"Do you know what's my runic name commoner filth? It's Percival of the thunderbolt" Percival smirked

"Less talk more fight" Ben groaned

The noble sneered, "It seems I need to show you just how powerful I truly am before you can be silenced.". Percival held his wand , "If that is so then I have just the spell. Behold! The peak strength of my magic , come before me. The power of lightning destroy my enemy". Then fired a small bolt of lightning at the ceiling

"Dude you missed" Ben groaned

"Just wait and watch" Percival smirked

" IDIOT! LOOK UP " Ben groaned as he heard the voice of the pink haired girl and he saw at the ceiling

"WHAT THE..." Ben's eyes widened as he saw dark cloud forming there. Percival's grinned and he yelled " Good bye commoner filth "

An evil glint appeared in his eyes he began the incantation " Resounding through the air,
the roar of thunder,
plunge from the heavens
and reap destruction!"

An extremely large bolt of lightning descend upon Ben from the air or possibly the cloud . Ben clenched his fists and pulled both of his arms together.

" BAAM "

A large explosion took place and a huge flash of lightning blinded everyone. When everyone was able to open their eyes. They eyes widened and jaws dropped. The lightning bolt left a huge crater on the ground but the crystal golem was still standing there unfazed and with a grin on his face

"So boring, Was that all you can do jerk? sorry but light shows aren't going to work on me" Ben taunted with a smirk

Percival's eyes widened in horror and he took a few steps back. " What is..this thing? and how is he still standing after getting hit by my strongest spell? I must finish him off soon otherwise I will become a joke in this academy" Percival thought and clenched his fists with outrage

"You...I WILL KILL YOU. Fenrir come here" Percival yelled with rage and started some sort of incantation. A small yellow wolf jumped in front of Percival

"I am waiting" Ben cracked his knuckles yawned

"Your wish is granted FILTH" Percival shouted and pointed his wand at the wolf. His wand glowed and fired a small beam at the wolf. Ben's eyes widened as the wolf started growing until it was almost as big as Diamond head

"FENRIR ROARING THUNDER" Percival yelled as the wolf's body became totally covered with lightning. The wolf turned towards Ben and growled at him. Now Ben knew things were going to be dirty

"Crap" Ben muttered and he took his fighting stance. The wolf dashed towards Ben like a lightning bolt and slammed on him. It also tried to byte Ben but couldn't pierce through Diamond head's tough skin . But it managed to pin Ben on a wall. No body really noticed but as Ben grabbed him the sparkles of its body started losing their glow

"Fenrir. Finish ... " Before Percival can finish his sentence an energy beam sent Fenrir flying away in the air

"Energy absorption. Another cool thing I learned yesterday" Ben smirked as hands glowed with energy. Then he turned towards Percival and continued " "Now will you apologize to Louise?"

The lightning mage was shaking with fear but he was still stubborn. "No!", he replied defiantly.

"Alright Now I will convince you in your language" Ben frowned and put both of his hands forward. Suddenly couple of crystal pillars appeared on Percival's head. Ben put his hand down allowing one pillar to fall near actually very very near Percival

"I won't miss again, Say sorry otherwise" Ben threatened

Percival paled with fear and nodded mutely. Ben grinned and pressed the dial once again. With a bright green flash he reverted back to his human form. Now there were no words left to speak. Ben sighed in relief. Glad that it was over soon. He grinned looked over to the anticipating crowd then waved Louise over.

The cheers were deafening as the pink-haired mage ran over to the scene. Ben watched her carefully as she made her way to them. At around half-way he noticed something wasn't right. Why wasn't she slowing down?

The answer was clear when he tasted Louise' lips on his own.

She had jumped on him when he'd expected her to just come up to the two combatants. When the lip lock was lifted, Ben wiped his lips free of the taste and quickly spat out. "What 's wrong with you!".

The answer couldn't come soon enough however as intense pain wracked the wielder of the omnitrix and he fell unconscious. The rune inscriptions began to burn themselves onto wrist of our hero .

"Bonding Ritual complete!", Louise cheered. She had an evil glint in her eye. "This person is my familiar.", she snickered to herself, "Up yours Kirche, my familiar is definitely better than yours!". The youngest daughter of Valliere cackled in delight at her situation. No one would call her Zero again after this.

In the background, Percival quipped, "Erm I'm sorry?".

Way way farther in the background was professor Colbert. "It's time to go back to class!".

