Scene change

It was late night and Ben Tennyson was sitting on a bench in the garden. He was staring at the beauty of two moons and stars. His mind was still running on what happened today. The question was that why was the Fouquet guy here? and the staff of destruction. What does that mean?. Suddenly a voice broke him from his thoughts

"Hey Partner!"

"Oh hey Derf are you still awake?" Ben said as he took out sword from his back pack

"Yeah I tried to call you before but you didn't respond"

"Sorry I was lost in my thoughts"

"Don't worry partner, I must say thanks to you. Ever since you used that black liquid thing on me I've been feeling better like I've felt before a long time. What was that magic partner?"

"Nah that wasn't magic dude, That was Upgrade. I transformed into it and merged with you then cleared all the rust, Sharpening your edge and yadda..yadda..all those things. So now you're as good as new"

"Whoa, Whatever it was It really felt good. May I ask you a question partner?"

"Of course buddy"

"Are you a wingless rhyme dragon who learned different kind of magics?"

"Nah, Of course What gave you that thought? Dude I am just human "

"Don't mock me boy that's impossible"

"I am human Derf and there is a story behind how I am capable of doing such things"

"Hmm...Then I would like to hear that partner"

"You won't leak it, Will you?"

"Of course not partner I swear as your partner and sword that my lips are sealed"

"Alright then I hope you will keep that promise Derf. All of this began when I went on that summer trip 5 years ago...

The next morning…

At the Tristain Academy of Magic, there was much commotion from last night's events, just as though a wasp's nest had been stirred.

Why? Because the Staff of Destruction had been stolen.

And it was brazenly stolen by using an Earth Golem to break through the wall of the vault.

The teachers of the Academy of Magic gathered inside the vault were speechless when they saw the gaping hole in the wall.

The inscription on the wall etched by Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt said it all:

[I have the Staff of Destruction. – Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt.]

At this point in time, all the teachers at the academy could do was gripe and whine

"It's that thief who had looted the nobles clean, Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt! How daring of him to target the academy!"

"What were the guards doing?"

"Even if the guards are around, they're useless! They're only commoners! Speaking of which, which noble was supposed to be on duty last night?"

Mrs. Chevreuse felt anxious. She was supposed to be on duty last night. "But who would steal from the academy?" she thought while sleeping soundly in her own room instead of being next to the vault door like all nobles on watch duty must do.

One of the teachers immediately pointed out and said, "Mrs. Chevreuse! You were supposed to be on duty last night! Am I right?"

Mrs. Chevreuse broke into tears, "I'm very sorry… Very sorry…"

"Even if you cried your heart out, would it come back? Or are you going to pay for it?"

"But… but I just finished paying for my house." Mrs. Chevreuse knelt down on the floor and wept.

Just then, Old Osman arrived. "Erm… This is not the best time to be hard on the ladies, right?"

The fellow teacher who reprimanded Mrs. Chevreuse retorted, "But Osman, Mrs. Chevreuse failed in her duty! She was sleeping soundly in her bed when she was supposed to be on watch!"

Old Osman gently stroke his long beard while looking at the very shaken and stirred teacher.

"Erm… What's your name again?"

"It's Gimli! Have you forgotten?"

"Oh, right! Gimli! Well, Mr. Gimli, don't get angry. Honestly speaking, how many of you here can say that you're always vigilant throughout your tour of duty?" Old Osman replied.

The teachers looked at each other and hung their heads in shame. There was silence.

"Well, that's the situation that we're in now. Talking about responsibility, I think all of us, including myself, have to be held accountable for this incident. Why did we think that a thief could never infiltrate the academy? Is it because of the number of mages we have in the academy here that gives us the assurance that we won't be attacked? This type of thinking is wrong from the beginning."

Old Osman gazed at the hole in the wall and continued, "It's our complacency that has gave Fouquet the courage to trespass, and steal the Staff of Destruction. We're all at fault."

Mrs. Chevreuse looked upon Old Osman with gratitude and said, "Oh! Osman, Mr. Osman! Thank you for your benevolence. From now on I'll look upon you as though you're my father."

"Well, that… Hehe… Miss…" Old Osman started to stroke Mrs. Chevreuse's bottom.

"If that's okay with you… It's up to the headmaster then."

Old Osman, not wanting to put the blame on anybody, decided that was the best way to loosen the uptight atmosphere. After that he proceeded to clear his throat, with everybody remaining solemn waiting for him to speak.

"Lets head up to my office then. We have some students who witnessed the theft first hand."

Scene change

"Well then, who were the ones who witnessed the theft?" Osman asked.

"It was these three." said Mr. Colbert while pointing to the three people behind him. It was Louise, Kirche and Tabitha.

"Who am I? Extra weight" Ben growled in anger

Old Osman chuckled and looked towards Ben with great interest. Then said with a smile" It seems there is a mistake, There are four persons here. Please tell us about the event in depth."

