Hi. So I'm finally trying to work on my stories again, while simultaneously trying to finish Physics and Pre-calculus online ahead of time before school reopens -.- so I'll try my best to keep publishing! I've had this on my computer or like since the last time I updated this story and I finally was able to decide this was presentable since I quite liked it. :)

Sherlock came out of his mind palace after he finished perfecting his new strategy on how to hone his disguises and acting for certain crime cases by criteria. He was in the middle of contemplating how to use his looks against women— or men if necessary, after seeing how Molly and Irene always reacted to him (of course the latter liked to cover it up with her dominatrix attitude and 'plans' but facts were facts).

He was in the middle of trying to perfect a 'puppy dog-look' to use on Molly when John burst in.

"oh, Sherlock if you're feeling down because of a lack of any good cases, I think I can finally solve that,"

Deciding that it would be much less humiliating and more in his nature to attribute the puppy face to a lack of cases, he decided to go along with it, he was also interested by John's words...

"Oh? Pray tell" he remarked sarcastically raising an eyebrow.

"Well, the Doctor has kindly shed light upon the new case, and this 'suicide' was actually induced, or aka murder, just like the pills."

"Of course it was"

"Yes well—Hang on, you mean to tell me that you knew it wasn't a suicide, and you never bothered to inform us?"

"I did"

"While I was present? In case you haven't noticed while roaming your mind palace, I had to go to a crime scene because SOMEONE decided he couldn't be bothered by a '4'"

He chose not to respond to this and went into his prayer-like thinking pose, but John refused to let it go that easily, as this was something he was sure even Sherlock wouldn't fathom.

"Ok, so you know it was an induced suicide or murder, whatever, any ideas how?"

"Seven. Ok you know something, out with it then,"

"No no, no, I'll leave you to your deductions, and I'll be back, I have to go talk to Molly and Lestrade, about what we know and about the Doctor's explanation." he said feeling very giddy inside, even though technically it wasn't really that fair to Sherlock, (but then Sherlock didn't really play fair with his deduction superpowers either so it was ok) and got up to put on his coat and head back out. He mentally started a countdown as to when Sherlock would burst into Barts after his curiosity about this 'Doctor' fellow, and possibly how, even though he must have already worked most of it, however he would be missing this integral piece.

Meanwhile something in Sherlock's mind palace soon came to his attention. John had mentioned the Doctor, however he also mentioned Molly in the same sentence. He mentioned the Doctor twice, but he clearly was not talking about Molly, and Lestrade to his knowledge was no doctor...but then to his knowledge his name had not been 'Greg' so that fact could be dismissed and replaced by his deductions of all Lestrade's behavior and physique that clearly indicated little or basic medical training— and therefore not on any sort of professional level.

So this Doctor was an outsider. An outside informant who had involved himself or herself with this case, he had been down to Barts, inside the morgue—the only way where he could have met Molly, Lestrade and John altogether. What was he doing? Who allowed him to do such? He was pretty sure unless they were purposely omitting his name-in which case it could be because he might be one of the many boyfriends of Molly he chased off-but that can't be because they were all idiots-, he was a stranger to them all so a stranger was giving them advice which they trusted on one of his cases. Outrageous! Now he must investigate who this 'Doctor' is.

Sorry its so short, but I thought it would be a good place to end it :)

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