Chapter 1: Gather Team SSX

Introduction, Zoe Pain's House

It has been several years since the last SSX competition, everybody in the circuit went their own path on starting a new career, other then snowboarding for once. The only one who still hasn't finished snowboarding was Zoe Payne.

Zoe was known around the world for winning almost every event she participated in, which gave her the nickname: The Demon of the Mountains. But after a while, people started to think and even place Zoe on the second place of the best snowboarders around.

Her snowboard skills got challenged every time when she finished a race. People told her that she was very good, but that she had to out ride the one who surpassed her on the rank list, Griff Simmons, her old rival from the third competition and The Tour.

One day, while she was at home relaxing after a tournament, Zoe saw Griff on the news bragging about his victory.

"That punk kid is on tv again? Aren't they tired of his face already?" Zoe asked herself while sitting back on her couch and turned the volume up.

The journalist held an interview with Griff Simmons.

"Tell us Griff, you have shown to be an awesome snowboarder, even surpassing the one and only Demon, Zoe Payne. What is your secret of obtaining that title?" the journalist asked.

"It was my intensity of being the best that makes it possible for me too win, but the main reason is just that... I'm way better then Zoe Payne, hahaha. You know, most competitors of the old SSX tournaments left the scene, I guess they are all just afraid to lose to me. But what can you do about it." Griff said to the the journalist.

Zoe then turned her television off from pure anger and threw the remote control away.

"Damn Griff, he has always been on my nerves. It's time to put him back in his place!" Zoe said challenging.

Zoe's House

Several days later, Zoe set up a challenge for herself and Griff. Everywhere she went, she heard about Griff and was getting tired of hearing that he was actually better than her. She finally finished up decided to challenge him for an all out race to decide who is the best. She called him up from the number she received from the recent tournament he participated.

"Griff, this is me, Zoe Payne." Zoe said on the phone

"Zoe, what a surprise, what is it? Sad that I took your rank away from you?" Griff said teasing.

"I challenge you to a race, best two out of three to decide who is the best, you or me." Zoe challenged him.

"A race huh? Sounds good, when do you want to do it?" Griff asked back.

"Right now!" Zoe said.

"Okay then, which mountain or course?" Griff asked.

"Garibaldi in Canada, you have your own helicopter as well because of all that money you earned, meet me there in 5 hours to settle this." Zoe said to him

"You're on, get ready to lose Zoe, I won't hold back." Griff said when he hung up the phone.

"I'll show that arrogant brat who is the best snowboarder." Zoe said after she hung and prepared herself for the race.

After 5 hours of flying, Zoe arrived at her first mountain she has ever driven. They met up at the top of her old racing mountain and course, Garibaldi, which was totally abandoned after many years. They both finally arrived at the mountain.

"So, looks like you have decided to show up. It's best two out of three, right?" Griff said challenging.

"You don't now me that well, I will always ride and I'll never give up or bail, like you did. Let's ride!" Zoe said when she grabbed her board.

"Come on Zoe!" Griff said when he also grabbed his board and stood at the start position.

The two boarders waited for the start sign to go off. After the light hit green, both boarders raced through the bottom of the mountain.

After a long while, Zoe won the race very easily, but the challenge wasn't finished yet as it was 1-0 for her.

"Ha, how do you like that huh? I'm first, that's 1-0 for me sucker!" Zoe said teasing.

"Brag all you want, we are not finished yet so everything can happen." Griff said when they both went inside the chopper and started all over again.

Once again, they stood at the start positions and started their second race. In the second race, Griff was victorious with just a small minute in front of her.

"In your face Zoe, that's how you do it! That is 1-1." Griff said.

"Just luck, I was like 5 seconds behind you. This is our last race, it's all or nothing now." Zoe said when they both went to the start positions for the third time.

The boarders started their last race to decide who would be the winner, they both almost arrived at the finish line, they both passed it and ended in a draw.

"What, a draw? Hell no, the word "draw" is not in my dictionary, let's go again!" Zoe said.

"Stop crying, I won this race." Griff said when they started over again.

"You better watch it, before I'll make you cry." Zoe said mad.

But then when they raced again, it ended in a draw as Zoe was disappointed that she somehow couldn't finish the race.

"You know what, let's stop, this is not working out at all." Griff said.

"Why, are you scared that you're going to lose the next race?" Zoe asked.

"No I'm not scared, but we are obviously not going to decide who is the best right now, we need something else for this." Griff said.

"Hmmm, now that you mention it, this mountain is actually for beginners, we need something more difficult. I have only chosen it because I know this mountain like my pocket so that it will give me an advantage." Zoe explained

"Wait a second, how about we ride bigger, harder and more difficult mountains and courses. How about, the nine deadly descents of the world. Like the Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro and Patagonia." Griff suggested to her

Yeah, yeah I like that idea, but I can't do that alone. It'll exhaust me too much, we need more people for this." Zoe said.

