Digital Yokai Challenge

Idea: the story is about a Digimon that is sent to Yokai academy not to find a tamer but to get an education and/or as a represntative of the Digimon race as the first to go to Yokai Academy. Digimon are considered "recently discovered" yokai so not many people have met one or really heard of one. The character goes through the events of either the rosario+vampire manga or anime. Along with some bad guys from any of the Digimon games or show. Digimon are rated like this: rookie= B rank, champion=A rank, ultimate=S rank, mega=SS rank. It also depends depends on the digimon themselves since some are naturally stronger than others. The rank for megas is also up to debate because of Digimon like Lucimon, Omnimon, the soveriegns, Megidramon, MalMyotismon, etc.


1. The digidestined, data squad, tamers, legendary warriors never existed.

2. The digimon must have at least 1 bi-pedal form.

3. The digimon must be male and straight (I am not being sexist or anything, the reason why will be explained.)

4. The digimon will be gaining experience from fights to digivolve, he will sart off at champion for maturity, and the digimon will be able to go from rookie to mega at will at sometime in the story. (this is up to the author)

5. The digimon has to get at least 1 or more of the main girls as his girlfriend/mate. (Inner Moka, Outer Moka, Kurumu, Kokoa, Yukari, Ruby, Mizore)

P.S. anyone interested in this pleases let me know because I would like to read your stories.