As the gunfire echoed through the barricades, tearing through the silence of the night with the sound of death they brought with them, Javert could only watch and wait as he knelt, nearly being choked by the thick rope around his neck. Night one in the barricades had not worked for him. His espionage technique had only gotten him so far, and now he was here, facing almost certain death.

There was only one way out, and he knew it.

He had learned a thing or two at Beaubaxtons, back when he was just a boy. Everything from mere charms to complex transfiguration. He remembered the incantation that turned humans into animals. He knew that it could be his only chance to escape the barricades, especially with such little room for movement where he knelt.

He reached for his wand, which he always kept hidden up his sleeve, and pulled it out. It was blackthorn, nine inches, and contained dragon heartstring. It had served him well for years now. Quick binding spells to tie up lawbreakers and vandals would always work to his advantage- yet now, he was in a situation where he would have to use a spell from years past. He did not know how well he would remember it.

He steadied his wand as he aimed for the nearest member of the revolution- a man named Courfeyrac. He quietly muttered the incantation, and waved the wand in his direction. Suddenly, Courfeyrac stood still, and fell to the ground. Javert sneered quietly to himself. The transformation was beginning. He watched as Courfeyrac's body twisted and turned, and slowly changed forms. A group of other revolutionaries ran to see what was wrong, yet, they couldn't tell. They seemed to think he'd been shot, and after a few minutes, fruitlessly searching for the gunshot, they jumped back in horror as Courfeyrac completed his transformation. Javert wondered what animal he would turn into- usually, the spell made it so that it was a rather harmless, commonly domesticated animal, but since he was quite rusty, he didn't know if the projected result would be the actual one.

His suspicions were confirmed when Courfeyrac turned into a platypus.

Well, at least a platypus wouldn't be able to hurt him, he thought, as he began to cast the spell at all the other barricade boys. Grantaire, Joly, Prouvaire, Combeferre, Marius, Enjolras, Bahorel, Gavroche, Feuilly... all of them, one by one, began to fall, and writhe in pain on the ground as they began to transform from human to beast. However, Javert could already tell that the rest of them would be more successful.

His suspicions were again confirmed when he saw the results of his efforts. Grantaire had been turned into a small pony, Joly, a koala, Prouvaire, a mouse, Combeferre, a puppy, Marius, a kitten, Enjolras, a calf, Bahorel, a fox, Gavroche, a squirrel, and Feuilly, a small pidgeon. Javert quickly used a Diffindo encantation to break the rope around his neck, as he got up to admire his handiwork.

Looking down at the confused animals, a wave of delight surged through Javert. He had never experienced anything like this in his life. He couldn't explain it. The sight of all these addmitedly adorable baby animals seemed to be affecting him. Not even questioning why, he submitted to his instincts, and lay down on the ground as the animals started scampering on top of him, licking him and playing with each other, chasing, fighting merrily, and jumping around. Javert was enveloped by the utter joy of the sight of it, and continued to lie there for hours, having learned to appreciate the joys brought by baby animals.

The hours seemed like an eternity as Javert lay, lost in a euphoria he had never before experienced.