Louise stepped forward and described what she saw. "Mm… A great clay golem appeared and broke the wall. The hooded magician standing on its shoulder went in and took something… I think it most probably was the Staff of Destruction... Ben attacked them but they managed to escape… The golem became a big mound of earth in the end

"After that, what happened?"

"Later, all we saw was a mound of earth, with no sign of the hooded mage."

"So… that is what happened…" Osmand said while stroking his beard.

"Even though we wanted to carry on the chase, but without any leads we couldn't. So…"

At this point in time Old Osman suddenly remembered a question to ask Mr. Colbert, "Ah, Where is Miss Longueville?"

"I'm not sure, I haven't seen her since morning."

"Where could she have gone to during these trying times?"

"That's right, where could she be?"

In the midst of those mutterings, Miss Longueville finally appeared.

"Miss Longueville! Where have you been? Something terrible has happened!" said Mr. Colbert anxiously.

Miss Longueville spoke to Old Osmand in a very cool and calm manner. "I'm extremely sorry that I'm late! I was doing some investigations. So…"

"Investigations?" the older man questioned her.

"Yes. When I woke up this morning there was already a lot of commotion happening, so then I went to the vault and saw the inscription on the wall made by Fouquet. I knew that the thief infamous throughout the land had struck again. Therefore, I immediately started investigations."

"You're really very efficient, Miss Longueville." Mr. Colbert said admiringly, then asked again in an urgent manner, "But in the end, did you find out anything?"

"Yes, I have gotten hold of the whereabouts of Fouquet."

"What!" Mr. Colbert spoke with amazement. "Where did you get this information from Miss Longueville?"

"According to the commoners around the area, they saw what seemed to be like a person wearing a black hooded cloak entering an abandoned house in the nearby forest. I think that the person is most probably Fouquet and that abandoned house is most probably his hideout."

Louise upon hearing that exclaimed, "A black hooded cloak? Unmistakable, that must be Fouquet!"

Old Osmand too got psyched up and asked Miss Longueville, "How far is it from here?"

"By foot it takes half a day, by horse it should only take four hours."

"We must report this to the Imperial Court right away! We must seek reinforcements from the imperial army!" Mr. Colbert shouted yet again.

Old Osmand shook his head and stared at Colbert and with a vigor unfitting for an old man and shouted, "You fool! By the time we report this to the imperial court, Fouquet would have gotten away Scott free! Besides, if we can't even handle such a small problem on our own, we're not fit to be called nobles! Since the staff was stolen from the academy, then it's the academy's responsibility to get back the staff ourselves!"

Miss Longueville smiled, as though she was waiting for this answer all along.

Old Osman coughed for a while, and then started recruiting volunteers. "Now, we're going to organize a search team to find Fouquet. Those willing to join, please rise up your wands."

All of the nobles looked at each other awkwardly, not one raised a wand.

"No one? That's peculiar. No one wants to be known as the hero who caught Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt?". But still no one raised their wands including teachers themselves

"He he bravo bravo We have such great people here. Their parents should be proud about their children's nobility. He he" Ben mocked with some claps and broke out in laughter causing everyone to look at him awkwardly

"Oh yeah! If you are so brave and powerful why don't you do that?" Mrs Cheveruse glared at him

"When lives are at stake even if they belong to such prudes like you people Ben 10 never hesitates to face the death. Fighting Fouquet is nothing for me. " Ben said with a confident grin then he turned towards Osmand and said "Listen everyone I am leaving to catch this Fouquet guys in 10 minutes. The staff of destruction will be back in 12 hours, I repeat 12 hours and Fouquet will regret messing with me. He surely will , I promise you that. I am waiting outside . If anyone wants to come with me then make their decision in 10 minutes. Otherwise I will be gone" Ben concluded his sentence and left the Hall leaving all of its inhabitants speechless

"Familiar, commoner whatever we call him but he is a true man. Now for the last time anybody..." Old Osmand stopped as he saw Louise raising her wand

"Miss Vallière!" Mrs. Chevreuse exclaimed in surprise. "You mustn't do this! You're still a student! Please leave this to the teachers!"

"None of you are willing to help. Besides I can't leave my familiar on such dangerous mission" Louise said proudly. If Ben was going then she was going too

It was not only Louise who had raised her wand. Kirche too raised her wand

Mr. Colbert even more surprised, exclaimed; "Miss Zerbst! Aren't you a student too?"

Kirche replied nonchalantly, "Well, I simply cannot lose to the Vallière family." then she glared at Louise " I am never going to hand Ben over to you Valliere"

Seeing Kirche raising her wand, Tabitha did the same.

"Tabitha! You need not do this! This does not concern you at all!" Kirche said.

Tabitha just answered, "I'm worried."

Feeling touched, Kirche looked at Tabitha with gratitude.

Louise at the same time also muttered, "Thank you… Tabitha."

