Sasuke slowly wake up, but stayed laid down, and rubbed his eyes. "What hell is going on " he said in a groggy state as he dream popped in to his head. He sat there for a while not knowing what to do or think. He looked down to notice his stomach looked somewhat bloated. He sighed and rubbed his stomach slowly. At first the rubs were slowly and awkward like he was trying to comfort a turkey on Thanksgiving day that he was planning to eat only a couple hours later but than after ten to twenty minutes or so the strokes were more relaxed and motherly. Next thing he knew he was smiled like as if he were a completed goof. " A boy and a girl. " he mumbled to himself as he stretched and got up to start his day with a good breakfast.

Meanwhile Kyuubi laid in bed and still dressed in the clothing he had on yesturday as he glared at the ceiling ever since he got home from his conflict with the eldest of the Uchiha brothers. He looked around the room and got out of bed and went to the kitchen. "Stupid Naruto. Stupid life." He mumbled to himself as he looked for coffee "Stupid heat. Stupid Uchihas. Stupid Sasuke Uchiha." He finds the coffee power "Stupid , sexy , cute , Sasuke" he puts it in the coffee maker with a sigh as he caught himself thinking about Sasuke in away he shouldn't "STUPID BRAIN." He scolded himself. *beeeep* the coffee maker goes. He pours it out into a traval much and prays six cups can keep in awake until at least noon.

In the meantime Nartuo wakes up and starts to have a mini panic attack because Sasuke not asleep by his side "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD SASUKE WAS KIDNAPPED?!" he mentally screamed as he ran down stairs. "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD I BET IT WAS KYUUBI!" He yelled out loud as he was almost out the door.

"Your brother did what?" Sasuke asked very confused as he walked into the room dobe was in with his break fast.

"OHMYGODIDIDNTSEEYOUNEXTTOMEWHENIWOKEUPSOITHOUGHTYOUDIED!" Naruto screeched without taking a breath as he ran to his teme and held him like he hasn't seen him for centuries, which made Sasuke drop his breakfast.

"Baka brain." Sasuke said lovingly barely understanding what the blond said and than pat him on the head until the blond calm down "Are you ok now?"

"Yea I am." Naurto nodded " I love you."

"I love me too" Sasuke grinned. Naruto frowned at his lover which made Sasuke burst into laugher "don't look at me like that!" the Uchiha boy yelled and panted. Naruto goofully smiled as he shook his head.

"We're gonna get nothing done today." Naruto smiled than tapped Sasuke's nose "Tag you're it."the blond teased then ran away.

"Hey that's not fair!" the burnet yelled after the blond "I still have to clean thr mess you made me make BAKA!"

Kyuubi on the other hand with his big cup of coffee was on his way to work. He sighed as walked through village and getting the same looks as always. They really didn't affect him its just annoying that the villagers don't try to hide the dirty looks. Anyway, he slowly to walk to the gates of the village to meet Tsunade and his temporary team as he got closer he realized he was the first one there. He sighed and decided to lean against the wall.


"Maybe we should leave him" Kyuubi said opening his eyes not realizing he ever closed them "he is asleep anyway." Kyuubi rubbed his eyes.

"YOU'RE ALL LATE!" Kyuubi growled loudly in a groggy.

"Nevermind" Ino stated.

"Hn" Itachi mummbled. Kyuubi mentally groaned.

"If where gonna leave anyone behind because they're sleeping can it be me?" Shikamaru enquired in a tone of boredom.

"No." Itachi stated " As I'm assuming all you know Tsunada is really busy down at the hospital so she assigned me to lead this team into Orochimaru's layer. We are not to fight him or Kaboto unless we have to. This mission is to only get information and what his planning and what he knows that is it."he glared in to the eyes of each person " Is this understood?"the Uchiha asked in threating tone.

"Yes sir." Ino said obidently.

"Yes sir." the genius stated really bored.

"Yes Itachi." Kyuubi said trying to seem focused.

"Good now let's get going" the Uchiha commanded as he walked out the village. Ino and shikamaru quickly and carefully followed close behind Itachi.

"Fuck my life." Kyuubi thought as he dragged his feet toward them and got ready for the misson and got into formation.

"So Kyuubi." Ino randomly stated as he got closer to him after awhile of the group traveling in silent.

"Hn?" Kyuubi mumbled not really playing attention to her, he was to stuck in his own thoughts

"Um so I heard about ... " she sighed deeply"How is everything?" She said trying to start a conversion with the ginger.

"Hn." Kyuubi groaned.

"Come on." Ino states "I'm trying to be nice" she pouted.

"Leave him alone Ino." Shikamaru stated somberly as he got closer to them.

"Hey" itachi said calling for everyone attention "you guys wanna rest for lunch or keep going?"


Meanwhile Sasuke in on his knees holding the porcelain throne with one hand as he pukes out his breakfast. He groaned as held his stomach with the other hand. He closed his eyes for a second but than started purging out his insides again. After what seemed like forever he whined as he shifted his weight off his knees because the were starting to hurt and sat on the floor."Maybe tag wasn't a good idea." Naruto aforesaid as he walked into the bathroom and began to run the Uchiha's back.

"you-" Sasuke was quickly interupted by the feeling to throw up again.. Naruto sighed .

"It's not like anything can get worse from this" Naruto mumbled.

"God dobe you just jinks it." Sasuke mentioned than got up on wobbled to the sink.

"No I didn't."Naruto shook his head no.

"Yes you did." The burnet said turning on the faust and reached for the mouthwash.

"No." still nodded no.

"If I miscarry I blame you." Sasuke aforementioned than began to gaggle mouthwash.

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