"Ha, you can bring more people if you want to, but I can do it all alone. Hell, you can even bring those old competitors from SSX back, and I hope you bring back Mac to, I never had a chance to beat him."

"Pff, of course Mac will join, he is on our level. Fine you're on, the one who descents more mountains, wins. It's you versus my team of snowboarders, with me as the leader." Zoe said to Griff.

"Sounds like a plan, kiss on it?" Griff said as Zoe immediately punched him. "Awh, could have said no, of course that's way to hard for you." he said as he walked away to his helicopter stroking his cheek.

"Creep. Now I just have to find some people... I think I already know a couple people that would love help me." Zoe said.

Zoe went to the helicopter and prepared to take of to Fuji. She spoke with her pilot Sammy Giraldo.

"Sammy G, can you bring me to Fuji, I need to meet an old friend I met in a tournament a couple months ago." Zoe asked her pilot.

"Strap in, we are on to Fuji, but it might take a day. When you want to take a break, just let me know and I will land." Sammy explained her.

"Thanks buddy, I will remember that." Zoe said as she stepped into the helicopter.

She layed down after hours of snowboarding, meanwhile, Sam took off with the helicopter and went on his way to Fuji. By that, her search for the old SSX competitors started.


After a day of flying in the helicopter, Zoe arrived in Fuji. The helicopter landed and the pilot tried to wake her up.

"Here we are kid, Fuji." Sam said when he woke Zoe up.

"Uuuwaahh, man that was a good nap, what did you say Sam?" Zoe asked.

"We are in Fuji, that's were you wanted to go, right?" Sam said to her.

"Good, this won't take long. I'm going to get Tane Mumea, he must be at the beach somewhere, he loves to surf." Zoe said when she left.

"All right kid, see you in a few." the pilot said as he stepped outside the helicopter and grabbed a couple cigarettes.

Zoe then went to the most famous beach on Fuji, the Hakone beach, to find the one she wanted to join him.

At the beach, Tane was meditating with a couple of his surf students about finding their inner rest in the waves of the sea.

"Okay everybody, breathe in... and out... fell your energy floating through your body, and use that to beat the waves. Now students, I have to say hello, to my old friend of the snowboard world, Zoe Payne." Tane said when he noticed her behind him and stood up.

"Looks like you have eyes in the back of your head due to all that meditating." Zoe said impressed.

"What a surprise to see you here, what are you up to now?" Tane asked.

"I can explain that to you later, but what I want to ask you is. Do you want to join me for a wicked adventure?" Zoe asked him

"Hmmm, if you say it like that, then it must be getting fun. You got my support." Tane said.

"Great, shall we go?" Zoe asked.

"After you. Goodbye everyone, I have to help my friend out, practice what I showed you and everything will be fine. Show the waves that you are the boss, not that they are the boss of you." Tane said as he grabbed his stuff.

"Goodbye Tane, see you soon." his students said as they waved him away.

They arrived at the chopper. Sammy looked at the two and threw his cigarette away.

"so, this must be Tane?" the pilot asked.

"Tane, this is my pilot, Sammy Giraldo." Zoe introduced.

"Nice to meet you, have you been flying with Zoe for a long time?" Tane asked.

"Yes, every time she needs me to fly her to another tournament around the world, I will always stand by her." Sammy explained.

"Sam is the real MVP when it comes to transport, but let's get in, we are wasting time." Zoe said.

"So what's your plan if I may ask?" Tane asked as he sat down.

"First we'll form a team from the best snowboarders alive. While I was on my way to Fuji, I already called a couple friends of mine from the past, except for you and another one who is still in America. I told my them to meet at the L.A. Airport while we get the third member." Zoe said.

"Okaythen, sounds like a plan." Tane said when he sat down.

"Sam, next stop, bring us back to L.A. California would you? Time to meet up with a corporate big shot." Zoe asked.

"Sure." the pilot said when he started the chopper.

Los Angelos California. Mac Fraser's Snow Business.

Mac was in his office doing some boring paperwork, he had some financial papers about new snowboards from Japan, new gear from Germany and even some clothes from Brazil. All the papers needed to be either signed or declined by Mac himself to make sure they will be bought or not.

"Melissa, are there any calls for me, or something interesting? I don't care what it is, as long as it does not involve paperwork." Mac asked curious and bored when he pushed the button on his phone.

"No calls for you sir, well there was one call for you. It was... well you know who." Melissa his secretary said.

"Again that obese lady. Gloria, that wants to date me, you didn't pull her through, did you?" Mac asked scared.

"Of course not, I told her you were in Australia for a meeting like you said." Melissa said.

