Hey, everyone! I'm sorry you haven't heard from me in a long time. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten my stories. I just have a lot going on right now. I've been stressed, and not sleeping well. Reading over this story... I realized that it didn't flow right. Plus, I've gotten a few flames from people that said some hurtful things. :) That's okay, though. I'm going to change the story, and hopefully, the second version will flow better and make better sense. Anyway, I'll try to finish this story before I go on to rewrite it. This chapter is a time-skip of 4 months, so all the pregnant people are 5 months pregnant.

Harry and Draco met up with Lucius at the Ministry. The two looked at each other before Harry asked Lucius, "Is it all set?"

"Yes, Harry. The letter should reach him right about now. The Wizagamut are not happy with him. Neither are the Lords and Ladies. Dumbledore is standing trial today, whether he likes it or not." Lucius looked at his heavily-pregnant son-in-law. "If you need to leave in the middle of the trial, for whatever reason, do so. I'll explain to the court."

"Thank you, father," Draco replied for his teary-eyed bondmate. He saw Harry wipe his eyes, and he wrapped his arm around the brunet's shoulders. "Come on, let's go ahead and get into the Courtroom." As they walked into the Courtroom, Draco thought back to when his parents and the Aurors arrived at Hogwarts.


Lucius Malfoy checked his son and son-in-law over. Once he was assured that they were okay, he stood and walked over to where Dumbledore was being arrested by the Aurors. "I will be adding attempted murder of four Purebloods, and the conspiracy of attempted line theft of the Noble Potter lineage." He glared at the only female Weasley at the school. "Maybe we should bring her in for questioning too."

Amelia Bones sighed. "Lord Malfoy, I understand why you want to do that. However, I have to put her in the custody of her parents until her pregnancy has passed the first Trimester. Then, I assure you, I will bring her in." She didn't want anything to happen to the baby that the Weasley girl was carrying. It was an innocent. She motioned for her Aurors to take Dumbledore to the holding cells at the Ministry. Then she turned to McGonnagal, "Minerva, as temporary Headmistress, I ask that you continue classes as usual and find someone to fill your teaching spot."

McGonnagal nodded in shock. She looked at all of the students in the Great Hall. How could everything get so bad?! She watched the Aurors and Amelia leave with Dumbledore.

Draco held his husband, and watched McGonnagal's expressions. Then he let his parents and Aunt Andromeda lead him and Harry to the Hospital Wing.


Harry, Draco, and Lucius sat down in the Courtroom. Harry glanced at Dumbledore, who glared at him, and shakily grabbed Draco's hand. The trial soon started. Harry blocked most of it out, but after he gave his testimony, he started feeling a bit of pain in his back. He shifted, uncomfortable.

"Are you ok, Harry?" Draco asked.

"Fine," Harry replied. "Just sitting for too long." He frowned. "I wish this would just hurry up."

An hour later, after several people gave their testimonies about whether Dumbledore was good or bad, Dumbledore was called to answer the accusations. "Obviously, someone is passing along false accusations. I was only trying to help." Dumbledore kept talking, blathering on about how he was in the right to do what he did. He even said that using the killing curse was for the greater good, to rid the wizarding world of dark wizards.

Harry gasped. A sharp pain, sharper than before, stabbed him in the stomach. His grip tightened on Draco's hand. When Draco yelped, Harry glared at him. Everyone was starting to look at them. Harry doubled over. "I think it's time," he gasped.

"See? It's unnatural for males to get pregnant!" Dumbledore yelled, in victory. "I was doing the wizarding world a favor!" He started laughing.

"Aurors, control him." Amelia turned to Lucius and Draco. "Get him to St. Mungo's immediately." Her eyes went to the other people of the court. "We have come to a decision?"

Harry was hurried to St. Mungo's, and into the Maternity/Paternity ward. Andromeda shooed everyone out but Draco and one assistant. It took several hours of labor, and half an hour of pushing, for Harry to deliver three screaming boys. Harry lay there panting, listening as his sons were bathed and weighed. A babe was handed to him. The baby had Draco's blond locks. "We've been thinking of names... His name is Perseus Fabian Malfoy." Harry smiled down at his firstborn son. Then he kissed his son's forehead, fed him for the first time, and handed the boy to Draco to hold for the first time. The second boy was given to Harry to feed, and he had Harry's black hair. "Bastian Byrant Potter," Harry said, feeding his second born. He burped his second son, and passed him to his left arm as they handed him the third son. Harry and Draco's youngest son had light brown hair. Harry fed him and said his name, "Mizar Darien Black." He smiled at Draco. Their family was now complete and Dumbledore was getting what he deserved.



~ 11 years later ~

Three eleven-year-olds ran through the barrier at 9 3/4. They looked at the huge red train in awe. The brothers looked at each other with big grins on their faces. They were finally going to Hogwarts!

"Perseus, Bastian, and Mizar!" came a sharp voice from their mum. Harry waddled over to his oldest sons. "Don't go running off like that! You were supposed to wait for your father!"

"Sorry, mum," the triplets said at the same time. They looked down in shame.

Harry sighed. "You're forgiven." He looked behind him to see Draco and their other kids talking to Hermione, Severus, and their three children. Severus and Hermione had their twins a month after Harry gave birth to the triplets, and then six years later gave birth to a boy. Harry and Draco had the triplets and then a year later had a girl named Lyra Rosalie Malfoy (10 years old). After that, they had Sirius James (2 years after Lyra - is now 8 years old), Thaddeus Matthew (4 years old), and the youngest -another girl- Narcissa Lilianne (3 months).

"Harry!" The voice came from Neville. "How are you Harry? Oh my goodness! You've got your own Weasley brood!"

Harry laughed. "Hey, Nev. I'm doing really well. And, what can I say? I've always wanted a family." Draco came over and wrapped his arm around Harry. Draco was holding little Narcissa in his other arm. They watched as their oldest sons got on the train and left for their first year at Hogwarts under McGonnagal's reign as Headmistress. After the ordeal with Dumbledore, she had changed her ways to be more fair to all students. It had been found out that Dumbledore was pretending to be Voldemort, and was killing innocents for decades. Tom Riddle was killed the night he went after Harry that Halloween night all those years ago. With his younger children surrounding him, Harry looked into the future and saw that it was bright. He smiled, happier than he's been in a long time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE END ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I'm sorry to end it so soon, but I'm happy with the epilogue. :)