke's eyes and sent made it to clear that he was an Uchiha. Kyuubi never like That Clan as he called them. If you asked why he would never give you a clear answer.

"Kyuubi-" Naruto said.


"N-N-nevermind tell you later" Naruto stuttered nervously.

"Good Fucking idea" Kyuubi said than walked out of the room.

****End Of Flashback*****

"He was sixteen and moody."Naruto said in Kyuubi's defense again.

"And now he's nineteen and still moody so your point." Sasuke said in his defense. Naruto kissed him than got up than started getting dressed.

"No reason"Naruto said with a smile on his face and putting on his orange boxer. Sasuke just watched.

"So why did you bring it up?" Sasuke asked checking out Naruto's ass. Naruto notice kissed Sasuke than put on his pants.

"To annoy you teme."Naruto said jokingly.

"Dobe" Sasuke said also joking. Naruto finished getting dressed. He kissed Sasuke goodnight.

"Love you." Naruto said as he left. Than Sasuke mumbled something. "What?"

"Luv you"Sasuke said blush well that's what it sounds like anyway, Naruto got closer.

"What did you say?" Naruto said pretending he did know what Sasuke mean.

"I'm not saying it again." Sasuke said still blushing.

"I'm serious. What did you say?" Naruto lied.

"Hate you idiot." Sasuke said know Naruto just want to hear it again because he almost never said it.

"I hate you too. Teme." Naruto said smiling than close the door of Sasuke's bedroom.

He slowly walked of Sasuke's house than locked the door behind him with the key Sasuke decided to give to him on their first year anniversary. Even thought if you ask him if happened that it happened like that because he "forgot" about it. Naruto left it alone because Sasuke always got pissed off when he mention. Naruto didn't know why but when Sasuke was angry it made him smile.

Naruto walked home as the moonlight hit him everything seem lighter. His eyes, his skin, his hair everything and not just him. Of course he notice how some people looked away or just didn't make eye contact with him. It almost made him laugh. Him and Kyuubi were the last to demons in Konoha. And for that fact every time the when outside they got glares of fear. As he walked something hit the back of his head. Naruto turn around to see who through something at him. He didn't see anyone so he kept walking. He opened the door to his house to be greeted be Kyuubi sitting on the couch reading a book.

"I see you're late." the ginger said not looking up from his book.

"I am?" Naruto lied " I really didn't notice." Kyuubi turned the page.

"You have Sasuke's scent on you." Kyuubi said coldly.

"And?" Naruto said than realized it would have been better to just walk away. Kyuubi got up, drop his book on the couch, and got closer to Naruto.

"You know I don't like-"Kyuubi said but Naruto was interrupted.

"I don't care I lo-" Naruto said but Kyuubi cut him off.

"Don't you dare finish that sentence." he said in a very anger tone.

"I love-"

"Don't you dare-"

"I love Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto said " I don't care because you can't trust one person from what their clan did." Kyuubi got away from Naruto because he knew that if he didn't all hell would break lose.

"He's clan is the the reason we don't have parents." Kyuubi said with a tear in his eye than slowly when upstairs. Naruto sighed and when to bed.

Kyuubi climbed into bed and fell asleep. The strange thing was for the last couple months he's been having dreams that he really hated himself for having them.

Kyuubi dream:

Sasuke is using he's shower for whatever reason. He's sitting on his bed reading a book and Naruto is god knows were. Anyway Kyuubi is reading his book and he hears the bathroom door open and he looks up to see a soaked Sasuke in nothing but a towel. Kyuubi looks down into his book only to realize he was blushing. Sasuke sits on the corner of Kyuubi's bed. "What?" the ginger said still blushing a little.

"You know what."Sasuke said cutely. Kyuubi tried to ignore Sasuke. Sasuke took Kyuubi's book and threw it across the room.

"Hey!" Kyuubi said. Sasuke literary leaps on top of Kyuubi and starts to make-out with him. Kyuubi didn't fight back. In fact Kyuubi pulled Sasuke's towel off and striped down than started fingering him. Than all of a sudden.

End of Kyuubi's dream.

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