"Good, I'm getting tired of her calling and texting me all the time. I really need to change my phone number. Or take a private phone, we'll talk about it later." Mac said.

"Oh sir, before I forget, there are two people here to see you." Melissa said.

"Really, I don't have anyone scheduled for today. Send them in, maybe it's something interesting, I hope." Mac said.

"Of course sir." Melissa said.

She let Zoe and Tane move on to his office, they then walked in and looked at the chair that was faced to the window. Mac turned his chair around and saw Zoe and Tane standing there.

"Zoe, Tane, it's you two!" Mac said when he stood up from joy.

"Hey there buddy, long time no see, how have you been lately?" Zoe asked.

"Look at this, I got an office for myself, I got the money, I got the babes. I got everything a guy could wish for and guess what? I'm still not freaking happy!" Mac said furious when he threw his paperwork on the ground.

"Calm down man, even though I lie this side of yours, what happened to you and snowboarding?" Zoe asked

"Eh, it didn't work out that well, I won almost everything, but it wasn't enough. I wanted more challenges, and take more risks. Going from little kiddy mountain to kiddy mountain was just boring and not fun at all. Every time I went out of bounds, snow patrol put me back into the ski resort. I got so tired of it, that I just quit snowboarding and started a business." Mac explained.

"Listen man, I got the answer to your quest for adventure. I'll explain that later but what I'm asking is. Do you want to join me and Tane and start snowboarding again?" Zoe asked.

"Hey, if I can get the hell out of this stupid office, I'm in!" Mac said when he prepared.

"Good, and uhh... Bring your favorite board with you. You'll need it, because you got challenged by an old rival." Zoe said

"No problem. You don't have to worry about me." Mac said when he pushed a button and his favorite snowboard appeared from the wall with angelic music sounding around the office.

"Angel music, man you really are bored, aren't you?" Zoe asked confused.

"It was a little something I though of at the last second. Yes, I'm bored as hell, that's the prove you need." Mac said.

"I like the music, it sounds peace- and restful. Uhhhhmmmm." Tane said while meditating.

"I bet you do. Come on guys, we really need to go." Zoe said when they walked

He grabbed his board and followed both of them out of the building. Before they exit the building, Melissa immediately ran up to him.

"Wait sir, what about your business, Snowman Enterprise and the Global Ski Association need your approval?" Melissa asked.

"Melissa, you have seen how I do my work, you can take over. I don't trust anyone to do this job except for you." Mac said when he left.

"But I... I don't think I... all right I'll try it out sir. You can count on me, I will bring this company to success." Melissa said inspired.

"See, that's the attitude I want to see. You will do great. Good luck Melissa, see you sooner or later." Mac said when he was all gone.

On the way to the L.A Airport

While they still walked down the street, on their way to the airport which was only 20 minutes of walking away, Mac got kind of curious in knowing Zoe's plan was with snowboarding.

"Zoe, where are we headed to, is there something we need to do?" Mac asked.

"We are going to the airport, we'll meet with a couple people there so that they can help us out, you might recognize most of them, and who knows, maybe you know who will be back." Zoe said hinting a person close to Mac.

"Okay fine then, can you at least give me a hint on what your plan is?" Mac asked.

"A hint hmmm... Let's just say that, you might ride the Mt. Everest soon enough." Zoe hinted him.

"Riding the highest mountain in the world? Stop with the hints before I wet myself." Mac said when they continued walking.

After all that walking, they finally arrived at the airport, they went to the main hall and looked around when they suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, you guys, over here!" Elise yelled when she waved at them.

Zoe, Tane and Mac then approached Elise who was there with Moby, Ty, and Alex.

"Hey Elise, long time no see, how is the movie business?" Zoe asked.

"Well, could have gone better, but I don't have any contracts now, so I got free time on the hand." Elise answered.

"Cool, and what about you Moby?" Zoe asked.

"I was bored with my life in the skate shop without snowboarding. When Elise called me about you, I packed my stuff right away. It's good to see you back after a while." Moby said when he puts his arm around her.

They both looked at each other, but then immediately stopped and looked away.

"Great, great, and you two must be Alex Moreau, that supermodel from France, and Ty Thorson, that snowboarder from Norway called "Lucky" are you?" Zoe said when she walked away from him.

"Oui, Elise et moi avons rencontré lors d'un spectacle à Paris, nous avons parlé de la façon dont nous avons tous deux aimé la planche à neige, elle nous a gardé contact." Alex said in French.

"What did you say?" Zoe asked.

"Oh sorry, uhhmm... Elise and I met during a show in Paris, we talked about how we both loved snowboarding, she we kept contact." Alex said in English.

"Oh okay, but can you try and speak English, no offense but we all need to understand what you're saying if we are going to work together." Zoe asked her.

