"Look I don't prefer horses. I prefer cars or RV" Ben snapped

"Why are you so annoying? Ahh...What is your problem with horses?" Louise groaned with frustration

"Why are you always angry at me? I don't get it. Besides I have a better way of transportation" Ben grinned as he pulled up his sleeve, revealing the omnitrix. He flipped the dial until the familiar symbol of Jetray appeared and then he pressed the dial

Ben was supposed to transform into Jetray but well...whatever happened it caused Louise's jaw drop in excitement and amusement

"Jet...wait a second I am not Jetray" Ben said as he looked at his new transformation. He was in a lizard like body with bat-like wings and a tail. He had a beak-like face and dark blue skin. Also he was wearing green and black shorts

"How could I forget? It's the dragon like alien which I encountered at the Forever knight's ( Episode Be-knighted). But his skin was green instead of blue. May be it is the effects of meeting the another dragon. Anyways I will name it Bendragon" Ben cheered on getting a new alien

"You can transform into a dragon too?" Louise dumbfounded

"From now yeah I can" Ben chuckled

"I have never rode a dragon before" Louise fidgeted with her fingers

"Why don't you try it now?" Ben smiled as bent over . Very slowly Louise walked towards him and sat on his shoulders

" Make sure not to scratch my back or shout in my ears. Otherwise I will drop you" Ben threatened as he took a flight.

Louise squealed in excitement as the dragon flew in the air. She was clutching on Ben's shoulder tightly. She didn't like his familiar but there were some moments where he was just...AWESOME

Kirche woke up before noon. Today is the Day of Void. She looked at her window, and found that all the glass was gone, with burn marks surrounding the frame. Still groggy, she stared at the window for a moment before remembering what happened last night.

"Right… a lot of people came, and I blasted them away."

She stopped caring about her window entirely after that. She got up and began putting on makeup, while excitedly plotting how she should seduce Ben today. Kirche was a born hunter.

When she was done, she left the room and knocked on Louise's door. She rested her chin on one hand, hiding her smile. Ben will open the door, and I'll immediately embrace and kiss him. Oh… what will Louise do when she sees that… Kirche thought.

And then, right… I can try to eye him outside the room, and maybe he'll approach me himself. The thought of rejection never entered her mind.

However there was no answer after she had knocked. She tried to open the door but it was locked. Without a second thought, she used an unlocking spell on Louise's door, and was rewarded with a click. In reality, unlocking spells were forbidden on campus, but Kirche didn't care. "Passion above all" was the rule of her house.

But the room was empty. The two weren't there.

Kirche looked around the room. "Still the same… a tasteless room."

Louise's backpack wasn't there. Adding that fact with the Day of Void meant they had gone out somewhere. Kirche looked out the window and saw Louise riding on a dragon. Her eyes widened when she saw a familiar symbol on that dragon's chest. Which meant that it was her beloved Ben

"What? Going out, huh?" Kirche mumbled in annoyance.

After thinking for a while, she quickly left Louise's room.

Tabitha was in her room, deep in her sea of books. Under her light blue hair and glasses were bright blue eyes that sparkled like the ocean. Tabitha looked four or five years younger than she actually was. She was even a bit shorter than the already short Louise, and her body was quite slim. However, she didn't care about these things. She was a girl that would rather not care about what people thought of her.

Tabitha loved Days of Void. They're when she could sink into her favorite worlds. In her eyes, everyone else was an intruder in her own little world, giving a melancholic feel to her.

Before long, strong knocks rocked her door. Without standing up, Tabitha simply picked up and waved her staff, which seemed to exceed her height. She cast "Spell of Tranquility", a wind-type spell. Tabitha was a mage of the wind affinity. "Spell of Tranquility" effectively blocked out those distracting door knocks. Satisfied, she returned to her reading, her expression remaining unchanged throughout the encounter.

Then somebody forcefully broke the door open. Noticing the intruder, Tabitha moved her eyes from her book. It was Kirche. She began babbling about something, but with the silencing magic, none of her words reached Tabitha.

Kirche took away Tabitha's book, and then grabbed the little reader's shoulders to make her look at her. Tabitha blankly looked at Kirche, her face unreadable. However, one could see that she had an unwelcoming gaze.

But Kirche was Tabitha's friend. She would have blown anyone else away with a cyclone. Seeing no other way, Tabitha canceled her magic. As if a lock was opened, Kirche's voice instantly emerged. "Tabitha! Get ready, we're going out!"

