"YAY. It's VACATION TIME." This over enthusiastic voice belonged to a teenager who was wearing a black shirt, blue pants and a green jacket with white stripes and the number 10 on it, and black shoes

Yes, All of guesses are correct . He is the Ben 10

Ben Tennyson really liked liked summer vacations and why not?. It was that very summer 5 years ago which introduced him to the alien device called the Omnitrix and aliens from all over the galaxy.

Ben used to be impulsive and ready to jump into things without thinking. He had an ego to match his impatient streak. Of course, he was ten years old then. He had a better head on his shoulders now that he was fifteen. The Omnitrix had also changed since he first put it on. It used to be a large black and white object that was bulky and hard to hide. Over time, it somehow upgraded itself into its current form. Grandpa Max theorized that it was designed to upgrade itself over time. They had no proof otherwise so they went with it.

His fifteenth year ...well Ben really got a shaking start which forced a lot of heavy responsibilities on him and I don't have to explain why( Ref. Alien force)

Ben Tennyson was tired now. It was just yesterday Tetrax returned after a long time and demanded Chromastone. Then after a turn of bizarre events he saved the day like always and revived all inhabitants of petrosapia

But he wasn't all successful every time. He still regretted that moment...If he acted a bit more mature . Kevin would have been "normal". Kevin's mutation put a strain on his relationship with Ben and Gwen who was Kevin's girlfriend now. It took time to resolve that. Kevin didn't put the blame on Ben but Ben knew that it was somehow his fault that Kevin was tempted to work with the likes of Charmcaster and Darkstar. Yes, Kevin always came back to them and apologized for his behavior but that didn't change the regret Ben felt when he saw Kevin

Now let's see what our hero is doing now. As the vacations began and our hero had a lot of free time he decided to spend some quality time with Julie and as always...he is late

"Hey Julie sorry I am late. Just wait for five minutes okay" Ben said while running

"Hurry up Ben the movie is about to start"

"Just com..." Ben's words died when he saw a vortex appearing in front of him. He took a fighting stance and tried to push the dial of omnitrix but before he can do anything the vortex sucked him.

As he entered the portal, he felt as he was falling into a dark abyss with no end .

"What is this ? null void or something else ?" Ben thought as he fell into the dark abyss.

Tristain is a world where magic and mystical arts ruled over science. No electricity, only fire. Right now within this plane, a school made specially for nobles to harness their magical talents was having a very important test.

"Now everyone.", a nearly bald man with glasses had an eager look to his face. "You are all second years here at Trystain Academy. From this day forward, you will take your first true step into becoming a great mage.", he paused to give them all a once over as well as to let his words sink in. "Today", he announced grandly, "You will finally be able to summon your familiar!".

The sound of collective cheers of teenagers resounded from the students.

"Let's start already Professor Colbert.", one of the restless teens shouted.

Colbert smiled at the eagerness of his students. "Now, now,", he placated them. "Summoning one's familiar as a very exciting event I agree, but it is also a sacred and important part of a mage's life. Please understand that this may determine your future for years to come.". After that speech, the mood sobered up a bit. The drunken feeling of exuberant arrogance was no longer in the air.

"Now that you understand.", the near bald teacher pulled out a list. "Please come forward as I call your name."

A long procession of young mages later, some calling upon beings of great power like a Rhyme Dragon by a rather quiet girl named Tabitha, to the bizarre like a blonde youth's oversized mole, to just plain normal like another student's cat. Names continued to be called out, each time a name was being ticked off the list until at last.

"Please step up.", the teacher began unsurely as he adjusted his glasses for a better read. "Miss Valliere!", he called out.

Silence fell upon the open testing grounds. It seemed even nature itself kept quiet in this occasion as the light rustle of clothes singled out this individual female. She had long strawberry hair that went down to her waist, a thin body with unpronounced curves which earned her a call of "Stick girl" a couple of times if not her utter horror of "Flattie". Even though her body suffered criticism from suitors due to its immaturity, her face did not suffer such treatment at all. If any, it received would receive nothing but praise as he childlike face gave of cuteness that would make even kittens jealous, only if her features didn't carry a scowl semi-permanently.

"Louise the Zero! Everyone run!", one horrified scream ripped through the ranks. This command was hastily followed en masse as chaos filled the air.

Their instructor, Professor Colbert tried to take control of the situation, but his kind approach was repelled by the mob's fear stricken panic.