Seeing the three of them, Old Osman laughed and said, "Well then, it's all up to you three now."

"Sir! Headmaster Osman! I strongly object! We must not put the life of a student in danger!"

"Well, would you then go in their stead, Mrs. Chevreuse?"

"Ah... Erm… Well… I'm not feeling very well recently, so…"

"They have seen Fouquet before plus, even though Miss Tabitha here is very young, I have heard that she has already been conferred the title of chevalier , am I right?"

Tabitha did not answer and just stood quietly.

All the teachers looked at Tabitha in astonishment.

"Is that true, Tabitha?" asked Kirche in similar astonishment.

Even though chevalier is the lowest title that the Imperial family can confer to a person, Kirche was still amazed that Tabitha could attain it at such a young age. If it's a title of "Baron" or even "Marquis", the titles could be obtained by purchasing large amounts of land. However for a person to be called a chevalier, the only way is to render great service for the country. It's a title that can only be conferred by merit.

Once again, there was great commotion inside the vault.

Old Osman went on and looked on Kirche and said, "Miss Zerbst from Germania comes from a family of distinguished war heroes, and she herself has a very strong background in fire magic."

Kirche flicked her hair with confidence.

Louise, thinking that it was time for her to be praised too, cutely stood to attention.

Old Osman was now in a pinch. There was almost nothing to praise about Louise…

"Ahem!" Clearing his throat, Osman veered his sight clear of Louise and said; "That... Miss Vallière comes from the prestigious Vallière Family, a family renowned for their mages. And… She'll be a promising one in the future… and as for her familiar who is waiting outside…"

Osmond grinned widely as he looked at Ben was standing outside talking with his sword " A shape shifter whose full extent of powers are still unknown. He defeated two mages with much ease which were simply beyond his level . Old Osman thought to himself: I don't know he really is the legendary Gandálfr or not but still I am getting a feeling that Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt will not be a match for him."

" I am asking for one last time , Is anybody coming or not?" Ben groaned as entered in the hall for one last time

"Darling! I am coming with you" Kirche squealed and before Ben could do anything his head was between...ummm...her assets

"Leave my familiar alone Zerbst" Louise gritted her teeth. Old Osmond sweat dropped as he saw the tug war begun. He sighed once again and turned towards her secretary

"Miss Longueville, could you go with them, too?"

"Yes, Headmaster Old Osman. I had wanted to go with them as well," said Miss Longueville.

So under the lead of Miss Longueville, the four quickly set off. It took a lot of convincing to make Ben travel with them. He insisted on transforming into Jetray , Ben dragon or something like that but in the end Ben sighed in defeat and took his seat in the cart. He surely knew that he would need his watch charged at the time of facing Fouquet

Even though it was considered a carriage, in actual fact it was just a cart with wooden planks attached as a seat. The good thing about it though was that if they were attacked, they could easily jump out of the carriage right way.

Miss Longueville was in charge of driving the carriage.

Kirche asked the silent Longueville who was concentrating on the reins, "Miss Longueville, this type of job could be done by a commoner. Why do you have to do it yourself?"

Miss Longueville smiled and answered; "It's all right. I'm not a noble anyway."

Kirche paused for a while, and asked again, "But aren't you Headmaster Osman's secretary?"

"Yes, I am. But Old Osman isn't a person who is concerned by a person's status when looking for help. Whether if he's a noble or commoner."

"If it's possible, tell me in depth how you lost your status, please."

But Miss Longueville just smiled at Kirche. It seemed like she did not want to speak anymore.

"Just tell me please, even if it's just a little." Kirche pestered as she began leaning closer to Miss Longueville. Just then she felt someone grabbing her shoulder. It was Louise. Kirche then turned around and said, "What is it that you want, Vallière?"

"Forget it. Stop raking up someone's past."

"Humph, I'm bored, that's why I needed some one to talk to". Kirche replied while placing her hands behind her head and laying against the side of the carriage.

"He he same here I am getting bored too" Ben chuckled

"Darling! Are you sure you really want to be in this mess? Capturing Fouquet and..."

"Wait a sec, Didn't you volunteer yourself in?" Ben exclaimed

"Oh no silly! I only did it because you needed someone to watch your back. I doubt the Zero would be any help" Kirche giggled

"What did you say? Zerbst" A vein bulged at Louise's forehead

"I said what you heard Vallerei , If that large golem appeared again, you would surely run to the rear and let Ben do all the fighting, right?"

"Why would I run away? I would use my magic, you'll see!"

"You, using magic? What a joke!"

The two started bickering again. Tabitha continued reading her book.

"Guys guys please stop fighting. We have work to do here. You can do all the fights once we get back" Ben said as he let out a sigh

Kirche did a gesture and said, "Humph, I'll stop. I'm not the one at fault anyway."

Louise bit her lips.

"Well then darling, this is for you." Kirche looked at Ben seductively, and then placed in his arms the sword that she had bought for him.

