Rosie's POV:

I haven't seen Gee for a week now, I'm starting to get a little worried about her, mon petite pally. I shall give her a ring on the old bellytone.


Brrrrrrring briiiiiiiing. The phone is ringing. It rings out and I reach her answerphone message we set up ages ago, but it never comes. Why do you do this to me Gee?


I'm starting to get a teensy bit worried about her. I've called her about 79801 times but she hasn't picked up. This calls for an EMERGENCY ace gang meeting.


We have decided to maraud her house. Even the clown car is gone! We knock on the door and yell: 'Open up Gee, we know you're in there'. I decide to add on the end:'Get your bum-oley down here or I'll set Sven on you!'. She doesn't answer. We start a knocking frenzy and suddenly hear someone coming down the stairs. Yesssss! The lock clicks and the door opens, only to reveal a random geezer in his 70s, staring back at us. Jas says in a goody-two-shoes voice: 'Excuse me, do you know Bob and Connie Nicolson?' He grunts and slams the door in my face. Jools pipes up: 'What about under the flowerpot where she used to keep the spare keys?' Brillopads! we lift the flowerpot and there it is, a pink envelope, titled "for The Ace Gang".