Asbeel's elaboration on his concept of how to steal the secrets of the Earthrealm warriors bent me both ways. On one hand, I didn't want to betray Earth and everyone on it to the Netherrealm, but on the other hand... What the demon had done to me was so fucking good! I wanted more of it to such a degree that I was willing to do even the most debaucherous things if it meant that I could enjoy such pleasures again. I suppose that Asbeel knew of my ability to absorb memories of others through touch, via simple skin contact... which was why he now brought me to Genesis.

"Lily has a plan to help us."

The demonic mistress eyed me with an almost spiteful smirk, clothes appearing on my nude form. "Please try to remain dressed, dear. It is for your own safety. Now Asbeel, please... what plan has the girl come up with?"

"She intends to infiltrate the Earthrealm forces and read their minds, gaining knowledge of their plans."

That seemed to baffle her - I suppose she still did consider me human. "Read their minds? I'm confused... Lily is just a mere human."

"I can see people's memories when I touch them." I spoke up, not wanting to leave my secret for another to expose. The woman's consort, the shadow I had heard known as Noob(what an unusual name...), seemed surprised. "Interesting... Asbeel, how do you propose we infiltrate her into their forces?"

This time, it was Genesis who responded. "Markus has a weakness for pretty girls, like Lily." That perked me up - was my body more inclined towards seduction now? Asbeel chose to elaborate on the plan.

"I suggest I impregnate her once again. A pregnant woman can do no harm to Earthrealm warriors... Besides, unleashing some demons at their base could potentially harm one or more of their warriors."

Seemingly in agreement with her servant, Genesis nodded astutely. "Perfect."

And with that, we returned to the cave. Before beginning the second most enjoyable part of this pernicious plot, Asbeel reassured me of my aims. "Act innocent and sweet, a poor Earthrealm woman impregnated by the demons of the Netherrealm. Touch them, show your innocence... And when you have finished and are alone, bear our children, create a distraction, and return here. A reward will await you."



Well, here we went again. Despite the losses last time, Sony had insisted, with my and Gemini's dissenting voices, to open the portal to the Netherrealm once again. This, inevitably, was going to end poorly, and just as I was about to lead us on another fruitless charge into Hell against my will... someone came out. A woman who was naked, and well... pregnant. "What the hell..."

Sobbing, she moved forward, leaning against me. My arms wrapped around her to help her stay on her feet, though I still got a dirty look from Sonya. "Help me, please! The demons..."

"What happened to you?" I took her into my arms, wanting to carefully make sure that she would be alright.

"They... they raped me!" She leaned heavily on my shoulder, crying tears of anguish. I ran a hand over her cheek - it always worked in the movies - to calm her down.

"It'll be alright... Don't worry." For a moment there, she seemed to be staring into space. I merely assumed that to be shock, of course, considering the circumstances she'd gone through. "You were staring into space for a second there..."

"I'm sorry... I'm a little shaken up."

"I figured." Despite her current state, she was admittedly still pretty hot. "Would you like me to get you some clothes?"

"That would be splendid." She smiled, evidently glad to have something on her skin again. She must've been this way for... No no, Markus, don't think about that. Ignoring her nudity, I did the only thing that seemed suitable - she was a busty blonde, so only Sonya's outfit would fit on her. Reaching through her closet, I found what she had apparently been wearing during the whole crisis I was a part of(the pants and cleavage-exposing top, cleaned as best as it could be), and gave it to the woman. The pants needed to have one button unsnapped to account for her belly, but it otherwise fit her quite well, just like it probably would fit every other woman I knew.

"Thank you." She smiled, now fully clothed - but then again, considering how much skin she was still exposing, was her being naked that much worse? I nodded, turning away.

"I'm going back to my quarters. If you need anything, let me know." And just as I took the first step, she placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Could I come along?"