"Umm...Thanks" Ben scratched his head and took the sword. He thought its rude to reject someone's gift

"I won that time round, or do you have something to say? Louise the Zero?"

Louise stared at the both of them, but kept quiet.

Suddenly, it turned dark. The carriage had entered the forest. The darkness and the weird smell present in the forest sent shivers down their spines.

"We'll have to walk from here onwards." Miss Longueville said. The group then disembarked from the carriage, and proceeded to the small path into the forest.

"I'm afraid of the dark and don't like the feeling around here…" Kirche said while wrapping her arms around Ben's.

"Could you not keep so close to me?" Ben sighed

"But I'm afraid!" Kirche said with exaggerated reaction. Anyone could tell that she was lying…

Louise turned her head away with a "Humph". Ben let out a sigh and hoped her complaints won't begin again. He was really doing well without them

The group reached a clearing in the forest. It was roughly the size of the Vestri Court and in the middle was an abandoned house. The house was built from wood with a corroded stove. Next to it was a completely rundown warehouse.

The group hid behind the bushes and observed the house.

Miss Longueville pointed to the house and said, "From the information I've gathered, that should be the place."

"Hmm...It doesn't look like anyone is here, But I know that the eyes might deceive you sometimes. So we have to stay on our guards"

"Right Partner. You really know the heart of battle" Derflinger praised Ben

"What can I say I am just awesome" Ben boasted

"Hey stop it and pay attention here" Louise yelled causing Ben to growl. Then the started discussing, using sticks to draw their battle plan on the ground. They all agreed that ambushing him was the best way. Everyone except Ben prayed that he would better be sleeping

Firstly, they would need to scout around the house and know what is going inside. After that if Fouquet is inside, the scout will draw him out, because there is not enough earth inside the house for him to create an earth golem. Once outside, the rest would all cast their magic against him, without letting him have a chance to summon his golem.

"Alright, Then I will go in and see what can I do. With or without Golems that bastard is hardly a match for the awesome Ben 10" Ben grinned

"Are you really sure about this Ben?" Louise asked in concern

"I am damn sure and I doubt anyone here was willing to do that job" Ben smile and looked at the three of them. Tabitha, Louise and Kirche looked at ground with shame. He was right, They were planing to use him as a scapegoat anyways

"Alright then it's hero time" Ben smirked and flipped through the dial of omnitrix then pressed when the hologram he wanted appeared. With a bright green flash a were wolf stood at Ben's place

"Ben wolf" The were wolf yelled. All three girls looked at him with wonder. A crystal golem, A four handed monkey with spider webs, A lava man , A dragon and now a were wolf was there anything Ben couldn't turn into. Louise mumbled about her familiar being just amazing

"Whoa your arti... Ooops sorry a slip of tongue partner. You always ceases to amaze me" Derflinger said

"Thanks, Now let's go and get Fouquet" Ben smirked as he took out Derflinger from his back. As he held the sword in his left hand, The runes on his left hand started glowing. At the same time Ben felt his body as light as feather and moved with speed that he never even imagined Ben wolf could have

There was no one inside and there did not seem to be any place to hide inside the house either.

"Had he already left this place?" Ben wondered. Then he started searching Fouquet around the house. Triangle, Square or whatever other angles that those prudes called Fouquet but nobody could hide from Ben wolf's enhanced senses

"All clear guys you can come in" Ben said as he completed scouting the area and reverted back to his human form

The rest of the group who were hiding carefully approached the house.

Tabitha waved her staff at near the door and muttered, "There's no trap." She then opened the door and went inside the house.

Ben and Kirche followed suit and entered the house.

Louise told the rest she would stand guard and stayed behind.

Miss Longueville said that she would investigate the area around the forest and disappeared.

Ben 's group went into the house and started to look for any clues to Fouquet's whereabouts.

Then, Tabitha found inside a box... The Staff of Destruction.

"The Staff of Destruction." Tabitha said while waving it around.

"Isn't this too easy?" Kirche exclaimed.

"Guys we should stay on our guard, There is something wrong. I am sure..." Ben suddenly stopped as he got a look at the Staff of Destruction. His eyes widened as the realization hit him, "It is the same blaster that Grampa Max used to fight Vilgax years back when he kidnapped me"

Ben turned towards Kirche and asked "Kirche, is this really the Staff of Destruction?"

Kirche nodded and said, "Unmistakably, I saw it once during my tour of the treasure vault.

Ben brought the staff closer and examined it closely " Now I am Damn sure this is …"

Just then, Louise who was standing guard outside gave a chilling shriek. "Ahhhh!"'

"What happened, Louise?!"

"Don't tell me she saw a cockroach or something like that" Ben groaned

Just as everyone looked outside the house, a loud sound could be heard. Crack! Suddenly the house was without a roof and everyone looked up.

In place of the roof was a giant earth golem.

"It's an earth golem!" Kirche screamed.