Tabitha only softly explained to her friend, "Day of Void." That explanation was enough for Tabitha, who attempted to take her book back from Kirche's grasp. Kirche stood up and raised the book high in the air, their height difference barring Tabitha from the book.

"Yes, I know how Days of Void are important to you, I really do. But now's not the time for this talk! I'm in love! It's love! Do you get it now?" She didn't, and shook her head. Kirche was propelled by her emotions, but Tabitha was a calm and collected thinker. One can only wonder how such polarized people could be such good friends.

"Right… you won't move until I explain. Geez… I. AM. IN. LOVE! But that lad is going out with that damn annoying Louise today! I want to go after them, and find out where they're going! Do you get it now?" Tabitha still didn't, because she still didn't know why that mattered to her.

"They just left! It's Ben . This time he transformed in to a blue dragon and Louise is riding on him! I can't catch up without your familiar, you know? Please help me at least with that!" Kirche started crying. Tabitha finally nodded. Louise's familiar Is there anything he can't transform into? So that's why… you need my familiar to catch up.

"Oh thank you so much… so… let's hurry up!" Tabitha nodded again. Kirche was her friend, and she couldn't help it if her friends had their problems that they couldn't take care of themselves. It was a bit annoying, but she didn't have a choice. She opened her window, and whistled. The sound of the whistle rang in the azure sky for a moment. She then jumped out of the window.

Those who did not know her would have found it weird, if not alarming. Kirche, however, followed close after Tabitha and jumped out the window without a thought. Just a note – Tabitha's room was on the fifth floor. She tended to forego the door altogether when she had to go outside since jumping out the window was far quicker for her.

Strong and tough wings spread out to the wind. Then, a wind dragon flew into the air and received its two passengers.

"Your Sylphid is still so awesome no matter how many times I see it!" Kirche grabbed a protruding spine and sighed in admiration. That's right – Tabitha's familiar is an infant wind dragon.

The dragon, which got the name of the "Fairies of the Air" from Tabitha, swiftly and perfectly caught the upward draft around the tower, and reached 200 mails in the air in the blink of an eye.

"Where?" Tabitha succinctly asked Kirche.

Kirche immediately cried, "I don't know… I was panicking."

Tabitha didn't mind and commanded her wind dragon, " One girl on a blue dragon. Don't eat her" Her dragon made a short grunt, showing understanding. Its blue scales glittered, and its wings flapped strongly to the wind. It flew high in the air, scouring the ground for a horse; a simple task for a wind dragon.

Satisfied that her familiar was doing its job, Tabitha snatched her book back from Kirche's hands, leaned back against the dragon, and started reading again.

Ben Tennyson fell on his knees and started panting. Louise glanced at him and frowned " Why are you so tired from just a little flight?"

"Oh please, That wasn't a little flight Miss and for your kind of info my transformations kinda exhausts me" Ben groaned as he slowly stood up

"Oh You didn't tell me that before" Louise said

"You never asked me anything Louise. In fact you never tried to know anything about me" Ben stated the fact

Louise looked at ground with shame, Her familiar was right. She just treated him like a pet even if he looked like human and possessed intelligence like one. She was still not sure who was he? Mage, Creature, Commoner, Warrior or something else

" Hey Louise where are we?" Ben asked curiously as he looked around. Just where was he? Diagon ally or something like that

"We are at Tristain. The palace is right ahead" Louise pointed

"So this is the capital of your country. But I must say streets are quite narrow here" Ben stated. Well it wasn't quite true but thanks to males and females of all ages briskly walking and people frantically running this street sounded really narrowed and well...It was a little bit narrow too

"Narrow? This is a really wide street as it is." Louise pouted

"Anyways It kinda reminds of those Harry Potter movies" Ben said with a smile

"Harry Potter? Movie?" Louise dumbfounded

"It will take a long time to explain things Louise. Maybe some another time" Ben sighed

Time skip

And then Louise and Ben wandered off the streets of Tristain. Somehow Louise was mostly tolerable today except the fact she gave her heavy wallet to Ben. Ben sighed that Wallets were supposed to be light but in this world where currency was in gold coins wallets were supposed to be heavy. Ben only carried it because Louise won't be able to carry it for longer and his parents taught him to be gentleman except he was in extreme conditions

The streets were filled with a lot of shops. But the heavy weight was killing his curiosity. Finally he was done and he handed the wallet back to its owner

"Look I carried it for a long time now its your turn" Ben groaned

"Nobles don't carry their wallets. Servants do this kind of duties for them" Louise said with a pout

"Servant Huh? I don't see anybody who is your servant here" Ben growled in anger and dropped the wallet on the ground

"Hey be careful with my wallet. There are lots of thieves and pickpockets here" Louise panicked as she picked up the wallet because she knew Ben was not going to do that for her

"Steal? How can anyone steal something that heavy without getting any attention?" Ben wondered

"With magic, that can be done in a second."

