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They were coming. It was only a matter of time until they found us like they did the others. We were the last of our people. Only my brother, me, and four of the royal guards. Just us, the lone survivors of our race. The orcs were ruthless and had murdered the King and Queen, my mother and father.

"Hurry! We must reach the bridge to Rivendell," Morvan, a royal guard, shouted back at us. His voice sounded jumpy because of the gallop he had his horse going at.

My brother, Tendai, looked over at me from his mare, his face ashen. I looked at him and felt his fear transfer to me and heighten my own. I noticed that we started to slow.

"How much farther 'till the bridge?" Koran asked, breathing heavily. His gray gelding shifted and jingled the bit in his mouth.

"It should be just over this rise," Morvan replied, pointing farther down the hill. "Once we are over it, the magic of the Elves will protect us."

"Come, Lady Katara, Lord Tendai. We are almost to safety." Ashlyn said urging his bay mare to a canter. I lightly tapped my white stallion to follow, my flame-red hair flying behind me. We cleared the top of the hill and saw the bridge. Almost there!

We all heard the sound that made our blood run cold. The roar of a warg.

"They have our scent!" Donovan shouted and kicked his stallion to a sprint, us doing the same. I lend far over my stallions' neck, clucking in his ear.

"Katara!" I heard my brother cry out. I urged him faster. The screams of arrows were heard suddenly from the trees. I looked up as we thundered over the bridge. Elves in the trees!

I slowed Henmd, my horse, down to stop and I watched as the orcs ran and were picked off one by one. Morvan rode up next to me and grabbed Henmds' reins.

"Come, Milady. Lord Elrond will want to hear of our accounts." I turned from the carnage caused by the Elves and looked at him.

"So be it."

When our horses staggered through the gates, Lord Elrond was already there with a wizard. The guards quickly dismounted and helped Tendai down. His horse towered over him. But then again, most everyone towers over a ten-year-old. Koran came over to me with a slight hitch in his steps.

"Down you get," He murmured to me. He reached up and grasped me waist and dropped me to the ground.

"Welcome to Rivendell friends of old. Let us get you cleaned and in more suitable garb before you start your tales." Elrond said cutting me off before I even started.

An elven maid came forward and motioned for me to follow her. I looked to Morvan and he nodded his head. So I followed her. She led me to a room with a bath drawn and a dress laid out.

"Thank you." I said to her. She smiled and left. I undressed and slipped into the bath, sighing as my tense muscles relaxed in the warm water. I then proceeded to thoroughly wash my hair and body. When I was done, I got out and looked at my dress.

At least it isn't pink, I thought.

The dress was low cut in the front. And I mean very low cut. (Won't Morvan just love that.) The sleeves stopped about three inches from my wrist. The skirt was long and flow-y. More than I was use too. The color was a light blue with white and gold trimming. It was almost as long as I was tall. I slipped it on and was having trouble tying the back.

"Would you like some help, Young One?" A kind, powerful voice asked. I whorled around to look at the same wizard I saw when we first entered. I merely nodded my head.

As he tied the strings he asked me the question I was dreading:

"Where are the King and Queen?" I took a shuddering breath and let it out.

"They are dead along with all my people. My peoples' land is no longer our own, it is now Azog the Defilers'," I said with a spite filled voice. A strong hand suddenly gripped my shoulder. I looked up to see the old man looking at me with sympathy. I shrugged off his hand and walked toward the door, my dress tied.

"What are you called?" He asked.

"Katara. And you?" I asked throwing him a sideways glance. Chuckling as he led me down the hall, he gently patted my shoulder.

"I am called Gandalf the Grey." I paused before a great set of beautifully carved doors and looked at him.

"My people use to celebrate your coming." I turned back towards the doors when the opened and entered. "You brought them great joy when you came. Father especially loved your fireworks."

"I am glad he did."

"Do-" I was cut off by Morvan.

"My Queen, you look beautiful this night." I blinked and noticed that it was night. I heard Donovan laugh gently from my right.

"Kat!" Tendai shouted from above. I looked up just in time for a ninety-eight pound ten-year-old come crashing down on me.

"Tendai! Get off me! DO you know HOW much you weigh?" I gasped in pain as I lay on the ground with said boy sitting on my chest. He giggled. One thought crossed my mind at this point. Revenge, little brother, revenge.