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On a day normal as any other Phil Lester was walking home from picking out new bedding, since they had moved into their new house a few months earlier and was on his way home.

His phone vibrated then and he looked down to see the text. He looked up once quick to see if he roads were clear. It seemed that they were. He decided to cross at that point, while still texting. He made it through the first rung of traffic and was on his way to the second when he heard a blearing noise and saw a bright white light. He looked up too late only to realize what would happen a second later, it was too late to do anything now. The truck hit him full force. It happened so quickly he barely had anytime to register what was going on all he saw was black, he was hanging on the edge.

Passersby saw the accident and rushed to their phones to call the nearest emergency services.

"A man just got hit with a truck'

"He looks pretty bad"

"His conditon seems critical"

"Come now" rang throughout the air and seconds later sirens blazed and roared

"Ugh I hate shots" grumbled a 16-year-old looking girl with blue hair purple pants and a shirt that looked like colored pencils made into a heart. Suddenly a team of paramedics rushed by with a cot and a body. Curious as to what was happening she looked around the corner to see what was going on, what she saw shocked her to her core.

"Phil!" she blurted, she couldn't believe her eyes. Right before her was Phil Lester, one of her idols, hooked up to life support and close to death, it seemed

"Do you know this man?" questioned one of the hospital workers. She yelped and jumped around in surprise, she was so absorbed in Phil that she didn't notice the worker.

"Yes that's Phil Lester, I watch him on YouTube." She answered him almost sheepishly.

"Do you know if he lives with anyone?" he questioned back

"Yes, his flat mate, Dan Howell" she answered once more

The worker rushed away to one of the nurses that came in the same time Phil did.

"Alright his parents and his flat mate need to be informed, get his phone and find there contacts his flat mates' name is Dan" he said to the nearest nurse and hurried away.


I wonder where Phil is, he's usually back by this time. Dan mused. He'd been so busy with getting the new house ready that he hadn't noticed that Phil had not gotten home yet. He brushed it of though, thinking that it was nothing and that he got distracted in the store, or maybe he had gotten bombarded with a group of fans, that had happened before, so there wasn't reason to worry. Right?

The phone rang then.

"Hello? Phil?" I answered admittedly little worried

"No sir, I'm sorry to say, we have your flat mate Phil Lester it the hospital now, he's in critical condition, you must come now" the line went dead.

At first I was frozen, I didn't understand, and then panic sunk in… Phil was dying .

"I'll be right there!" I answered in a hurry. My thoughts were racing as fast as my car and my stomach was impossibly knotted. I swore at every red light.

I didn't think I could be this scared. I never have been. My heart was pounding faster than ever as I walked through the door way, my head flooded with possibilities. What I saw in the room made my heart falter and fall to the floor.

"Phil?" I whimpered. I ran to kneel at his bed side and all went silent for a moment. Suddenly everything faded away, everything but Phil, me and the monitors hooked up to him. He looks so pale and lifeless…. I thought oh god I touched his cheek, it was so cold. Oh no, no no no Phil please don't go… I need you…please.

"Dan?" uttered a weak Phil.

"Phil!" I'm so happy to hear your voice

"What happened, Dan?"

"You got hit with a car… are you in pain?" normally I wouldn't be this candid with my feelings, but this situation changed everything.

"No… I can't feel a thing" Phil said with an attempt at a smile "you're crying"

It was then I noticed how wet my face felt. of course I am, I can't lose you

"Don't cry Danny, I'll be fine" Phil's attempt at humor fell flat.

"You know I hate when you call me that" I said with a weak smile. you can call me Danny every day if you don't go…

"That's why I call you it, because I know you hate it." We both laughed weakly. Phil took a ragged breath and closed his eyes. No!

"Phil!" I shouted terrified, the feelings I worked so hard to bury bursted into play now "there's still something I need to say! Don't go! I love you! I need you! Please!" my head was pounding my nose was stinging, and it was becoming hard to breath, my eyes were so blurry I could barely see him and my throat was so tight I could hardly speak "I love you more than a friend, more than a brother I've loved you since I've moved in, I knew that you didn't feel the same so I tried as best I could to hide it and put it out and it was working so far, when the fans would make fun of us I would laugh it off because It hurt too much to know it would never happened between us. I just need you to know I can't let you go never knowing how I felt" I didn't know how much of that he understood, I couldn't even understand half of it I was so choked up on sobs. As I was looking into the amazing blue eyes I loved so much I heard the words I always dreamed of hearing. When he opened his eyes again I felt like kissing him

"Really? Dan I've always felt that way about you, but the way you acted when some of the fans would talk about it I just thought you never would. I love you too Daniel Howell, and I always will, I just… wish we had more time" Phil wait…I can't do this without you

"Don't go please! i need you! What about the radio show? Super amazing project? I can't do this all on my own" I begged, he was letting go, I could feel it.

"You can and you will, don't forget about our friends, they will help you I know it, I can't do this much longer just don't ever forget how much I love you" I didn't think, I couldn't I was numb I acted solely on instinct I pressed my lips to his. His lips felt like silk, it was fireworks, it was everything people talk about when you're in love, and it was so much worth the wait. We gripped each other we all the strength we had in ourselves hold on for me. Hold on for this. I urged silently. His mouth was warm and his tongue was smooth and tasted of chocolate. He was the first to pull away.

"Don't forget me" he whispered one last time he closed his eyes and his rested his head on the pillow.

'I love you" I said and kissed his forehead. His breathing slowed until it stopped completely, my heart shattered it's over… good by my love

And that is how my bestfreind, my lover, my soul mate, my Phil died

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