Now that got Ben's attention. After living in this world for a while , He knew how to distinguish nobles from commoners. Mages always had capes on, and they looked really arrogant when they walk.

"I don't see anyone around who is a noble " Ben stated the fact

"Nobles only take up 10% of the populatio..."

"I don't want to hear about your thoughts on nobles pinky. Come to the point please" Ben harshly cut her off

Louise fumed in anger and continued " All nobles are mages, but not all mages are nobles. If for whatever reason a noble is disowned from their family, left the family name on his or her own accord, dropped status to be a mercenary or a criminal"

"Hmm... I understood now by the way what's the real reason we came here?" Ben said

"We came to get you a sword, Stupid familiar" Louise groaned

"Huh Why would I need any sword when I can transform into aliens" Ben stated

Louise fumed in anger but she couldn't come up with anything because Ben had a very good point. After thinking for a while she countered it with a frown " What if you are unable to use your powers in some conditions?"

"That's a good point , but how a mere sword will help me in such extreme conditions?" Ben said to himself and continued with a sigh " Do as you wish"

"As if I was asking for your concern, Now follow me quickly" Louise pouted and started walking ahead

"Her attitude needs serious fixing , I hope she will come around with time or I will make her" Ben said to himself with a groan and started following her

After walking for a while in the dirty streets, They finally arrived at the shop with the weaponry symbol on it. Louise opened the door and entered in the shop with Ben following her.

Louise reached the counter where an old man with pipe was seating and said " I need a sword"

"Oh… that's rather weird… a noble buying a sword! Quite strange." The old man or the shopkeeper exclaimed

"Why is that?"

"Well… priests wave sacred staffs, soldiers wave swords, and nobles wave wands. Isn't that the rule?"

"Oh, I'm not the one using it. My familiar is."

"Ahh… a familiar that can use a sword, huh?" The shopkeeper spoke in a lively voice, and looked at Ben. "I believe that would be this gentleman over there?"

Louise nodded.

Louise ignored Ben, and continued, "I'm not very knowledgeable about swords, so please show me anything that is reasonable."

The shopkeeper jubilantly walked into his warehouse, silently rambling, "Oh, this is too great… I can raise the prices so high with this…" shortly afterward, he returned with a longsword of about a three feet in length. It was a very exquisitely decorated sword. It looked like one could swing it with just one hand. There was even a hand guard on the short handle.

The shopkeeper said as though he just thought of something, "Speaking of which, it seems that nobles like to let their servants bear swords lately. The last time any of them came to pick one from me, they picked this type."

The sword was stately, and showed a certain amount of refinement to it. Very well-suited for a noble. thought Louise.

"Is that the trend?" Louise asked. The shopkeeper naturally nodded.

"That's right. It seems that there's an increase of thievery on Tristain's city streets lately…"


"Yes. Some mage thief that calls himself something like 'Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt,' and I heard he stole a lot of treasures from the nobles. Those nobles are getting really rattled, so they're arming their servants with swords."

Louise had no interest in thieves and focused on the sword instead. It looked like something that would break in an instant. Ben wielded a sword that was a lot longer.

"I'd prefer something bigger and broader."

"My lady, please forgive my bluntness – swords and people have compatibilities, just like men and women. As I look at it, this sword fits my noble lady's familiar very well."

"Didn't I say I want something bigger and broader?" said Louise, impatiently lowering her head. The shopkeeper went inside again, remembering to silently mumble, "She obviously doesn't know anything about weapons... But that could be my fortune!" After a while, he returned, one hand rubbing the new specimen with an oily rag.

"What about this one?" It was a splendid broadsword of around a four and a half feet in length. The handle was made for two-handed wielding and was lavishly decorated with jewels. A mirror-like blade reflected light with an irresistible glow. Anyone could look at it and say it was a very sharp and broad blade. "This is the best thing I have. Rather than say it's for nobles, it's more like something nobles wish they can wear on their waists, but that's something reserved for very strong men. If not, wearing it on the back isn't half bad."

" I guess this one's fine… " Louise thought and asked "How much?"

