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Chapter 1 The end of the 4th ninja world war.

(Leaf Village)

Naruto was walking through the empty streets of the village every ninja and citizen of the Hidden Leaf village were spending what could be the last night on Earth.

His appearance has changed since the last five years he still wore his long black headband he no longer wore his orange and black jumpsuit opting to wear a Jonin uniform with its black bodysuit, he wore an orange cloak that had black flames on the bottom and on the edge of the sleeve his cloak had sixth Hokage emblemized on the back, he grew his hair out almost like his fathers covering his headband slightly he also had a sword strapped on to his back.

The other villages have been systematically destroyed in the last five years by the ten tails the leaf stood alone it was the last village left every single village has been destroyed with few survivors "Kurama is there any way we can win is there any hope", Naruto mentally said to Kurama looking up at the sky the sky was pitch black with pinkish red clouds drifting by.

"Kit there are not many ways we can win. This may be our final battle it has been a great honor to work with you you may or may not be the child of prophecy the old man spoke of but you have been the greatest human I ever had the pleasure of meeting despite our start," Kurama said.

Naruto smiled the "pleasures been mine too Kurama," Naruto said.

"Kit your mate is right behind you and I sense that she's still troubled by her past choices," Kurama said.

"Thanks Kurama but I think you mean wife," Naruto said mentally while chuckling
Naruto turns and sees Sakura walking in his direction she had also change she wore her breasts had grown from a B to a C cup, she had on her jonin uniform with a red coat similar to her late master wore boots with metal plates on the toe and also had a sword strapped to her back she still wore her red headband the way she has worn it since she was a Chunin.

"Hey Sakura," he said as they embraced each other and shared a passionate kiss.

"Hey Naruto have you been talking to Kurama?" she asked.

"Yeah I did," Naruto said. Looking at her sadly.

"What did he say, is there any way we can stop the Ten tails?" she asked

"No Kurama said there are not many ways for us to win we probably would have a better chance If Sasuke and uncle B were here and maybe Hinata wouldn't have sacrificed herself To buy us time to escape and may," he was cut short after Sakura slapped him "Naruto you don't know what could have happend you fought harder then any one of us till you were too injured to fight any more they all believed there could peace," she said tears falling from her eyes as she glared at him upset at how he doubted himself . killer B, Tsunade, Jiraiya, the Kages and Hinata they all believed in you even Sasuke one who was so lost in the darkness he had put himself in believed in you so please don't lose yourself" she said Naruto cupped her chin and lead her to a bench.

"Im sorry Sakura I am spitting on their Memory's if I give up," he said she saw the determination shining back into his eyes as he looked at her he was again the man she had falling in love with.

"We all hit that low Naruto you have bringing me out of it since we were Genin," she said closing her eyeswith a small smile as she leaned into his shoulder both were enjoying this comfort they needed this.

"Naruto whether or not we live through this promise me you wont give up even if I die," she said Naruto looked down at her.

"I can not make that promise if you die I will destroy the beast and die with you," he said looking into her eyes.

"Naruto I..."she was cut off by a load roar they both looked in the direction of the walls of the village.

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"Its here," they both thought as they both felt their hearts pound with dread.

"lets go Sakura," Naruto said as they both got off the bench.

"I'm right behind you," she said pulling her combat gloves on and they quickly jumping from roof top to roof top other ninja joined them as they formed up on top of the walls as civilians fled to the mountain shelters for safety as alarm bells rang through out the village many shouts of panic were heard as the Genin that could be spared tried to keep order as they directed the civilians to the shelters.

"Lord Hokage what are your orders," a asks a ninja who he notices he was a rock Jonin who looked to be in his teens.

"do your best to hold it off till we are in sage mode but don't get to close to it ok," Naruto ordered the ninja.

"Understood you guys heard the Hokage lets hold that beast off till they enter sage mode move out," the Rock Ninja shouted the other ninja shouted out war crys as they jumped off the wall and charged at the monster Sakura and Naruto stayed to gather nature chakra the Ten tails killed any who got close to it with ether a swipe of its claws or a lash with its talls the sound of those hurt and dying filled their ears.

"come on hang in there a little longer," Narutothought as a red pigmentation formed around his eyes when they opened he had toad like eyes he looked over to

"Sakura are you ready," Naruto said looking over to her she still had her eyes closed but they had taken on a light blue pigmentation around her eyes much like his sage mode when she open them her eyes weren't the emerald green they were supposed to be they were a light pink.

"I'm ready," she said in a serious but soothing voice no matter how many times he hears her in this form it still always surprises him.

"Lets go," he said and they both leapt off of the great wall that surrounded the hidden leaf and ran toward the dark form of the Ten tails. Its lone red eye turned its gaze toward them it swung one of its massive tails toward them to cut them in half Naruto slide under the tail as it sailed over his head while Sakura gracefully flipped over it and released a green cloud from her mouth onto the tail as it passed dissolving the tail the ten tails shrieked in rage and pain as its tail fell off though the tail quickly regenerated it swung its tails furiously as it tried to kill the two but due to the sage mode they were nimble enough to avoid the strikes using multiple jutsu to attack as they made their way closer to the Ten tails as Naruto pulled out his sword channeling his chakra into the sword as he pulled it out.

