This final Misadventures story will not, I can promise you, be the last of them. What it will, be, however, is the last of this particular trilogy of stories that I've been intending to work on. With my new partner in crime and co-writer for quite a few parts of this story, an excellent writer with several highly-praised fanfics under her belt, such as the sadly abandoned "Daughter of a Monster" and her current project, "Womanizer", this fanfiction will be the best Misadventures of them all! I of course am talking about the one and only ElfDavis, probably the only one as explosively ecstatic about this fanfic as I am!

Anyways, let's get on with it... Here it is, ladies and gentlemen: Misadventures 3!



I was trapped... Ever since Nitya and Lamia had brought me to this place, the Outerworld, I had been forced to suffer in a dungeon cell, a shackle around my leg chaining me to the wall and making escape impossible. My only constant company was the skeleton of another prisoner, left to rot here who knows how long ago.

I was scared, and yet... fascinated. When I was younger, I had heard the stories of ancient Eastern mythology. Stories of gods and demons, the Land of the Dragon King... Some mythology was based on fact, as my bodyguard Glace had shown, but I never knew that so much of it was apparently factual.

Down the hall, the clatter of a bronzed door reeked through the hallway. Someone was coming... Struggling, I stood up, leaning on the stone wall behind me for support as the footsteps grew close.

The visitor was a man, with skin paled to such a deep level that it seemed he was a walking corpse. His body carried red markings, seared into his flesh by some sort of magic or sorcery. I could feel the evil coming off of him... With him were three women, all with black or white facial markings and a particular symbol on their clothes. I recognized it as a symbol of spectres, used by Oriental cults to symbolize the sale of their soul to demons and other evil beings.

"Ah, Sapphire. Just the beauty I was looking for!"

The man gave an evil smile as the women stopped, watching him move towards my cell. I buried my head between my knees, not wanting anything to do with this evil being.

"Do not be sad, dear lovely..." He began to fiddle with the lock on my cell, chuckling at my fearful responses. "Please, do not fear me. I am breaking you out of this wretched prison..."

Freedom given to me by a demon? I immediately knew something was wrong. "I... will have to see about that. I know from the stories to not trust Oni."

"They are mere stories, dearest. You must trust me if you wish to leave this Outworld jail."

While I truthfully had no desire to accept this demon's help, I knew that ultimately, if I did not, I would be trapped in this cell for the rest of my life. "Very well then. Please continue."

The demon smiled again. "You must come with me. Sho Dai is planning to execute you."

"Sho Dai?" I had never heard of such a person.

"Sho Dai is the ruler of Outworld, the Emperor, and a powerful sorcerer. He will likely make you nothing more than a part of his personal harem."

I sighed before looking back at the chain which held me to the wall. "Can you free me from these rusted shackles?"

He nodded before mumbling an ancient incantation, one which made the chain so brittle that it easily shattered when I pulled on it. "Thank you... Despite your being an Oni, you did free me from the confines of this cramped cell. Now, what is it you wish as payment for your service? Demons do not do this unless they have something they wish to gain."

The demon sheered before raising an eyebrow. "What is it you think I would want from a Princess of Japan? Money?"

"Well then, what do you want?"

He smirked before forcing me against the wall.



I had stayed with Quan Chi, stealthily following him in case he was incapacitated by any guards, but now I knew why he had taken the demon sisters with him as a precaution. The Oni was attempting to force himself on a dusty, worn, and malnourished maiden. I could tell she was royalty of some sort, judging from the tattered dress she wore, as well as the earrings and necklace she had on. Slinking closer, I waited for the moment to strike...


My master smirked. "There is no one to help you, dear lovely..."

"You sick, perverted demon... I would rather be a slave of Sho Dai for all eternity than be taken by you!"

With a sadistic grin on his face, Quan Chi held the young woman to the wall with his left hand while attempting to undo the buttoning on his pants with his other. "Luckily, you will have the pleasure of being both."