"Well… it's made by the famous Germanian alchemist Lord Shupei. It can cut through metal like butter because of the magic infused in it! See this inscription here?" The shopkeeper proudly pointed at the words on the handle. "You can't get this cheaper anywhere else."

"Well… I'm a noble." Louise held her head up high.

At that, the shopkeeper bluntly gave the price, "This will go for just three thousand new gold coins."

"What?! You can buy a holiday home with a garden with that!" Louise said, shocked. Ben didn't know about this world's currency but by seeing Louise's reaction he could guess that it was really costly

"A famous sword is worth as much as a castle, my lady. A holiday home is quite cheap compared to this."

"…I only brought 500 new gold coins…" Louise, being a noble, had little skill in bargaining, and made the taboo of giving away her wallet's contents. The shopkeeper only waved his hand dismissively. "Come on… even standard broadswords cost at least 200 new gold coins." Louise's face turned red. I didn't even know swords cost that much.

"Hey Louise I think this sword is too much flashy for me, It is mostly suited for a military person not me, I would prefer something simple" Ben said with a smile saving Louise from further embarrassment. Even if they weren't on good terms, Ben didn't want to embarrass her in public like that

"Oh so you know a little bit about swords kid" A deep male voice said

Louise and Ben looked towards the sound. The shopkeeper held his hands to his head.

"Kid you want a sword, I feel that we could be good partners"

"Hey who is that?" Ben said as turned around but there was no one else except Louise and the shopkeeper

"Are your eyes there just for decoration?"

Ben looked looked at a barrel and spotted a rusted sword with part of the guard moving up and down like a mouth. "What? It's actually a sword that's saying it." Ben exclaimed

The shopkeeper suddenly yelled angrily, "Derf! Do not bother the customers!"

"Derf? A sword which can speak interesting" Ben grinned

"Could it be… that this is a sentient sword?" asked Louise.

"That's right, lady. It's a sentient, magical, intelligent sword. I wonder what kind of mage could make a sword speak… but it's got a rotten tongue, always arguing with my customers. Hey, Derf! Keep up the insolence and I'll ask this noble here to melt you!"

"Sounds good to me! I'd like to see you try it! I'm kinda tired of this world. I'd love to be melted down!"

"Fine! Then I'll melt you down!" The shopkeeper approached. But Ben stopped him.

"That's just so wasteful… isn't a speaking sword rather important? If it speaks its got intelligence and magic. It can be useful" Ben stared at it. "You're called Derf, right?"

"Wrong! It's Lord Derflinger! Remember that!"

"Oh so you have a name like a real person, I am Ben, Ben Tennyson" Ben said with a smile

The sword fell silent, and it seems to closely observe Ben . After a while, it silently spoke. "So you came… are you a user?"

"A user?" Ben questioned the sword. "What the hack did the user mean? The user of omnitrix? Nah that wasn't possible"

"Hmm… you don't even know your true powers, huh? Oh well! Buy me, my friend!"

"All right. I'll buy you," Ben said . The sword went silent again.

"Louise, I'll take this."

Louise reluctantly said, "Oh… you want this thing? You can't pick anything prettier that doesn't talk?"

"You don't like this one? I think a speaking sword's pretty cool."

"See… that's why I don't like it." Louise complained. But she didn't have enough for anything else, so she asked the shopkeeper, "how much for this one?"

"Eh… 100 will do."

"Isn't that a bit cheap?"

"For that one? I'll let you take it for cheap." He waved his hand dismissively.

Louise cursed under his breath as she took out her heavy wallet which Ben refused to carry and poured its contents onto the counter. One by one, gold coins dropped onto the wooden surface. After careful counting, the shopkeeper finally nodded. "Thank you for your business!" the shopkeeper said as he sheathed the sword and gave it to Ben. "If it gets noisy, just shove it back in the scabbard, and it'll shut up."

Ben nodded, and received Derflinger.

Two figures watched Louise and Ben leave the weapons shop – Kirche and Tabitha. Kirche watched the two from the shadows of the streets, fiercely biting her lip. "Louise the zero… trying to warm your relationship with Ben with a sword, huh? Striking out with gifts so quickly after finding out he's my prey? What the heck?" Kirche stamped the ground in anger. Tabitha, her job done, was reading as usual. Sylphid circled around the skies above them. They had followed the two here soon after they'd spotted them.

Kirche waited for them to walk far away, and immediately ran into the weapons shop. The shopkeeper stared at Kirche as if he couldn't believe it. "Whoa… another noble? What the hell is going on today?"