Tabitha was the first to react. Waving her staff, she started chanting her magical inscriptions. A whirlwind appeared out of her staff and struck the golem.

After the whirlwind dissipated, the golem remained unscathed.

Following Tabitha, Kirche took out her wand hidden in her cleavage and started chanting.

A fireball shot out of her wand and engulfed the golem. Even though the whole golem was on fire, it did not seem to be affected by the fire at all.

"It's too tough for the few of us!" Kirche shouted.

"Don't tell than Kirche, I haven't even started yet" Ben smirked and pulled up his sleeve then yelled " It's hero time"

Unfortunately Kirche and Tabitha didn't stay to see this and run out of the house

A bright green flash covered the area and at Ben's place a humanoid dinosaur appeared.

Louise stood behind the golem, chanted something and pointed her wand towards the golem.

Something exploded on the surface of the golem. It was Louise's magic! The golem realized this, turned around and faced Louise.

"Humungousaur" Ben yelled and his size started growing bigger and bigger until he reached at almost the shoulder of the earth sized golem

"WHY DON'T YOU PICK SOMEONE OF YOUR OWN SIZE?" Ben yelled causing the Golem to turn towards him. Then he roared causing Golem to take a few steps back. Everyone's eyes widened as they saw the creature facing the Golem. Their jaw dropped as they saw the familiar symbol on it chest

Louise became speechless as the realization hit her. It was Ben

"Amazing" Tabitha said astonished by seeing the turn of events

"DARLING IS THAT YOU?" Kirche yelled

"Yep, The awesome, Handsome and super cool Ben 10 at your service" Ben said with a two finger salute. Then he noticed something was wrong. something was on his back

"Whoa, I am so big and huge. I've never been like that" Ben's ear perked as he heard a familiar voice. Then he touched his back. His eyes widened a back pack was there containing a large and massive broadsword


"Yeah partner I am here at your back" Ben's eyes widened as realization hit him and he took out a large broadsword from his backpack

"Whoa that's so cool . I have a sword now ,a huge sword to be exact. Let's kick that golem's ass Partner" Ben grinned

"Let's go partner" Derflinger yelled with a battle cry. Ben roared as the runes on his hand glowed again. He dashed towards golem with speed similar to Xlr8 and his hand automatically moved in the X shape cutting the golem through his chest.

"Take this clay bastard" And with a loud battle cry Ben dashed towards the Golem with a powerful shoulder charge and slammed it on the ground with a large shock wave

The golem was slammed on the ground with a loud thump and most of it was thwarted in pieces. What was slowly crumbled and was reduced into a mound of earth.

Ben stood up slowly with a satisfactory grin then pressed the symbol on his chest reverting back to his human form. He fell on his knees and clutched his left hand tightly. The runes were still glowing causing Ben to wince in pain

"Ahh...whatever it is. It's painful" Ben winced in slight pain

Louise, who witnessed everything, felt her legs weaken and sat on the floor.

Kirche, who was hiding near the bushes, came running out and jumped on Ben

Kirche hugged Ben and said, " Ben, My darling! You did it! You are so amazing"

Sylphid, who was carrying Tabitha, descended. Tabitha looked at the mound of earth and asked, "Where is Miss Longueville?"

Just then everyone realized that Miss Longueville was missing.

Just then Miss Longueville came out from the forest.

"Miss Longueville! Did you find out where Fouquet was controlling the golem from?" Kirche asked.

Miss Longueville shook her head. Ben looked at the woman. There was something wrong with her which Ben couldn't point out. He looked at her face once again and closed his eyes. Suddenly his photographic memory kicked in and he smirked as the realization hit him

"The question is not where Kirche, It's who. Right Miss Longueville" Ben chuckled

"Yeah but nobody knows..." Before Mrs Longueville could complete her sentence . Derflinger was touching her neck dangerously

"What are you doing Ben? Are you out of your mind?" Louise yelled

"Nah, I am not. I saw most of the Fouquet's face during our last fight. I was getting the feeling that something wrong was with this woman from the beginning. Plus the turn of events and her facial features ...Now I am damn sure she is the Fouquet" Ben smirked

"What! You might know my identity but the battle isn't over not" Longueville drew her wand, and started to cast a spell, The runes on Ben's hand glowed and the wand was shattered with a swing she can't even see

"You were lucky last time. But luck doesn't last forever Fouquet" Ben grinned

"Damn you" Fouquet was both angry and terrified. Even though the familiar looked human at this time, His capabilities were beyond human and after all the things she saw him doing she can only say he was a monster. A powerful shape shifting monster who had a human form and acted human

"Good night Fouquet" Ben smirked and smacked Fouquet with the hilt of his sword, knocking her out

"You did it! you really did it. You saved us all and captured the Fouquet" Louise said as she hugged Ben . She was quickly joined by Kirche and Tabitha. Ben sighed in relief and returned their hug with a smile

"Well the job is done now. All we have to is tie up the Fouquet and take the proto blaster" Ben said

"Proto blaster?" Tabitha exclaimed

"He he Sounds strange but this staff of destruction thing isn't a staff . It's a weapon from my world which is capable of destroying a mountain with a single shot. It's the old version but still its very powerful" Ben explained

"Dangerous" Tabitha responded, with a nod from Louise and Kirche.