" WIND STYLE GREAT BREAKTHROUGH," he yelled as he swung his sword releasing the chakra sending a blade of wind at the beast

doing hand signs in quick succession Sakura took in a deep breath building chakra in to her lungs.

"FIRE STYLE GREAT FIREBALL JUTSU," shooting a gigantic fire ball into the wind technique making her jutsu twice the power it would have been as the jutsu flew to the legs of Ten tail

"EARTH STYLE EARTH PILLAR JUTSU," someone called forming a pillar knocking the ten tails of its feet allowing the the fire ball to hit it in its lone red eye howling in agony the Ten tails thrashed angrily as it tried to find the two in with its momentarily blindness the beast was unable to find them.

sighing in relief at the temporary respite Naruto looked to find whoever had sent the jutsu and saw only the rock Jonin.

"where is everyone are you all that's left?" Naruto asked looking at the rock ninja

"No Kakashi is also left other then that we're the only ones that are left. everyone is dead lord Hokage," the rock jonin said with a look of regret.

"what is your name?" he asked surprising the rocking ninja.

"Say again lord Hokage," he asked surprised that the Hokage was asking for his name. Naruto only smiled.

"I said what is your name?" Naruto said grin still on his face.

"Katsumto," he said still.

"There was that so hard do you have anybody," Naruto asked Katsmoto

"No lord Hokage I was an orphan," Katsmoto said Naruto frowned at that bit of information.

"well Katsmoto you are no longer alone after this battle the leaf will accept you as apart of its family," Naruto said with a small smile as he looked at the ten tails "we did a lot of damage its eye is still not healed we might just stand a chance but my chakras pretty low damn I put way to much into it I have enough for one rasenshuriken kurama im going to need your help the eye may be its only weakness

I understand kit here is some of my chakra I cant give you anymore then this otherwise will be too unstable and it would not work understand kit." Kurama said

"I understand thank you," he could feel kurama's chakra coursing through him.

"listen you did what you could we will morn later right now we have to focus on the Ten tails I need you to stay back and use any earth jutsu you have to keep the Ten tails off its feet understand if me," Naruto said putting a hand on Katsmoto's shoulder as he was turning into his Jinchuurki mode.

"I understand but what are you going to do," Katsmoto asked looking on in wonder he had heard about the hokages Jinchuurki mode but never thought he would see it he jumped back far enough to where he wouldn't be within striking distance of the ten tails

"I am going to finish this," he said Katsmoto jumped off into the trees and ran as far as possible. He had to be out of the ten tails reach but close enough to where he could support them in their attack. Naruto turned to look at Sakura who had been silent through this exchange.

"are you ready Sakura?" Naruto said to his wife after Katsmoto had left

"yeah lets do this,"she said with conviction. she was still in her sage mode which was good it meant things were going to be just a little bit easier.

"Sakura how much chakra do you have left," he asked looking at her.

"I know what you have in mind and I have just enough chakra," she said as she locked her pink eyes with his red.

"good,"he said as he formed a ball of chakra with blades of orange energy coming off it the ten tails eye was almost healed but it could feel the powerful jutsu and knew that in its weakened state that it would be fatal it moved to crush the two before the jutsu was ready.

EARTH STYLE EARTH HAND JUTSU! two voices as a hand made of rock held the ten tails down the beast roared in fury at being held down the hand was beginning to crack as the beast fought the jutsu.

Naruto looked and saw Kakashi and Katsmoto both struggling to hold the jutsu

"Hurry do it now Naruto," Kakashi yelled the beast was about to break free.

"Sakura now," Naruto yelled as he threw the jutsu

Sakura quickly did the hand seals for her jutsu.

"FIRE STYLE GREAT FIREBALL JUTSU," she yelled building up chakra in her lungs and released it as a giant speeding fireball combing the rasenshuriken morphing into what looked like a star up close as beams of light shot out in four points of the ball of light "that jutsu holds the hope of the world," were the thoughts of all four as the waited with baited breath.

as it connected "FIRE STYLE SPIRLEING NOVA," Naruto and Sakura both yelled as they named the newly dubed jutsu. as the jutsu exploded with a white light and when was gone so the Ten tails was no where to be seen but Naruto and Sakura were also missing not a trace was found not even a piece of clothing.

The world mourned the passing of its heros as time passed the survivors elected Kakashi to be the final Hokage and as the years passed humanity had made a slow recovery as the heroic story would pass off into legend and soon passed into myth the sight of there battle miles away from the Leaf was memorialized with a headstone for the two and a statue was built in the valley of the end but as the years passed by headstone eroded to nothing as the world drifted apart and became different continuants from its original shape to what the people of the future called Pangaea in a future chakra is forgotten but the statue still exists even in the future at the valley of the end which is dried up and its two giant statues destroyed by the ten tails, and is now an arid land scape few people have found this statue.

but at the site of the battle near a doomed city heros are about to return but what will this time frame hold for them.

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