"Hey there, boss…" Kirche played with her hair, a charming smile in her lips. The shopkeeper's face turned deep red under the sudden seduction.

"Do you happen to know what that noble bought not long ago?"

"A s-sword… she bought a sword."

"I see… so she did get him a sword… what kind of sword?"

"A d-dirty and rusty one."

"Rusty? Why?"

"Because she didn't bring enough money."

Kirche laughed, her hand to her chin. "She went broke! Vallière! Your Duke's house will cry for this!"

"Uh… is my lady here to buy a sword, too?" The shopkeeper perked up, not willing to let go of the chance. This noble looks racked and rich compared to that tiny one.

"Hmm… show me your best."

The man walked inside, brushing his hands in excitement. He returned, of course, with the broadsword he just showed to Ben.

"Ahh… a very well-made sword!"

"You have a good eye, my lady. That noble not so long ago had a servant that really wanted this one, but it's too much for them."

"Is that so?" The noble's servant? So Ben wants this!

"Of course… this sword is made by the famous Germanian alchemist Lord Shupei after all. It can cut through metal like butter because of the magic infused in it! See this inscription here?" The shopkeeper repeated what he had said before.

Kirche nodded. "How much?"

The shopkeeper asked for more, seeing how Kirche looked a lot richer, "Hmm… for new gold coins, 4500."

"Hmm… that's a bit pricey." Kirche frowned.

"Well… great swords need to be paid for their worth, you know?"

Kirche thought for a while, slowly moving her body towards the shopkeeper. "Boss… isn't this just a bit expensive?" Upon being caressed at the throat, the salesman suddenly lost his breath. Temptations hit his mind.

"Uh… but… great swords are…"

Kirche sat on the counter, raising her left thigh. "Isn't the price a bit too high?" She slowly raised her left foot onto the counter. The salesman's eyes irresistibly stared at her thighs.

"Th-that's right… then… 4000 new gold…"

Kirche raised her thigh further so that he could almost see in between them.

"Ah… nonono, 3000 would do…"

"It's getting hot in here…" Kirche ignored him, only opening her shirt's buttons. "I feel really hot in here. Help me take off my shirt, please…" She threw her most attractive expression at him.

"Ah… I got it wrong, I got it wrong… it's 2500!"

Kirche took off one button, and looked up at the shopkeeper.

"1800! 1800's fine!"

Another button, exposing her cleavage. She looked at him again.

"Hey, 1600 will do!"

Kirche stopped with her buttons, and turned her attention to her skirt instead, raising it just so little. The man looked like he could not take any more.

"How does 1000 sound?" she suggested, slowly lifting her skirt more. He looked like he was about to hyperventilate.

And then she stopped. His rapid breathing turned to a sorrowful moan.

"Oh… ohhhhh…"

Kirche straightened herself out, and asked again, "1000."

"Oh! 1000 will be fine!"

Kirche stepped down from the counter, quickly wrote a check, and slapped it on the counter. "Bought!" She then picked up the sword and left the shop, leaving the salesman to stare at her check.

After a moment, he suddenly regained consciousness, holding his head. "DAMMIT! I SOLD THAT BABY FOR JUST 1000?!" He took a bottle of liquor from his cabinet. "Ohh… I'm done for today…"

Two huge moons shone down on the walls outside the fifth floor of the Academy of Magic, which encased a treasure room. The light stretched out a shadow, standing straight against the walls. Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt.

Fouquet's green, long hair moved with the wind, and Fouquet briskly stood, openly showing the figure that strikes fear in all the nobles of the country.

Pressing a foot against the wall, Fouquet felt the wall's power and could not help but admire it. The main tower of the Academy is as strong as it looks… is a physical attack really its only weakness? I can't break through something this thick without attracting attention. It was not hard for an expert in earth magic like Fouquet to check a wall's thickness with their feet, but breaking a wall was completely different. It looks like they used only hardening spells on it, but I can't even break this with a golem. It's got a very strong hardening spell… my alchemy won't do much.

"Damn it… and I already got this far." The thief's teeth grit in frustration. "I'm not leaving the Staff of Destruction, no matter what." Fouquet crossed his arms and went into deep concentration.

Meanwhile, as Fouquet thought in annoyance about the wall, Louise's room was in chaos. Louise and Kirche glared at each other in anger, While Ben was sitting on his new and extremely thick bed sheet examining the sword Kirche had brought him

Louise had her arms on her waist. "What is the meaning of this, Zerbst?" She glared at her rival.