In the midst of all this, the little lady of Valliere only stood still, betraying none of the seething anger that bubbled underneath. It was without warning when the emotional bomb set off. "Shut up!", she screamed loud enough to overpower the great din.

"I will not stand here and be made a mockery of. Just watch me and I will summon a familiar of absolute grace, power and beauty.", she declared for all to hear.

A pregnant pause followed and subsequently laughter. It was an obnoxious laughter that Louise absolutely loathed.

"You? Summon that great a familiar?", a tanned red-head with dynamite body doubled over in her mirth. "That's like saying you'll marry the princess and become the king!", she laughed some more.

Soon one more joined in. "Kirsche's right.", the new voice laughed. "She's always boasting about doing something great but in the end it comes out a failure.".

"Hear, hear", another agreed in mocking merriment. "Not one spell has she ever completed. Truly she deserves her name of Louise the Zero.".

"Her current attempt should be good for kicks at the very least."

"Remember to stay a fair ways off though. It'll definitely blow up again."

More laugher, more jeers. Louise could only take so much. She ignored everyone, shaking her head free of hindering thoughts. "I'll definitely summon a great familiar. I will summon something that can put even Kirsche's flaming gecko to shame.".

The red head in the crowd took that personally. She quickly hugged her familiar in challenge. "My salamander is definitely better than whatever you can call upon. Why with your ability, I'd be amazed if something appears at all.".

"Fine!", Louise shot back.


Silence finally covered the field again. Professor Colbert looked nervously amongst his students for any more possible ruckus. After noticing none, he approached Louise and gave her the go ahead. "Miss Valliere, if you would please.", he gestured for her to start.

The girl herself was absolutely terrified. Never in her life had she wished this hard to do just what she had said. This would make or break her standing amongst the students, not that she ever had much of a social figure amongst them anyway. But still, this time her long term pride was at stake. She licked her dry lips as she began her chant.

"Bonds that weave and transcend through time.", she began.

Whispers went through the crowd. "What kind of chat was that?" was the common line.

"come together and bind me with my destined partner.", she continued in a state almost approaching like that of one in a trance. Honestly, she had been planning to say something else but her mouth just moved on its own when she opened them. "cross our paths and destinies for all eternity. I repeat the words promised to powers beyond comprehension.". Louise raised her wand, closing her eyes. Her cheeks tinged pink in embarrassment as the next lines came to mind for her to speak. She wanted to stop but they were already being said. "I wish for friends. Friends that would never betray me and friends I would never betray. This is all I ask. Appear before me now familiar!".

The student body would have roared in laughter at the childish chant but they were too busy screaming in terror from the great explosion Louise had made.

The dust cleared easily enough, leaving nothing but scorched grass and bare earth where the summoned being was supposed to appear. Louise who had been closest to the explosion stood motionless with little more than a little dirt on her. Pink eyes glued to the vacant spot where her great call was supposed to be answered.

It began quickly enough, insults, laughter, contempt. Fear was long forgotten already in the past 5 seconds. Nobody cared about the big bang anymore, only the fact that Louise had failed, again.

Or not…

A whirring sound called the attention of one student whose hearing was sharp enough to pick it out from the noise. "What's that?", he looked up to the sky.

"What's what?", his companion questioned. She followed the boy's gaze and screamed.

Something was falling from the sky and it was falling fast.

By the time Ben was aware of it. He was no longer in Bellwood. He was at least a hundred meters in mid-air and the landing was not something he looked forward to.

Ben's eyes widened and he quickly went through his omnitrix. He didn't have time to choose now. when he saw a familiar hologram he pressed the dial and a bright green flash engulfed the area


A yellow sphere was slammed on the ground like a stone and the impact sent a massive shock wave . The yellow sphere spun on the ground several times to regain its balance which created a dust cloud in result. Then the yellow sphere stopped spinning and with in a bright green flash reverted back to our favorite hero. It was a bit difficult but Ben regained his balance quickly and groaned " Cannonbolt but I didn't want Canonbolt . I wanted Jetray"

Louise was much like everyone else on the field today when that yellow sphere crashed into the earth, shocked and covered in a mixture of crushed grass and soil. She was mostly speechless as she approached it. Realization hit her as a boy wearing a green flank jacket came out of the small crater

His clothes might be weird but it was a boy. Definitely a boy around her age but he was a bit taller than her. He wore a black shirt, blue pants and a green jacket with white stripes and the number 10 on it and black shoes. His brown hair were messed up but it did have their own charm. His face was well built which revealed his sparkling emerald eyes. In Louise's opinion he was surprisingly dashing. All in all, he looked like a commoner but there was a sense of nobility in the way the boy handling himself.