"Be my guest." An attractive albeit pregnant lady wanting to come with me to my room? Seemed legit. Being the gentleman I was, of course, I made sure she went in before me. And once she was in, I began to remove the armor I had been wearing... Armor I really needed to get updated. By this point, a large amount of the panels were cracked, and I still hadn't fixed the damaged visor in my helmet that Adriana's mother had given me. "With all the fighting, I swear this forty pounds of body armor's becoming forty pounds of dead weight." She chuckled, finding my comment funny enough as she sat down on my bed.

"What's your name?"

"Markus Xavier. Yours?"

That name fits you... I'm Mia." She smiled, looking over my chipped and dented armor. "Did you make that?"

I shrugged. "I purchased it and heavily modified it... I'll have to make some new armor for myself soon." Finally free from the armor, I sat down on the bed and began to rest.


And now was the perfect opportunity to strike. I sat down on the bed, looking down on him. "I was a nurse before getting into this predicament... Would you like a massage?" The truth, strangely enough, though I never expected it would be useful here.

"I wouldn't want to exert you... You were violated by the demons, forced to carry their spawn. I don't deserve to have you do something like that for me after all you've suffered." He frowned... a surprising response. I would've almost thought that he cared about me.

"And you rescued me, clothed me. You deserve it." I placed my hands on my hips, trying to strike up a dominant pose. Sighing, as though he knew I wouldn't back down, he rolled over into the prone position, his shirt off as he moved to let me massage him. First, I began to work on his neck, then his back. "That feel good?" At the same time, the demonic pheromones, stimulated by the dark spawn within me, began to emit, hopefully luring him into a sense of calm and peace. And his memories... they rushed into my own head, each duplicated down to the slightest detail. Genesis would find these to be exceptionally useful.

"You are doing a good job..." My love mentally complimented me on my work. "Seduce him. Let the demons inside you help exemplify your beauty as he lies with you, exerting all his energy before dying at the hands of your children." I smiled, preparing to give Markus X exactly what I sensed he wanted... before my children disposed of him, that is.

"You know, I should thank you." I ran a hand over his spine, smiling. "You rescued me from those demons. I've been down there for a long time... I barely escaped, and you helped me. Thank you."

"You're welcome, Mia." He sighed - exactly when I knew it was time to finally expose my true self to him.

"If there's anything I can do for you..."

He paused for a moment. "What do you mean by that?"

I smiled, slowly unstrapping what minimal velcro leather stopped my chest from fully exposing itself. "I think you know exactly what I mean, Markus."

He turned over, lying on his back as he gently restrained my wrist with his hands. "I could never ask that of you, especially not while you're... You know... Pregnant with these demons." I smirked. The pheromones had hopefully done a number on him.

"Trust me, I want to do this." I scooted closer to Markus X, hand on my tummy as I tried my best to look seductive. "Is there a problem with me being pregnant? Don't you like it?" I had no idea whether he was one of those guys who found pregnancy a turn-on or not, but the pheromones meant it really didn't matter. My hand slowly ran down his chest...

"Um... No, you look gorgeous! It's just that, um... I have something I, uh, need to look at." Sitting up, he headed towards the door. Perhaps he had sensed my temptation after all - but with my command to my soon to be firstborn son sent as he wriggled his way out of me, it was the excuse I needed to keep him here. I moaned loudly, trying my best to get the damned pants off.

"Markus... I think I'm... Giving birth... Need help..."

And when he came over, I smiled, stretching my legs wide as to rip them practically in half, my hands finally freeing my chest as I let Sonya's top fall off of me. A large demon-snake began to be born, and as the first spawn of this brood began to emerge from my loins, I lept forward with graceful strength, pinning Markus to the bed, my lips on his own. "Mmm... This is how you want me, isn't it?" I moaned, my child emerging into the bed. "Barefoot and pregnant, completely subjugated to your whim..." His moans encouraged me as the snake-demon finally left me And I prepared for the more intimate coitus.

"Your wish is my command..."