Summary: Sasha-Lee always knew she'd one day have to step up and make the choices her sister wouldn't. The hard choices, the ones that change lives.

That time has finally come. When vampires start turning up in the little town of Bon Temps, Sookie Stackhouse is quickly swept up in a whirlwind love affair that could rival that of any romance novel. Or so it seems. When people start turning up dead and questions are raised, Sasha must help her sister, blinded by love, navigate the world of the undead and all it entails. For better or for worse.

AN: Hi, I'm a huge Southern Vampire Mysteries fan and a major fangirl of TrueBlood. But I've never quite liked how Sookie handles things. This got me thinking… what if Sookie had a younger sister to help her out? To make the choices she wouldn't? How would that impact the storyline? So this is my version of what would happen if Sookie had a younger sister named Sasha-Lee who was also telepathic.

This story will be a combination of Dead Until Dark and TrueBlood Season 1 as well as a little bit of my own creativity thrown in here and there. I'll try to keep the characters as normal as possible but no promises. Please keep in mind that this is my first story so it may not be as good as it could be at first. I hope to change that eventually.

Anything written in italics is usually someone's thoughts being read by Sasha-Lee or Sookie.

Rated T but may become M in the future.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball.

Death Before Sunset

Chapter 1:

Sasha-Lee's p.o.v.

When I found out they were real I was ecstatic. I always was a huge fan of fiction novels you see, mostly fantasy and science fiction. I ate up anything supernatural I could get my hands on. I read the entire Harry Potter series in under a week. I guess my love of mythology and the supernatural stemmed from my personal experiences. I mean, if my sister and I could do the impossible, if we could read the minds of others, than who was to say there wasn't something else crazy and unbelievable running around out there? So when they came out on television, or "Came out of the coffin" as the news people were calling it, I wasn't really surprised. Thrilled beyond belief, yes, but not surprised.

I remember exactly how it happened.


Gran and I were sitting on the couch watching the news. Or more like Gran was watching and I was zoning in and out. Sookie was upstairs getting dressed for work. Jason had stopped by for lunch and was currently rummaging through the refrigerator. Our cat, Tina was perched lightly on the arm chair observing us all with those judging cat eyes of hers. Overall it was a pretty average afternoon.

It began rather subtly to be honest. A women with pale skin, light blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair and wearing a pink pant suit appeared on the screen. She had some light makeup on, nothing over the top and some modest jewelry. Overall she looked like a fairly pleasant person.

Not that I really cared or anything. I was too busy humming the tune to Friends and fiddling with Gran's charm bracelet. (I collect charm bracelets and hers particularly fascinated me. I'm just glad she didn't get weirded out when I lifted her arm up to see it better.)

"Good evening everyone, my name is Nan Flanagan. I'm here today to tell you all something very important. Something that affects everyone and may truly shock you." Nan took a deep breath to steady herself and I felt my eyes drifting up toward the screen of their own accord.

Something important huh? Well this ought to at least be semi amusing. I straightened up in my chair a bit and focused on the screen.

"I am sure the majority of you are at least a tiny bit familiar with the mythology of vampires. Well I am here to tell you that we are not mythology. We do in fact walk among you. We have chosen now to reveal ourselves because of recent breakthroughs in the creation of synthetic blood. This synthetic blood can sustain us perfectly and you no longer have any reason to fear us. We are not a threat." At this point her smile disappears and she looks directly at the camera. I had the feeling that if she could, she would be looking into my very soul.

"I'm sure some of you are currently laughing and thinking to yourselves that this is some elaborate hoax. Just a big joke. Well you're wrong."

"My name is Nan Flanagan..." I was on the edge of my seat now watching the screen intently. "Jason, Sookie, come down here." Gran called. "You may want to see this."

I could hear their footsteps moving through the house to find out what was so interesting.

"…I am 816 years old, and I am a vampire."

With that her fangs descended with a resounding click.

The silence was so profound, you could have heard a pin drop.

Than as if a bomb had gone off, the world seemed to spring to life.

"I knew it!" I hollered with a triumphant grin. Never mind that I had had my money on leprechauns being real, vampires existed! Real bona fide vampires! Jason was laughing his butt off behind the couch, while wiping his hands, greasy from cooking, on his shirt. "Thats one hell of a prank their pulling. Good one." Sookie and Gran for their parts, were bickering over what this could all mean.

On the TV screen, a man had come up and was trying to usher Vampire Nan off the set. I blink and it's as if she had jumped around him without me seeing. She was now on the other side of the room. Some poor lady was screaming in the background about the bible and "God save us all". Psssshhhh what a wimp. This was the coolest thing since that last Elvis sighting.

