5th September 9:00am

Good Sandra! I never thought the day would come when I compared Stalag 14 to Alton Towers. What is wrong with me?
What's even creepier is when I walked through the door Hawkeye said,
"Lovely to see you, Georgia." And gave the biggest smile I think she's ever given anyone. She practically bobbed a curtsey.
Even Lindsay (!) said,
"Here let me take your coat for you." And gave me a strained smile. Useless Stick Insect.
It's like being bloody royalty! On the plus side, we have RE next and it will be hilarious seeing Miss Wilson try and be sensitive. The bob will not disappoint us.
We had PE last. Unfortunately, Miss Stamp confirmed my worst fears and gave me a hug, while the ace gang were behind her making kissing faces. I gave them the evils.


Miss Wilson has just enlightened our fragile minds with the fact that we have assembly last period instead of German. Her and Herr Kamyer are probably announcing the fact that their wedding is tomorrow and they're inviting everyone. That would be hilarious seeing the bridesmaids in corduroy. I said this to Jazzy Spazzy.
"It would be quite funny, wouldn't it, Jazzy?
Second to last period, also known as blodge.
No one's actually listening to Miss Baldwin. We're deciding what this bloody assembly is about, now that we know the Foxwoods' lads are coming. It's cosmetics headquarters underneath our table. Even Jas is putting lipgloss on!

The Dreaded Assembly

We are having a talent competition! The ace gang and barmy army are deciding what to do. The girls want to sing 'You've got the love", the boys want to sing (!), 'She's so lovely' which immediately got a group awww from the girls and Dave wants me to do a duet with him, on 'Tied together with a smile'. I'm going to enter three times.
1. With the girls singing 'You've got the love'.
2. With Dave singing 'Tied together with a smile.
3. And by myself singing... I know the suspense is killing you, but I ain't telling.
It should be a laugh, if nothing else. Only one of my acts will get through to the final, and I'm kind of hoping that it will be the duet with Dave. Oh, and the competition is in December. I've got some serious practising to do.


Oh my god! I always knew Jools was minted, but I didn't quite know to the extent that she has three recording studios in her house! At least we've got a good space to practise. The girls started doing stupid vocal exercises, but I got straight into action, did professional warm ups and started singing to myself very quietly. I said to Jools,
"Until you've finished pratting around, can I use the other studio?"
"Yeah, course, here's the key." I luuuuurve Jools. In a non lezzie way.
Thankfully, they're sound proof. I started singing my song to myself. Vair vair loudly.
"Were lines that I couldn't change..."
"For fuck's sake Gee!" Mabs yelled over the music. The backing track was vair vair loud. "We're ready to start!"
"Cool." I said as I turned off the music.
"WHAT?!" Mabs soon found she was bellowing in a silent room.
"No need to shout." I said, walking into the room the ace gang were in.
"Good singing, Gee." Rosie said, making me turn into a giant red loon.
"Ta RoRo." I said.


Went home. After much arguing, we finally decided on singing one chorus each, apart from Mabs and Ellen who are going to do a duet because they're scaredy cats and won't do it on their own.
I'm going to Dave's tomorrow to do some rehearsals with him. Apparently he's got his own recording studio.
"Does everyone have a recording studio?" I asked him.
"Nah, Kitten. It's just because Mutti's a singer."
"What's your Mutti called?"
"Taylor Swift."
"What? Dave!" I said when I saw him laughing at my face.
"Okay, Sex Kitten, Taylor's my sister. No joke!"

Bloody hell!

What do you think of Dave being related to Taylor? Sorry, it was just a random spur of the moment thing.

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