It was then that I chose to make my move. Teleporting in view of the three assassins, I speared through Jataaka's back, wrapping my kunai's chain around her neck before pulling and breaking it. With her body still in my grasp, I twirled it around and watched Ashrah be "roundhouse-kicked" by the dead Jataaka's foot, knocking her unconscious as the dark-skinned demon's corpse landed on top of her fair-skinned counterpart. Kia attempted to put up a fight, but I tore my mask off and blew the fires of hell on her, reducing her remains to grey dust. With his henchwomen dealt with, I turned to Quan Chi, who still was attempting to molest the woman.

"Get your hands off of her, demon!"

Before he could turn around, I sent my kunai flying forward, impaling my master in the back as I pulled him towards me before teleporting in front of him and uppercutting his chin so hard that he flew up and was slammed into the stone ceiling before falling to the ground, unconscious. Turning to the now-fainted woman, I helped her up as her eyes began to flutter, her mind reawakening.

"Are you alright?"

She rubbed her head a bit, her eyes half-open as she nodded. "Yes, I am..." Her eyes suddenly grew wide as they studied me, traveling from head to toe. "Your attire... I know it from the archives. You are a Shirai Ryu, from Japan's legendary clan of assassins."

This girl seemed to be different... Her features identified her as from the Orient, but only a true historian would be able to identify my attire as that of the Shirai Ryu. "Who are you?"

"I am Sapphire, daughter of the Divine Emperor and princess of Japan."

At that, my mouth opened wide in shock underneath my mask as I quickly bowed before her. "Forgive me, Princess Sapphire... I did not recognize you so immediately. I am Scorpion, last survivor of the Shirai Ryu, brought back to life by my thirst for vengeance against the murderer of my clan!"

The princess's eyes widened. "I have heard of your skills in battle... But were you not killed by your Chinese counterpart Sub-Zero?"

Shamefully, I nodded. "He died at my hands, now known as the wraith Noob Saibot. He serves the sorcerer, Quan Chi." I motioned to my unconscious master, beginning to stir from his wounds. "I must take you back to the Imperial Palace, Princess."

Sapphire nodded as I gently grabbed her wrist, the two of us teleporting in a swirl of hellfire to her bedroom. With that, I bowed once again and prepared to turn away.

"Hanzo... Please do not leave me here! Outworlders could attempt to kidnap me again!"

I turned back to face her, my ethereally white eyes on display for her to see. "I must return to the Netherrealm. For my sake, I hope we meet again, under better circumstances."

With that, I left Sapphire to her own business, returning to the Netherrealm for Quan Chi's inevitably frustrated remarks...


It was only inevitable that Scorpion should betray me. Truthfully, for one to not realize that he held no loyalty to me would mean that they were very clearly incompetent. I would decide the repercussions for his action. Rubbing the slit where his kunai had pierced my back, already healing itself, I waited for his inevitable return.

The flames of hellfire opened as Scorpion dropped down onto the lava-cracked surface of the Netherrealm. He stared at me, eyes blazing as he wrapped the kunai's chain around his wrist once again.

"Scorpion! It is your fault that I failed to take the princess as my own!"

This seemed to make the revenant even more angry. "Have you no honor, demon? She was a princess!"

"I could care less! That she was a princess would have made the accomplishment more fulfilling!"

Scorpion dashed towards me, clearly intent on assailing me once again when a blueish portal opened and a black hand grabbed him, pulling him to the ground. The rest of Noob Saibot exited the portal and restrained the specter, restraining his head as I looked into Scorpion's soulless white eyes.

"Leave, and never come back. Otherwise I will hunt you down and torture you until your last breath, specter!"

With that, I struck my former pawn across the face with a backhand, Noob letting go of him as he teleported away. I cared nothing about him and his whereabouts now... All that was important to me was supporting the Forces of Darkness as they continued to swell.

"He will be back."

"I know, Noob. Truthfully, I expect it. When he returns, he shall suffer a permanent death, just like his wife and son."

The wraith bowed to me. "I must return to my duties. My wife and daughter likely require my presence. You most likely know that I cannot refuse her, lest she try to kill me."

"Very well... Return to your place of residence. Continue to treat my daughter well, and I shall tolerate your... creativity. Harm her, however, and I will show you no mercy."

Noob nodded as he went through another portal, returning to his home. Earthrealm would be ours so soon. So soon...