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Cursing Karl Richter ran home as fast as his legs could carry him. He had just meant to get away from his grandfather and his fits of temper for a while and he had fallen asleep by the river. He should have been back to work at his grandfather's mill hours ago and now he was going to get it.

Bursting from the trees into the fields surrounding the village he continued to run until he reached the stockade that surrounded it. The passage of time and lack of upkeep had worn away at it and he was able to slip through a gap between two of the logs. From there he had only a short way to go to the mill. His grandfather was already there, of course, and was scowling ferociously as he came in. He was old and a good deal shorter than Karl's own six feet and he lacked his broad build but he, like Karl, had been made very strong by years of working at the mill.

"Where have you been you worthless lout? You think this wheat is going to grind itself? What did I ever do to deserve such a worthless grandson! You're as worthless as your father was, always dreaming instead of doing decant work. Went off to be a traveling entertainer with that whore of a mother he did. Well look where that got them, killed. Throats cut in some dung heap of a town and me saddled with you."

Karl had heard the rant all before but it still made his blood boil. He hated it when the parents he barely remembered where slandered like that. But as much as he hated his grandfather he still feared him. He had feared him since as long as he could remember. Even now, at nineteen and as big as he was he still felt like the small boy had been when he first came and learned to cower in the corner from his grandfather's wrath. He hated his grandfather and longed to leave him but he could not. Where would he go? He had no money and he knew nothing of the world beyond a few mile radius of the village. No he was trapped here with the old tyrant.

The rest of the day went the same as always. When the day ended his grandfather went to the tavern to drink away a good part of the day's earnings. Normally Karl would have gone to the tavern to hear Old Brome's stories. Brome had served in a halberdier regiment and always had tales of battles and far off places. But, his grandfather being there killed any desire to there. Instead he went home and grabbed some bread and cheese and slipped out of the village and went to his secret place by the river and ate his meal.

He hated this place. He wanted to travel, to see the world beyond the village and the stifling heat of the mill, and get as far away from his grandfather as possible. Many times he had thought of just taking off but each time he had hesitated. He had no idea where he would go or even how far away the next village was. He had no money and no reason for any of the occasional caravans that came through to take him. No, he was stuck here with his grandfather until the old man died and then he would take over the mill till he died, doubtless as old and bitter as his grandfather was now.

Sighing, he got to his feet it was nearly dark and he needed to get home. It would be completely dark by the time he got home, but at least his grandfather should still be at the tavern for some time yet till he stumbled home drunk and passed out in his own room. At least he would be spared having to listen to him until tomorrow.

Just then he heard something. It was coming from the trees near where he was standing, it sounded as if something large was moving about in them, something large and headed in his direction. "Hello, is anyone there?" There was no answer to his call but the noise was definitely headed his way and seemed to have picked up speed. Gripped by sudden fear Karl began to back away, but it was to late. A great shape burst from the trees and bore him to the ground. In the fading light he could not see it clearly, just a great dark bulk and bright red eyes. If could not see it well he could feel quite well as its hairy body was pressed against him and he could feel its hot breath. He could especially feel its claws as they tore into both his arms as the thing sought to pin him to the ground.

Struggle as hard as he could Karl's strength was no match for the creature. Terror gave birth to a desperate plan, with a scream of pain he tore his right arm free, shredding his arm in the presses and sent it crashing into what he thought was the things nose. It let out a howl of pain, both of its hands flying to its face. Karl rolled onto his belly and tried to crawl away on his hands and knees. Just then one of the creature's paws/hands shot out and latched onto his left leg and dragged him back. Karl screamed as he felt teeth tearing into his leg so deep he could swear he heard the jaws click together. In desperation he flailed about with his right leg and aught the thing in the chest. It felt like he was kicking a wall and from his position it did not have a lot of power behind it but again the creature howled in pain and released him. His mind all but gone in pain and fear Karl dragged himself toward his only hope of safety and threw himself into the river.

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