"Can we take the blaster and leave now? I am getting really hungry" Ben groaned causing all three of them to sweat drop. Finally all of them tied up Fouquet took the proto blaster and left with Louise whining all the way about Ben leaving them halfway by transforming into Jet ray

Scene change

Inside the headmaster's office, Headmaster Osmand listened to the group's account of what happened.

"Hmm… So Miss Longueville is Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt… Because she's such a beauty I did not think twice about hiring her as my secretary."

"How did you go about hiring her?" Mr. Colbert asked.

"In a tavern. I was a customer while she was a waitress there. Where I slowly caressed her from her hands down to her buttocks…"

"Then what happened?" Mr. Colbert asked again.

Headmaster Osmand embarrassingly confessed, "Because she wasn't angry at all after what I did, I asked her whether she wanted to become my secretary or not."

"Why?" The bewildered Mr. Colbert continued asking.

"Anyways!" Headmaster Osmand cried out using vigor unfitting for an old man. Osmand started coughing. And said sedately, "She could use magic, too."

"Yeah, magic that could kill." Mr. Colbert mumbled to himself.

Headmaster Osmand coughed again then told Mr. Colbert in a prudent manner, "Come to think of it, the reason that Fouquet allowed me to touch her all over the place, served me wine happily, and praised that I was a handsome man, while I was in the tavern, was just to infiltrate the academy. All those praises were most probably just lies…"

"Yes. Beautiful women are deadly mages."

"I couldn't agree more with you, Colbert."

Ben, Louise, Kirche and Tabitha stared blankly at the two, although Ben became the center of attention a moment later when his fist hit the table rather loudly. "That's it. That's the excuse? Dude, You guys are even worst than Master Roshi from the Dragon ball Z" Ben shouted, laughter leaking into his voice. He wasn't sure if this was hilarious, or sad. It probably was a little of both.

The embarrassed Osmand cleared his throat and regained his solemn composure."A job well done for all of you, you have returned the Staff of Destruction and captured Fouquet."

The three besides Ben acknowledged proudly. While Ben just grinned like this was not a big thing for him

"Fouquet will be handed over to the town guards, and the Staff of Destruction will be returned back to the treasure vault. Finally the case is closed."

Gently caressing each of the trio's heads, Osman said, "I have requested the imperial court to confer upon you the title of Chevalier, I believe that we should have news of it soon. And since Tabitha already has the title of chevalier, I have requested that she be given the Elven Medallion."

The trio's faces brightened up upon hearing the news.

"Really?" Kirche said astoundingly.

"Yes. You have done more than enough to deserve this title. Haven't you?"

Louise gazed at Ben who was listless since they entered the office. She could tell something was bothering him.

"Headmaster Osmand, Ben… won't get anything?"

"I'm afraid not. Because he's not a noble…"

"He he Don't worry Louise I don't need a medal or patch to show my honour. I am hero and my grampa always taught me that being a hero isn't about letting people know you did the good thing. It's about you doing the good thing. Rewards and medals are secondary all that matters is satisfaction. I am satisfied that I did a good job and I am happy. When I will return to my home I would be able to say to my grampa that I made him proud like always" Ben said with gentle smile . Everybody was speechless and looked at the ground with shame. Osmand and Colbert cursed this damn society which couldn't even acknowledge this selfless and brave person who put his life on risk for them.

Headmaster Osmand looked at Ben gratefully then gently clapped his hands together, and said, "I almost forgot, Tonight's Ball of Frigg will resume as planned since we have gotten back the Staff of Destruction."

Kirche's face brightened up. "That's right. Let's forget about Fouquet and dance all night long!"

"The main attraction of the ball will be you three. So go get ready and dress up!"

The three bowed, and left through the door.

Louise stopped and looked at Ben.

"You go first. I have something to discuss " Ben told Louise.

Even though Louise was still worried, she nodded and left the room.

Osman turned to Ben and said, "You have something to ask me?"

Ben nodded.

"Please ask. I'll try to answer your question to the best of my abilities. Even though I couldn't confer you a title, this is the least I can do to show my appreciation."

Immediately after that, he asked Mr. Colbert to leave the room. Mr. Colbert, who was waiting for Ben to speak, looked quite disappointed as he left.

After Mr. Colbert left, Ben looked at seriously and stated, "The Staff of Destruction was originally from my world."

Osmand's eyes gleamed. "Originally from your world?"

"I'm not from this world."

"Is this true?"