"No problem, but my English is uhh... not that good so excuse me if I mispronounce some words or sentences." Alex said hesitating.

"Good, and you must be Ty right?" Zoe asked.

"Yeah that's me, Norway had some cool mountains to ride, but I need something more difficult man. People call me Lucky because of the hazards I like to on the mountain. When Elise told me about this, I rushed myself to the airport." Ty said excited.

"You'll get your chance soon enough. Now we just have to wait for two more people to arrive. Wait, where is Eddie, Elise, is he coming later or something? We kinda need him for this competition?" Zoe asked.

"Oh Eddie well... I don't know what happened to him. I tried to call him, but he changed his number and doesn't respond to anything. It's like he just disappeared for unknown reasons. Nobody knows where he is." Elise said.

"Hmm, that's weird, we'll have to do without him. Bummer, but we can't wait any longer." Zoe said.

"Who are we waiting for Zoe? I am getting tired, I mean, meeting all of the friends back is touching, but come on." Mac asked while he sat down.

"Easy man, the last two people will be here right... now." Zoe said when she heard a plane landing.

The plane from Japan arrived and the two last people she needed arrived.

"Hey everybody, I'm back!" Kaori yelled happily when she got out the boarder.

"Hey, good to see you again." Zoe said happily.

Kaori looked at the bench and saw Mac tiredly waiting and sitting around while leaning on his hand.

"Mac!" Kaori said when she ran up to him.

Mac saw the girl running up to him, but he looked at her like he had never seen her before.

"Hey there uuuhh... Wait a sec... Do I know you from somewhere, you look very familiar?" Mac said curious when he puts his hand on his chin.

"Kaori, from The SSX tournament, you're riding partner? I can't believe you have forgotten about me." Kaori said disappointed.

"Wait Kaori, it's you? No way! No, I haven't forgotten you, but you just look so different. I didn't recognize you, at all.?" Mac asked when he looked closer.

She puts her hands on her hips and only gave him a look like she didn't understand what he was saying.

"Oh yeah I forgot, you're Japanese, uuhh. Ni ho... uuhh... Kaiya langu youki gohada... uuhh... Man what was it again?" Mac hesitated nervously when he scratches his head.

Everybody died form laughter after Mac failed to speak Japanese.

"What?" Mac shouted with his shoulder up.

"Hahahahahaha, looks like you haven't changed these past years. Still the same Mac, the worst Japanese speaker on Earth, hihihi. It sounded pretty nice though." Kaori said happily.

"Thanks well, languages were never my strong point. Wait, you just spoke English, you did! When did you learned to do that?" Mac asked curious.

"Like five or four years ago, I thought it was time to finally learn it. So I took some classes in Japan, but it's not that good, just understandable." Kaori said

"That's so cool, now we can finally talk to each other. I mean, I never had a clue if you could understand what I was saying" Mac said when they both looked deeply in each others eyes.

"I understood what you meant, not hat you were saying." Kaori said.

"Hey, have you noticed that every time Mac and Kaori are together, they get all sentimental and stuff?" Moby asked.

"They acted like this when the first SSX tournament started. They were always this close and riding partners." Zoe said.

"So how was your flight, was it good?" Mac asked Kaori.

"Uhm, yeah about that, it was kind of uh..." Kaori hesitated a they heard a loud noise coming from the boarder.

Then suddenly, Psymon appeared from the boarder.

"Ooooh yeah, it feels good to be back in good ol' U.S.A.! Japan was awesome, but nothing beats American mountains! More pain and risks please hehehe!" Psymon said loudly.

"See, it was kind of loud and obnoxious because of Psymon, couldn't sleep or have some rest around the plane. My headset didn't do much because of his loud voice." Kaori said to Mac.

"Kaori! I didn't know you were in the plane too, looks like you and I are going to have some fun snowboarding. Hahaha! Oh and just so you know, I smell better than I used to!" Psymon yelled when he puts his arm around her.

"Great, can't wait for that." Kaori said sarcastic.

"All right Psymon, take it easy now, save that madness for the mountain. We might need it." Zoe said when she pulled him of of Kaori.

"Zoe! Haven't seen you for ages, still a Demon on the mountains I hope!?" Psymon asked loudly when he puts his hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah I'm still busy, but let me go would you." Zoe said.

"Hey, don't touch her Psymon!" Moby said quickly.

"Take it easy Moby, just asking a question. You still are a feisty one after these years, go get yourself a piece of cake or drink some tea. It'll calm your hothead down for sure." Psymon said.

"Hey I'm not feisty, you just need to calm down, that's all!" Moby said.

"Stop it you guys, we don't have time for you two to fight. Now that everybody is here, except for Eddie, let's get out of here. I got a meeting place we can use as headquarter." Zoe said when she puts his hand away and walked away.

They all followed her to the building where they would stay at for the competition.