And well that's how Benjamin Kirby Tennyson got his first kiss after coming to this strange world from a girl who expected him to be his slave. But...but...but As of you all know Ben Tennyson and someone's slave . That's very very very impossible

Time skip

"Ah...my head" Ben groaned as he opened his eyes. He looked around. He was in a room which was filled with just as many expensive and artistic pieces. The pink haired girl was sitting on a chair next to a round table. Ben stood up slowly and looked at his left. There were some kind of weird markings on his hand. Now that was a new thing

"I did it! I did it! YAY! I summoned a magnificent familiar which is way way better than the Zerbst's. That look on her face was PRICELESS. Now no body will call me the zero YAY" Louise was literally jumping with joy then a yawning sound broke her out of her thoughts. She turned around and looked her familiar was awake

When Ben saw Louise was looking towards him he pointed at the markings on his hand and said " Explain from the beginning"

"Oh you finally woke up my familiar. My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Vallière and you are my familiar brought by magic. We are bounded for eternity..."

"Familiar ...familiar where did I heard that word? GWEN. Yeah Gwen told me about that. Like those stone animals are Charm caster's familiar . It means slave in other words. Hey wait a second this is going the wrong way. I am no body's slave" Ben said to himself

"I am so happy that I got someone unique like you and I thought I got a useless commoner. We will have a great time together" Louise squealed with joy and patted Ben's head like a puppy

Ben sweat dropped at seeing the girl's antics and replied with a sigh " I ain't you slave"

As this words hit Louise's ear she blinked with surprise " WHAT?"

"Look have you ever heard of Bellwood. US" Ben said hopefully

"Bellwood, US. I have never heard of such names..." Before Louise can finish her sentence Ben looked outside the window and his eyes widened when he saw...TWO MOONS. At that moment Ben realized that he was not on earth anymore

"Send me back " Ben snapped

"HUH! WHAT?" Louise's eyes widened as she heard this

"Look do your magic and send me back. I ain't belong here. I have family and home back there. You can't kidnap me for making your servant so send me back" Ben yelled

"I can't! No matter where you came from, the contract is absolute! You can't get back home! But why you want to go back home ? You should be honored to be of such service to a noble!" Louis yelled

That girl, that pink haired girl expected the Ben 10 to become her servant. The Ben 10 who defeated warlocks, monsters, Highbreeds...and the list goes on and on . Ben looked at her face again. Damn! she looked so funny when she was angry. He couldn't stop himself anymore and broke out in laughter

"Why are you laughing?" Louise fumed with anger

"HE HE that's so funny. Me and your slave He He. You have no idea what are you talking about He He. Little midget HE HE " Ben replied in between his laughs

"How dare you laugh at me!" Louise snapped back, hopping to her feet. She yanked out what appeared to be a wand and held it high. "I was being nice to you but now know your place Familiar!"


That day Benjamin Kirby Tennyson learned a new thing. You should always stay on guard especially around the girls with wands.

With that Ben Tennyson lost his consciousness and he was in a lot of pain too

Ben Tennyson woke up to a world of pain. At the moment He woke up, He discovered that pain wasn't an expression. It truly felt like all of his senses were relaying nothing but pain. His eyes stung, His ears rang, inhaling through his nose caused pain, his body ached, and he had bitten his tongue in the explosion which certainly explained the taste of blood and the accompanying pain.

He winced in pain and sat up. . A moment of trying to get his senses back revealed that straw was poking his butt. He shook his head and looked around . To his dismay Ben found himself in the same room he had fallen unconscious in. He glanced at the frilly and ornate bed to see the pinkette from before. She was under the covers and dressed in frilly pyjamas. She was also snoozing soundly as if nothing was wrong and despite how cute she looked Ben did remember what she did to him . That explosion torpided away any sympathy he had for her

The room was dark and it was obviously in the middle of the night. Ben was sitting on a sheet with a pillow, which would normally have seemed like a courtesy on Louise's part. However, the straw beneath it was quite noticeable and it showed just how little consideration the pinkette put into making his bedding. Looking down revealed that the straw had been heaped into a pile with a sheet and pillow tossed over it.

Ben felt all sorts of negative feelings which weren't appropriate for print run through his head towards his situation and the people around it. He was quite willing to bring violence down on somebody, but didn't see any truly deserving targets. Louise may have qualified, but he wasn't about to attack someone who was asleep; that and the fact that despite believing in equality for all and such as a hero , hitting a lady for mouthing off at him was not the ideal reason.

Dragging himself to his feet, Ben decided that being in that room was the absolutely last place he wanted to be. He headed to the door and managed to open it before slipping out into the hallway. He needed some space, away from people or else bad things were going to happen

After walking for a while Ben found the ground floor and immediately made for the nearest exit he could find. It didn't take him too long to find one and soon he was in the open air with the night sky above him and a courtyard around me.

Finding an ornate stone bench, Ben sat down and took several deep breaths. " I swear on my chilly fries . If that girl will even point her wand at me next time . It would be Rath or Humongousor greeting her. " Ben clenched his fist and yawned. As he was too tired to do anything now he did the best thing he should do now


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