Kirche watched Ben's admiration, "I told you, I got what Ben wanted, so I came here to give it to him."

"Ah, that's a shame. I already got my familiar a weapon. Right, Ben?"

On the contrary, Ben couldn't let go of Kirche's gift. He unsheathed the sword and stared at it. When he held a sword, the inscriptions in his left hand glowed, while he felt his body became light as a feather. He wanted to swing it around, but he was indoors. He still couldn't figure out what the deal about his left hand was. All he knew is that it glowed if he held a sword. While he was kinda fascinated with knights and all that stuff but he never felt this familiar around swords back home.

"Look Kirche thanks for this beautiful sword. I am really happy that you brought something for me but I already have a sword So I can't accept it " As he looked at it, both Louise and Kirche mistook this as him actually desiring the toy.

"Give that back to her this instant!" Louise yelled at him

"Jealous words are quite unmannerly, Vallière!" Kirche trumpeted triumphantly.

"Jealous? Who's jealous?"

"Aren't you? I, Kirche, easily got Ben's most desired sword as a gift. You can't say you're not jealous, can you? Although he's much more caring of your feelings with his rejection of my gift"

"Jealous! That aside, I will not accept even a tiny little bit of generosity from a Zerbst! That's all there is!"

Kirche looked at Ben. This was getting ugly quickly.

"You see that? Ben loves this sword, but he doesn't want to hurt your feelings, got it? This sword is created by Germania's very own alchemist Lord Shupei!" Kirche threw a seductive glare to Ben. "You listen here… all that is good under the sun, let it be swords or women, can only come from Germania! Tristainian women, like Louise, are all extremely jealous, impatient, miserly, and snobbish, and nothing can change them!"

Louise glared at Kirche.

"What? I'm just telling the truth."

"Oh… how… amusing. Women like you are all romantic-minded idiots! Did you hook up with too many guys back in Germania, making nobody trust you, and ending up dropping out and running all the way over here to Tristain?" retorted Louise with a cold, uncompromising laugh, interspersed with angry shivers.

"You have guts, Vallière…" Kirche's face darkened.

"What? I'm just telling the truth." Added Louise victoriously,

They simultaneously brandished their wands.

Tabitha flicked her staff even faster than the two, blowing their wands away in a gust.

"Indoors," she simply announced.

Probably meaning it's dangerous to fight in here.

Louise angrily muttered, "And who is this? She has been sitting on my bed since-"

"She's my friend," countered Kirche.

"And why is your friend in my room?"

Kirche stared. "Is that a problem?"


"Hey thanks for that " Ben mumbled

"No need to" Tabitha said

Kirche looked away, "Well… let's have Ben decide."

"Me? Decide?" Ben immediately felt distressed for being singled out.

"Right. This is about your choice of swords." Louise also looked at him.

"Alright, Then I will not accept neither of your swords if you are going to make such a fuss..." Before Ben could complete his sentence he was launched into the air by a combined kick, hurling him onto Louise's bed.

Kirche turned to Louise " "Hey, "Guess it's time to get this over with." Kirche wasn't the one to accept defeat that easily

"Hmm… you're right."

"I really hate you, you know?"

"Same to you."

"We think quite a like." Kirche smiled and raised a brow.

Louise, too, defiantly stuck her chin up.

"Let's duel!" They shouted in unison.

"They just needed a reason to fight" Ben sighed as he winced in slight pain

"But of course, we have to do this with magic!" Kirche triumphantly declared.

Louise bit her lower lip, and nodded. "Fine. Location?"

"Really? Are you sure, Louise the Zero? Are you really sure you want to fight me in a magical duel?" Kirche goaded.

Louise lowered her head. Am I sure? Of course… not. But it was a challenge from a Zerbst, so she had to take it. "Of course! I will not lose to you!"

Meanwhile, standing on the walls of the central academy tower, Fouquet felt footsteps. He jumped off towards the ground, and just as Fouquet reached it, he whispered "Spell of Levitation", landing like a feather, absorbing his momentum. Fouquet then disappeared into the courtyard bushes.

Entering the courtyard were Louise, Kirche, Tabitha, and last but not the least our favorite Ben Tennyson

"All right, let's begin." Kirche announced.

"Are you guys really wanna fight our such silly things?" Ben groaned

"Yes, we are." Louise confidently answered.

"Yes, you are!" Kirche said passionately at roughly the same time, earning a glare from Louise.