Gran, muttering about pranks, changed the channel. And again, and again, and again, and again. Good golly gosh they were everywhere. Whether it was Vampire Nan or some other guy, they all had fangs and they were all announcing their vampire status. On every channel people were freaking out.

This was really happening.

Vampires were real.

Freaking awesome.

Present Time:

Sookie and I had been on the lookout for one of them the fanged myth-busters that they were. So I knew what he was the second he walked into the bar.

Sookie and I were working the evening shift and it was around 7:30ish when it happened. I had just gotten off my break and was standing over to the right of the bar by the pool table. Some sad redneck had drunken one to many and spilled his tables pitcher of beer all over himself and the floor. Sookie was busy taking orders and freaking out the tourist kid and Dawn was to good for this sort of work or whatever so here I am. On my knees with a damp rag cleaning it all up.

I smirk to myself as I hear the kids reaction to Sookie answering his thoughts. It's the little moments like that that really make me proud to be telepathic. The mental feel of the bar was pretty average for a week night. "beer, sex, football, gossip, etc." When all of a sudden "No." rings out clear as daylight from the bar. My head snaps up to stare at my Boss, Sam Merlotte, who had been previously mixing drinks and shooting the breeze with the locals.

Normally I wouldn't pay much attention to a strong thought like this. Some people just broadcast louder than others, but this was Sam we were talking about. First off, Sookie and I had a rule. Never read your boss's mind. Ever. It's not really good for the atmosphere of the work place. Second of all, I can never hear Sam. The one and only time I did try to read his mind was at the interview for the job and all I got were fuzzy images and emotions. It had been very strange.

So hearing something so clearly from Sam was rare. And that's why I knew something was up.

I followed his line of sight over to Sookie's section. There in one of the middle booths along the front windows sat a man. If you could call him that.

He was around 5' 10" with tousled dark brown hair, a sharp nose and deep brown eyes. He's very pale and wearing a white semi button down shirt with a light brown almost tan jacket on over it and grey pants. There appears to be nothing out of the ordinary… except, there is.

Sam would never react like that without a reason. He's too level headed for that.

I peer more closely at him from my spot across the bar. Sookie's wandered up to him at this point and is currently flashing her pearly whites at him. Taking his order and trying to making conversation it looks like. He smiles politely but his face seems rather… old for someone so young. As if he's seen more than he should have. Blank. Emotionally, he looks rather blank as well.

I can't put my finger on it but there's just something off about this guy. Without even thinking about it I dive right on in.


Not a peep.

No images, emotions, or errant thoughts.

Just silence.

I almost fall over I'm so surprised. Who is this guy? Oh gosh, maybe he's a vampire! It's about time we got one of those buggers around here. Sookie was starting to think it was never going to happen. I casually slip into her mind next. Trying to be as unintrusive as possible

"Wow this guys good looking. But he's different. Different how? Maybe I could just look really quick and see what his deal is. No, no that would be rude. His skin is so pale… it almost seems to glow…"

Ha, Sookie has no idea who she's talking to. Well shit. I watch forlornly as the Rat couple casually lean over the booth to put their two cents in. Poor Sookie. Maybe if I beat Mack he'll stop looking at Sook's chest. Nah, Sookie hates it when I do stuff like that. Plus I haven't gotten into an actual serious fight since high school. And toward the end of my education most of these fights were for the kick boxing team. ( I lashed out a lot in school. Kickboxing was a way for me to cope with the frustration while practicing blocking during physical contact. A win, win situation if you ask Gran. Which most people do.)

Yeah I think I'll let her handle this one. That smile of her's has people thinking we're crazy enough without my intervention. Sookie makes her way over to the bar, her back rigid, and I hop up and swagger over to meet her there.

"Interesting night?" I ask slyly as I lean on my elbow at the bar about two feet away from Sam. I know he's listening in but I really don't care.

"And the night's still young." She counters with a 'here we go' expression. Her eyebrows up toward her hairline.

"Sister, you have no idea." I think back at her as I glance at our unlikely section inhabitants.

Hey so this was just a little something I thought up in order to introduce Sasha's character. It just seemed like something that might happen when you're a telepathic child who isn't really sure what you are yet. Pease let me know what you think, constructive criticism and spelling corrections are welcome. Also if you have any plot suggestions I'd love to hear them and will definitely consider them. I hope you enjoy my story.

- Trubie