Ben sighed in relief as he saw a pink haired girl approaching him. He dusted off the dirt from his jacket and asked politely " Miss can you tell me where am I?"

Louise scrunched up her brow in confusion, what was he saying? She watched the boy repeat the same foreign words again. Once more a third time accompanied by understandable gestures. So she replied what she believed would be the most proper in this situation. "Trystain.", she gestured out to the open.

This was a big mistake. Doing as such had led her gaze back to the mass of teens watching her every move as well as that of the man before her. The noble's face glowed red in embarrassment as it all came rushing back. This was an exam, a test and a challenge to her validity as a mage. "Don't move.", she suddenly commanded the wielder of the omnitrix.

She ran to Professor Colbert immediately and begged half-way into a wail, "Please let me redo the test!". Her knees were trembling and her breath came in pants. The tension was not helping her any.

The near bald man seemed to zone out. It took a desperate Louise who was grasping at his robes to catch his attention. "Miss Valliere!", he exclaimed with a tug to retrieve the cloth in his student's clutches. He listened this time to Louise's third repeat of her request before saying, "I'm sorry young miss but he is your familiar. Summoning is a sacred tradition that symbolizes a mage's growth. Retrying would be an insult to mages' past.".

"Th-then I have to?", the girl stuttered as her crimson cheeks intensified in their glow.

"I'm afraid so.", Colbert gave his student a sympathetic look. "Please don't look so down. If you think about it, this might be a good thing.", he encouraged the school pariah.

"Fine.", Louise conceded as she trudged back to the boy that was her familiar.

In the crowd, Kirche and a couple more students were having a ball at Louise's expense. "A commoner.", she laughed. "She claims to summon a beast that would put mine to shame and what she calls forth is a commoner!".

Ben Tennyson was confused as he heard the pink haired girl's angry rumbles. He mentally swore that he heard the language before. But where and when?

"Damn! How could I forgot? French classes. It's french" Ben said to himself

He looked up to face the girl from earlier and boy did she look angry. "You are now my familiar. From this day on we are bounded for our whole life.", she told him.

Ben understood most of it and his eyes widened. " Me and her bonded for life? WTF" Ben thought and he snapped in french " What do you mean by that?"

Louise was so surprised she would have done a spit take had she been drinking anything. "You speak our language after all!", she said in surprise.

"Not much good. Jut a bit more than the basics" Ben kept his reply short. French was not his best subject

The noble shook her head. It seemed she was having some sort of internal conflict. Her face had grown a rosy color as she said. "Look there's no time for that. Just appreciate what I'm to do for you right now. I'm sure you'll never see a noble do as such for the rest of your life.".

The girl who was still a little bit smaller than Ben pulled him into a kiss but there was a little problem. Our hero had way better reflexes to be caught by surprise. So without much trouble he had kept her lips away from his. Pushing her away, Ben snapped " Whoa get a hold on yourself girl"

Ben's mood was worsened. Just when his vacation started and he is about to spend a good time with Julie he is transported from his home to somewhere foreign which looked like some knock off version of Hogwarts.

"Getting sucked into a vortex, Falling from a sky and now getting forced in a surprise kiss. Just where the hell am I? Ben sighed with annoyance then he thought back on how he treated that girl. He shouldn't be that rude to her. He needed to keep calm and cool so as to get to the fastest solution. After deciding the apology was in order Ben turned around the girl . "I'm so-", the words died on his lips when he saw the look on the girl's face. She didn't look at him, or anything for that matter. All he knew was that she was about to cry.

She was grumbling under her breath again but this time Ben heard her. "I know, I know that I'm a failure… stop reminding me… stop reminding me… stop telling me that I'm a disgrace to my family's name.".

It was instantaneous. Something in Ben clicked then. No matter where he was there was one thing Benjamin Tennyson hated with passion. BULLIES

His hearing widened their area of detection. He could hear one voice stand out amongst the students, an egotistic narcissist from the sound of it. Ben said nothing as he grabbed the girl by her wrist and walked towards the crowd. She offered maximum resistance, screaming for him to let go but to no avail. She did not want to be thrust into the middle of all that contempt

Once the odd pair were in range people began to part for them to enter. The aura around Ben was to say the least, intimidating. The warm breeze itself turned into frigid slaps, warning whoever the sinner was that justice was coming to their door.

