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"Lady Katara? Lord Elrond wishes to see you in his study." I heard an Elf; I believe his name is Lindir, say after knocking. I open my sea green eyes and nod. He walked away.

I hate being called 'Lady' this and 'Lady' that. I just want to be known as Kat again. Ever since my parents died six months and I reach the 'Densimic', everyone has been treating me differently. (Densimic: The age when they can shift their forms).It's understandable considering what I am, what I can do, and the power that I hold.

Oh, look. I'm at the study. Knock knock.

"Come in." The grand entrance! Not.

"You asked for me, my Lord?" Hey, if they're treating me differently than I can only say three words: Deal with it.

"Yes, but it is not I who wishes to speak with you-" He was cut off by a voice that I remember clearly.

"It is I who wishes to speak with you, Little One." Gandalf said with a small smile in his voice.

"Gandalf!" I cried out happily. 'Proper lady' be damned. I'm hugging this old fool.

He laughed merrily as I launched myself at him, desperate for someone how won't treat me differently because of what happened, other than Tendai.

"Missed you!" I gasped from his embrace, tear threatening to fall.

"And I you child. And I you."

After our tearful reunion (me crying only) we got down to business.

"I'm looking for someone to help me on a little endeavor of sorts. And I would like for you and the young prince to join me." He had a knowing glint in his eye that I didn't like. "And there is someone who I think will spark your interests." And there it was.

"Who is this 'someone'? Why would you want a Lentualur to help you? And their young Queen and Prince? You could ask Morvan or one of them if you wanted. They would be better suited than me and Tendai."(Lentualur: changer/shifter) I mentally cursed. I asked the wrong question first and now he won't stop hounding me till I go. He chuckled.

"You are curious aren't you? Asking the most important question first, just like your mother."

"But she makes a valid point, Gandalf. Why not someone with more experience and of less importance?" Oh, Alkia. You did not just say that. (Alkia: Elf)

Gandalf must have seen the anger in my eyes because he answered him for me.

"I choose them because the only way for them to gain experience is to learn first-hand. And I can think of no one better than Little Kat and Tendai." He said hotly. Ooo, someone just got told! By Aule, I'm immature.

"I shall join you Gandalf. But I would like if you left Tendai out of it. He doesn't need to be put through this so young. He's only ten, mind you."

"And you are only twenty-two. Very well, we leave tonight for the Shire." The Shire never been there befo-

"'Tonight'?!" I shrieked in a very undignified way. Both of the old fools merely raised their eyebrows at me.

"Yes, tonight. I wish to be in the Shire in two weeks' time. Everything that you need to know I will tell you on the way. So go and pack!"

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