Baby Boom and Ministry Doom

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A/N: I read 'When Potions Go Boom', 'I Didn't Sleep With That Wizard', and 'Oh Merlin, No!' and I couldn't help but want to write one of my own. I give full credit to those authors. Hopefully, y'all will like my story. I know I really should get back to writing my other stories, and I will, but this idea wouldn't go away.

Summary: Hogwarts is in chaos when a potions accident filters through the school. Harry Potter is just one of the students that ends up pregnant. Students from years 5 through 7 come together to deal with cravings, mood swings, and classes. The thing is, only submissives were impregnated. Drarry, Slytherin!Harry, Ron/Ginny/Dumbledore!bashing.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter! That's J.K. Rowling. I only own the plot for this story, and the original characters.

Chapter 1: Potions and Problems (September 2nd)

If you asked Harry Potter what he thought of Potions, you would have heard him say that he 'would have liked it if a certain teacher had bothered to actually teach, instead of breathe down the necks of anyone not in Slytherin.' Walking into the Potions classroom after breakfast on Monday, Harry smiled at the new Potions Professor. It was the first day of classes, and Harry couldn't wait to see how Professor Slughorn taught.

"Everybody take a seat. I have assigned partners for the school year. I don't want any arguments," Professor Slughorn said as the classroom filled with 6th year Gryffindors and Slytherins.

Harry searched for his name tag- Who thinks of using name tags to assign seats? Obviously, someone with too much time on their hands -and sat down on the Slytherin side of the room. He got out his Potions book, without looking at the name tag beside his, and looked up at the board to see which potion they would be working on. Seeing that it was a relatively easy potion, he looked back at his book. He ignored the whispered comments on Professor Slughorn's sanity.

Someone sat down next to Harry, before a familiar drawl stated, "Great, I have to work with Scarhead!" He sneered.

Harry sighed, but instead of arguing, he just got up to get the ingredients needed for the potion. As time went on, Harry noticed Neville nervously put an unknown ingredient into the cauldron he shared with Hermione. "Malfoy?"

"Shut up, Potter. Pay attention." Draco Malfoy rolled his eyes and finished chopping up the root in front of him.

"Never mind that," Harry said, "Neville's cauldron's about to explode again." Sure enough, it exploded, and a blue cloud of smoke filled the room. Coughing, Harry looked up at Malfoy's surprised face. "Told you." Slughorn didn't know what had happened, so he sent them on their way. Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked to their next class which was Transfiguration with Slytherins (again?). They could tell that the blue smoke was still hanging around the school, and some people tried to disperse it. During Transfiguration, Harry asked McGonagall "Why can't anyone make the blue cloud go away? It's filled the entire school, I think."

"I don't know, Mr. Potter," she said. "One can only hope it will disperse by itself."


By Supper, the blue smoke had disappeared and everyone felt relieved. No one had any idea why the smoke had stayed around the school grounds all day. Harry and many others had been feeling nauseous all day but they all thought it was the blue smoke causing it (which in a way, it was). Harry was about to eat, when he looked up at Ron who was talking to Seamus with his mouth full. Dean and Harry looked at each other, looking very green, before they both ran out of the Great Hall to the boys' lavatory. Harry rinsed his mouth out, and looked at Dean who was also rinsing his mouth out. "Dean, maybe we should go see Madam Pomfrey," he suggested.

Dean nodded. "Yeah, this is weird. I mean, I usually feel queasy when Ron talks with his mouth full, but this is different."

"Agreed." Harry led them back to the Great Hall, but walked alone up to the Head Table. "Madam Pomfrey, could you please come with me?"

Poppy looked at the pale boy in front of her. "Of course, dear." She followed Harry over to the doors of the Great Hall, where Dean was supporting himself, and they all walked to the Hospital Wing. "Now, what's going on?"

"That's the thing," said Harry. "We don't know. We've been feeling nauseous all day, since the Potions accident, and Ron's talking with his mouth full didn't help."

"I see. Well, let's run some tests. Sit down on a bed." Madam Pomfrey waved her wand over each of the boys three times. "That's odd. The spells say that you are both pregnant."

"What?!" The two 16 year olds exclaimed at the same time.

"I didn't even know that was possible..." Harry stared at the woman. "H-how?"

"I'm guessing," Poppy said, "Just guessing, mind you, that whatever Neville did to his potion caused it. Slughorn said it was a blue smoke?"

"That's right," said Dean with a nod.

"Hmm, well, you can't abort the children." Poppy frowned at the two boys. "It's illegal. I'll have to examine the rest of the students in the school." She sighed. "Do you want to know how many you are having? I can't tell which you are having until you are two months along."

"Yes, please," Dean said.

Poppy waved her wand over Dean's stomach again. A white light settled over his stomach, before it flashed once. "Congratulations, Mr. Thomas, you're having one." She looked at Harry, who nodded. She did the same thing over Harry's stomach, and the white light flashed three times. "Oh, my. You're having triplets, Mr. Potter!"

Harry paled. He looked at Dean, who had a surprised look on his face, and squeaked, "Three?!" Dean nodded, and moved to pat Harry's shoulder. Harry turned to the mediwitch. "Do you want me to tell the other students to come to the Hospital Wing, and wait outside?"

"If you want. You've had a shock, and I'd rather you stayed here to rest."

"I don't need rest. I just need time to think." Harry stood up and walked to the door. "I'll make sure to send the first years first so that you can send them on their way. Sometimes, they are abused and don't know that they can talk to an adult." He left, not noticing the look on the faces of his best friends. Stepping into the Great Hall, Harry noticed everyone stop eating and talking to look at him. "Madam Pomfrey would like all of the students to go to the Hospital Wing for a check-up. She wants to see how the blue smoke might have affected us. First years first, then second years, and so on," Harry said. He smiled shakily, and turned to leave the hall. "Wait outside of the Hospital Wing until she calls you." Then he left to walk the lonely walk up to the Gryffindor Tower.