"Hey you near the wolf. Black hair and green wand" Ben yelled getting the whole crowd's attention.

The black haired teen tuned to the summoned familiar. Then his face became one of amused surprise, "Oh my it speaks!".

"Wow, I'm glad you noticed. Thought it would take longer for someone smart as you." Ben replied with a smirk

The crowd gasped at the slight insult, turning their eyes from the pair to the boy who just stood there. "Hmph, but of course.", he replied arrogantly. And the group droops at hearing the air-head admit his density in more ways than one. It was after five seconds before the boy realized his mistake.

Ben never gave him the chance to correct himself. "You seem to be the the one who begins the insults or at least the biggest contributor to this mob.", he scanned his eyes around the faces. He pulled the pink-haired girl behind him forward as he said, "Apologize to her.".

Arrogant boy stomped his foot on outrage. "Why should I?".

"You've been insulting her.", Ben spoke with an edge to his voice.

"And she deserves every word we've said."

"No one deserves to be bullied, Now don't waste time and apologize" Ben snapped with a hard glare

The boy also known as the Percival Von Descartes III was about ready to blow. "I will not stand here and let commoner scum like you order me around. I am a noble of high birth you have no right to make me apologize, especially not to Louise the Zero."

"Oh great another one stuck up bastard like Highbreeds" Ben sighed and mocked him with a smirk "At least a commoner like me knows how to respect others" Ben mocked

"Are you insulting me?", Percival challenged.

"You did a well enough job on your own.", Ben grinned and said , "Now apologize.".

Percival couldn't take it no longer. "Fine then!", he whipped out his wand like a weapon, pointing it at the familiar. "We duel. You win, I apologize.".

"If you win?" Ben asked with an icy glare

The noble's smirk became villainous had he not looked ridiculously incompetent. "You shall do my bidding for a year.".

"You're on" Ben said with a grin

Everyone's eyes widened when they heard Ben's words. The commoner's bravery was astonishing but what can a mundane commoner do against a nobleman's magic?

That of course was the very thing that went through Louise mind right now. She snapped out of her thoughts and pulled on his arm. "Stop!", she commanded him.

Ben respectfully obliged her. "What is it?", he gave her complete attention.

"Do you have any idea what you've gotten yourself into?", the pink haired mage hissed.

"Duel" Ben replied with annoyance. Of course he knew what duel means

Louise stared at him as if he were some sort of alien from another world, which wasn't far off. "You are an idiot.", she face-palmed. "I don't know what backwards community you live in but when we say the word duel here then it means a fight to the death between two individuals, If you go out there to fight Percival then you'll die. We have magic here and Percival is no slouch when it comes to his lightning magic.".

"Thanks for your concern but you have no idea who or what I am. Stay here and enjoy the show" Ben grinned and gestured Louise to let go

But she stubbornly refused. Ben sighed and barely let off her then yelled " I am ready"

"Alright then. You will pay for your insults you filth" Percival said with a smirk

"I have one thing to say, It's hero time" Ben grinned and slammed the dial of omnitrix. A green flash covered the area and Diamondhead stood at Ben's place

All of them were startled to see the muscular crystal golem standing at the place where the commoner stood before . Finally a smile formed on Louis' face may be her commoner wasn't as bad as she thought

"You...what are you? " Percival said still startled by Ben's transformation

"An adventurer who can turn into aliens and who is going to kick your ASS" Ben replied with a smirk

A note- this starts in the alien force. Just after the events in the episode " Vendetta". This story is just a little bit AU because Ben never took of his omnitrix. But that fact doesn't change any thing on the Ben 10 story line

Whoa finally I am posting this. The first story in the crossover section between Ben 10 and familiar of zero. I haven't seen Familiar of zero but I read the stories Familiar of Zerooo and Shinigami of zero . Both the writers did a really great job and ten faced paladin . Dude you totally rock .

I must agree this fic is inspired but from a lot of other fanfics. Anyways guys what should I do next? Give me some ideas and your suggestions. And what should happen in the battle between Percival and Ben?. As a Ben 10 fan I know what Diamondhead can do but I need ideas on what Percival should be able to do? It would be better if any foz fan would be able to help me with this story

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