"Come on guys grow up, Don't act like kids. You can get injured badly" Ben snapped in a alst attempt to stop their battle

" Whoever gets injured is the idiot," said Kirche.

"Uh-huh." Louise nodded.

Tabitha approached Kirche, and whispered something in her ear. Then she pointed at Ben.

"Hmm… now that's a good idea!" Kirche grinned.

Then, Kirche whispered something to Louise.

"Ah… not bad." Louise nodded.

And they both looked at Ben. The wielder of omnitrix suddenly had a bad feeling about it.

"Hey… are you guys serious?" Ben groaned , but nobody cared.

He was hung in midair by a rope from the main tower. Yep… I should have just picked a girl and been done with it or I should have gone hero ...there were a million things I could do why the hell I agreed to this? On the ground which looked so far, far away, he could see the silhouettes of Kirche and Louise. Despite it being the middle of the night, the two moons made for clear vision. He could even see Tabitha on her wind dragon. It held two swords in its mouth.

The two moons shone warmly on Ben.

Kirche and Louise looked upon him, dangling and flopping around in midair.

Kirche rolled up her fists. "Here's how we do it… the first to cut off the rope and let Ben down wins. Then the winner's sword goes to Ben. Sounds good?"

"Got it." Louise nodded, her face blank.

"No limits on type of spells used. You can go first… my treat."

"All right."

"Okay… good luck."

Louise brandished her wand. In the air, Tabitha began to shake the rope, wobbling Ben left and right. Spells like "fireball" have high accuracy rates, and as long as the target doesn't move i can hit it. However, Louise had more than that to worry about – she had to make the spell work in the first place.

Louise thought hard. What would work? Wind? Fire? Water and earth are both out… they don't have many spells that can cut ropes. Fire spells work the best here…and here Louise remembered that that is exactly what Kirche is good at.

Kirche's fireballs will cut that rope easily. I can't fail this one.

She picked fireballs anyway. Aiming a small one at the target, she recited the short spell. If she fails, Ben gets Kirche's sword, and to someone esteemed like Louise, this is completely unacceptable. She finished reciting, and with her utmost concentration, flicked her wand. If it works, a fireball should come out of the tip.

But nothing came out of the wand. The next moment, the wall behind Ben exploded. The shock wave shook Ben even harder. "What the hell?! Are you trying to kill me?!" Ben's angry yell drifted down towards them. What was she thinking when she used this spell? . I will have serious talk with her once I get out of this shit

The rope remained intact. If she thought she could use the shock wave to break the rope, she wasn't thinking. A large crack appeared on the wall.

Kirche collapsed in laughter. "ZERO! ZERO LOUISE! You broke the wall instead of the rope! Now that's talent!"

Louise looked down.

"Really, I've got to ask you… what the heck did you do to make it blow up like that?! Oh god… my sides hurt…"

Louise frustratingly held her fists and knelt to the ground.

"Next is my turn." Kirche aimed at the rope like a hunter would his prey. Tabitha was shaking the rope, so it was tough aiming. Despite that, Kirche kept a brisk, easy smile. Chanting a short spell, Kirche waved her wand born out from habit, fire spells are her specialty after all.

From her wand appeared a melon-sized fireball, which flew towards Ben striking the rope, and burned it loose in an instant. Ben started to fall to the ground, but Tabitha waved her staff from the rooftop, casting a Spell of Levitation on him, causing him to slowly land on the ground.

"I win, Vallière!" Kirche announced in earnest.

Louise sat down, pulling on the grass with her hands in despair.

Meanwhile, Fouquet watched them from the bushes. The thief saw the crack on the walls from Louise's blast. What kind of magic is that? She asked for a fireball spell, but nothing came out of her wand, and the wall blew up. I've never heard of a spell that can make things explode like this. Fouquet shook his head. More importantly, I can't let go of this chance. Fouquet started chanting a long spell, waving his wand at the ground. When finished, a mild smile formed on his face. Following Fouquet's voice, a bulge formed on the ground. Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt was showing his talent.

What a shame, Vallière!" Kirche laughed.

Her battle lost, Louise reluctantly and gloomily slacked her shoulders. Ben watched her with complicated emotion, Not sure of what to say. " Will somebody untie me please?" Ben sighed

Kirche smiled, "Oh, why of course, I'll be glad to!" Right then, Kirche felt something behind her. She turned around. She couldn't believe her eyes. "What… what the heck is this?" Her jaw dropped. What she saw was a huge earth golem moving towards them. Kirche ran away screaming.