"That's what I said before Gramps. I was transported to this world due to Louise's summoning"

"I see. If that's the case…" Osmand squinted his eyes.

"The Staff of Destruction was a weapon from my world. From an organization I am a part of. Who was the person who brought it to this world?"

Osmand sighed and said, "The one who gave the Staff of Destruction was my savior."

"Where is the person now? That person is definitely from the same world as me."

"He died. That was over thirty years ago…"

"What did you say?" Ben exclaimed

"Thirty years ago, while I was strolling inside the forest, I was attacked by a six headed giant. The one who saved me was the owner of the Staff of Destruction. He used another Staff of Destruction to kill the monstrous beast and then collapsed. He was already injured at that time. I transported him to the academy and treated his wounds. But to no avail…We haven't told anyone about it. He also had some kind of badge which is similar to the symbol on the bracelet you are wearing"

"He was a plumber just like me or Grampa" Ben said in a serious tone

"Plumber?" Osmand exclaimed

"Umm..How can I explain? It means Intergalactic police officer"


"Well the army who protects our back home. They are called plumbers. My Grampa is a highly respected officer amongst them"

"But you are too young to be in army"

"Years ago a great power was entrusted upon me accidentally and with great powers comes great responsibilities"

Old Osmand kept looking at Ben with wide eyes. The young man was truly an enigma

"So what happened afterwards? He died?" Ben asked breaking the old man from his thoughts

Headmaster Osmand nodded.

"I buried the Staff of Destruction that he had used to save me along with him in his grave, the other one I named the Staff of Destruction and kept it inside the vault in order to commemorate my savior…"

Osman gazed far away and said, "While he was resting on the bed till the day he died, he kept saying repeatedly 'Where is this place? I need to get back, the out break!' It sounded dreadful. I do not know what it was he needed to get back to... But I guess that he must be from the same world as yours."

"Yes... without a doubt. Who was the one who brought him to this world then?"

"I don't know. Right till the end, I still had no idea how he ended up here."

"Damn it! Just when I thought that I had a clue." Ben swore. The clue had led him into a dead end. Osmand's savior was most probably a plumber. But how did he end up in this world? Even though Ben wanted to know badly, there was nothing he could do.

Osmand held Ben's left hand, "The runes on your hand…"

"Yeah. I wanted to ask about that, too. Once the runes glow, I feel exceptionally light, and strong…"

Osmand pondered for a moment and said, "…That I know. That is the runes of "Gandálfr", the legendary familiar."

"The runes of the legendary familiar?"

"Yes. Gandálfr was a legendary familiar who could use any weapon at will."

Ben was confused. "…Then, why am I the legendary familiar?"

"I don't know." Osman quickly replied.

"I'm sorry. But there is a possibility that the runes of Gandálfr are related to you being transported to this world."

"Haa…" Ben sighed.

Ben thought that he could get the answers that he wanted from the headmaster, but apparently he did not know much either…

"I'm sorry that I could not be of much help. I'll always be on your side, Gandálfr!" Osman hugged Ben. "I must thank you once again for bringing back the possession of my benefactor."

"It's all right…" Ben said tiredly.

"I tried to find out for you how you arrived in this world but…"

"But what?"

"But I could not find anything, please do not be dismayed. You'll get used to this world as time goes by. Maybe by then you could find a wife here too…"

Ben sighed again. The clue to return to his original world slipped through his fingers just like that.


On top of Alvíss Dining Hall, there is a great hall. That is where the ball was being held. Ben leaned on the railings of the balcony and looked at the grand reception. He felt the fool dressed up as he was. Few people had even recognized him without his signature flank jacket. The crimson cloak that Louise had given him made it seem a good combination.

The students and teachers who were dressed grandly gathered around tables filled with exquisite food and chatted amongst themselves. Ben arrived through a flight of stairs leading up to the balcony. Seeing them, Ben felt that he would not fit in at all and therefore, decided not to enter.

Next to Ben was some food and a bottle of wine that Siesta had brought for him earlier .

"This is a party partner. Aren't ya gonna join in?" asked Derflinger which was leaning on the balcony. "I mean, you dressed up nice for this, so why not have some fun?"

"We don't need to party. We're commoners remember. We can't be given even some credit of things which we did by putting our lives at stake" Ben said bitterly, He was still not feeling well about not being acknowledged

Just before the ball started Kirche, who was beautifully dressed in an evening gown was accompanying Ben. But as soon as the ball started she was nowhere to be seen.

Ben had no choice but to use Derflinger as a companion to drive away boredom. At least he was good for conversation, minus the whole "Go join the party" spiel he got every once in a while.

In the middle of the dance floor, Kirche was surrounded by a group of young males, talking and laughing.

Tabitha dressed in a black gown feasted away on the sumptuous food on the table. . He had to admit, he liked her. No nonsense, good head on her shoulders. But something seemed off. He'd figure it out later.

Looks like everyone is enjoying the dance to the fullest Ben thought. Well, they earned it I suppose. They volunteered for a potentially dangerous mission when the 'responsible' adults had shown their true colors. But still I DID THE JOB, THEY DIDN'T DO A SINGLE THING . Then his attention was drawn to a sudden commotion.

The doors to the great hall opened and Louise appeared.

The guards at the door notified everyone on her arrival. "The daughter of Duke Vallière, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière arrives!"

Louise was dressed in a white evening gown with her long, strawberry hair tied up into a pony tail. Her hands were covered by pure white gloves. Her petite face along with her low cut evening gown made her sparkle like a gem.

After confirming that the guest had arrived, the musicians started playing music that was extremely soothing to the ears. All around Louise were males that were captivated by Louise's beauty asking for a dance with her. Before this, no one ever realized Louise's beauty and only thought of her as "Louise the Zero." Now, that same group of males were trying to win her heart.

The nobles started dancing gracefully on the dance floor. Louise turned down everyone's invitation for a dance, saw Ben on the balcony and headed over. Louise stood in front of Ben and placed her arms on her waist, "Looks like you're not even trying to enjoy yourself" She said.

"I am not in the mood" Ben groaned staring at the stars

Derflinger said, "Girl, don't you think the clothes really do make the man? I was surprised when I saw him without his usual jacket"

"Maybe a little." conceded Louise, who was staring at Ben.

"Aren't you going to dance?" Ben asked with a gentle smile.

"I have no dance partner." Louise replied.

"You had a good number of offers, it seemed." Ben noted.

"Ben, do you really think I might be something special?" Louise asked after a short pause. There was some note of desperation in it that Ben caught immediately.

"You summoned me and all that. Of course you are special" Ben smiled and looked at the moon. The two moons were still surreal to him.

"Ben.." she said hesitantly.

"What?" He asked, looking at her.

Louise did not answer, she just extended her hand.


"Even though you're just a familiar, I could make an exception." The blushing Louise said while avoiding Ben's gaze.

"Oh. like that but I thought you meant " Sir, May I have this dance" " Ben smirked

After a moment of silence, Louise sighed.

"Only for today!" she said.

Louise then held the ends of her dress and made a curtsy.

"May I have a dance, sir?"

The wielder of omnitrix smiled. Louise really looked cute today. Very cute indeed

Ben gave her a curtly bow, the first she'd ever seen him give. She was captivated how his hair seemed to flow perfectly as he took her hand mid bow, and together, they walked towards the dance floor.

"It's been a long time since I danced like this , I am not the best at it" Ben said conversationally.

"Just follow my rhythm," Louise said, and then gently held onto Ben's hand. Ben imitated Louise's actions and followed her rhythm. As he scanned the party, he began to move more confidently as he copied the other males who seemed more competent than the others.

"You are not good at dancing, Huh " She said laughing "I'm pretty sure I can call your bluff, good sir,"

"Well. What can I say , I am just good at copying others" Ben chuckled

"Ben..The Staff of Destruction… It's a weapon from your world isn't it?" Louise lowered her head and asked, "Do you wish to go back?"

"Yes. I want to go back, I have my family back there who are worried for me. I surely wanna go home"

"You're right…" Louise muttered to herself as they continued dancing.

Louise was still blushing and did not dare look at Ben. "Thank you." She abruptly uttered.

Ben looked at her puzzled, "For what?"

"Nobody has ever believed in me before. Not really." Louise replied. "I mean, you're strong, I mean the things you can do you are larger than life. All in all, you're an amazing, if willful familiar. And the only person to believe in me. To have someone finally believe in me, even if it it is just one person..." Louise couldn't finish her sentence

"You're welcome. But that's what I'm supposed to do." He said with a smile.


"Because I'm your friend. Ain't I?" Ben asked simply, with a confident grin on his face.


"Even if we didn't started off the right way, I think still we could be friends "

"Of course" Louise replied with a smile

The twin moons in the sky shone onto the dance floor, and along with the candle lights, created a romantic atmosphere on the dance floor.

Derflinger who was still leaning on the balcony looked at the both of them, "Unbelievable!" it said to itself."Partner! You amazed me like always! A familiar dancing with his master.

Suddenly somewhere at the headquaters of Reconqista

"The Fouquet was defeated by some students, That's unbelievable"

"The rumors say she was defeated by a familiar who is able to transform into a giant lizard rivaling Fouquet's golems" The hooded figure said

"Hmm...Is the familiar a boy wearing the same jacket like me with a number of ten?" The Teenager asked

"Yes, But his jacket is green instead of red . By the description he is just a boy around your age. Do you know him?"

"Oh, I know him well, Very very well indeed" The teen chuckled and broke out in laughter with an evil glint in his eyes

If there is light, Then there is darkness

There is good, Then there is evil

If there is God, Then there is Devil

And If there is a Ben Tennyson, Then there surely is an Albedo

To be continued...

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