Ben had enough now. First he rolled out of the way and started struggling free himself from the rope. It was pretty tight but thanks to the training which was given by Grampa Max he managed to free himself out

Louise recovered her senses and ran towards him. Above them, the golem raised its foot. Ben pushed her out of the way and yelled "It's hero time" as he slammed his dial and a bright green flash covered the area

Before the Golem's feet could crush Ben , Bendragon stood in his place and rolled out of the way

Louise was speechless. Her familiar could have been crushed there if he wasn't able to transform quickly. While they ran way for their life leaving Ben behind, Ben opted to save her life by risking his own life. Even if they hadn't some good relationship he was ready to give away his life for her. Why he was so brave and selfless? Why?

Ben flew in the air and fired powerful lasers from his mouth . Blowing holes allover the golem's body. But towards Ben's annoyance the golem started to regenerate

Ben looked at Louise who was still standing there " Louise run away that can be dangerous"

"No respectable master would desert her familiar like that." She answered frankly.

Ben watched her with interest. So the little brat did have some sense of responsibility.

Fouquet, standing on the golem's shoulder, smiled and paid no attention to the wind dragon or Kirche escaping. Or the blasts that had rocked his golem. A dark cape covered him from head to toe so they could not make out his face. Fouquet transformed the golem fist to a metallic composition, and ordered it to punch the wall. A dull thump sounded as the metallic fist hit the wall, collapsing it. Under the dark cape, Fouquet smirked.

The golem transported Fouquet in with its hand, and the thief entered through the hole and into the treasure vault. It stored valuables of every kind, but Fouquet had only one target.

The Staff of Destruction.

A row of staffs of many sorts hung on the wall, but one came to Fouquet as completely unlike a staff. It was about five feet long, and made with a sort of metal that he had never seen before. He looked at the metal plate right under it, reading, "Staff of Destruction, do not remove." His smile grew to a grin.

Fouquet picked up the Staff of Destruction, and was shocked by its lightness. Just what is this thing made of? He had no time to ponder and ran back on to the golem's shoulder.

Fouquet burned a message onto the wall before leaving: "I have the Staff of Destruction. – Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt."

"I finally did it, I've managed to obtain the Staff of Destruction. Now to get out of here, and not a day too soon!"

"Staff of destruction Huh, Sounds fishy" A voice said.

"Y-you?" Fouquet backed up in surprise as she turned around and saw the dragon with a unique symbol on his chest . For the information she gathered she knew that a unique familiar who had the power to transform into creatures came into Tristain. The only recognizable feature was a symbol it wore on its chest

"I think you should give that back. Otherwise you will get your ass kicked" Ben replied with a smirk

"Sorry, but not going to happen" Fouquet replied. He had to be careful, and he knew the best way out. He'd distract him and then sink into his golem, and transfer themself into the ground

Before Ben could do anything the figure moved his wand and a large portion of the golem broke off launching itself at him. Dodging the unexpected attack, he lost sight of Fouquet, and then they were gone. After a few moments of looking around, the golem started to crumble under him. Ben flew in the air and tried to look for Fouquet but whoever it was, It was gone now

"DAMN, I can't believe I got tricked like this" Ben clenched his fist with anger as he landed on the ground

"BEN" Ben turned around as he heard a familiar voice. He saw Tabitha, Louise and Kirche on her Sylpheed . Quickly they landed on the ground

"Ben, Are you ok!" Louise demanded, looking him over. One moment he had been beside her, the next he had took a flight over golem and was on Fouquet!

"Yeah I am , Man I can't believe I got tricked like this. Now this Fouquet had made top on my will going to get their ass kicked list" Ben retorted angrily as he reverted back to his human form and added " Hey any of you guys know about the staff of destruction ?"

" You Brave That was Dangerous" Tabitha complimented

"It was a thief. But… that was quite bold." Kirche said in disbelief.

"Idiot! You could have been hurt!" Louise yelled at Ben. "I know you're strong, but you don't have throw away your life like that! Why don't you understand?, you're the only thing I've ever done right!" tears in her eyes, she hit him in the chest a few times in her anger.

Ben smiled softly as he patted Louise's head to calm her down " Big powers comes with big responsibilities Louise. I have all those powers so its my responsibility to protect the others even if it means risking my own life. "

Louise didn't have any retorts towards him now. She was completely speechless. Did she really deserved someone like Ben as a familiar?. She let the question slide and continued hugging Ben tightly. For some unknown reason she really felt warm and safe in her familiar's arms

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