After watching the incredible Les Miserables (twice) in the cinema, I was inspired to write about how Courfeyrac came to be so protective of Gavroche, taking him on as a much loved little brother. Their relationship is so sweet and I really wanted to write about them. I hope you enjoy this.

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Courfeyrac sighed and grumbled to himself as he walked down the cobbled streets towards the musain. He watched the street children run past him as if they did not have a care in the world but he knew that their smiles of freedom and joy were simply covering up their hunger and pain. The rich passed the poor as if they were the rats of the gutter and didn't deserve a place in their view. He was disgusted. This was what the Amis was willing to fight for and they all knew a battle was coming. He was not afraid; he wanted to fight for the freedom of France's people. No matter what risk was involved.

As he walked down towards the café, he was distracted by a soft crying from down one alley to his side. At first, he tried to ignore it thinking it was just a stray cat, searching for food. But, as he listened more, he established that the cry belonged not to an animal but to a child. Ignoring the fact that he was late for the meeting, he walked towards the source of the crying. Curled against the wall, looking tiny and frightened, was a little boy. His dirty tangled blonde hair hung limply over his face and his tiny body convulsed with coughs and tears. His clothing was threadbare, not enough to keep him warm, maybe not even enough to keep him alive. He was barefoot, his dirty feet covered in chilblains digging into the snow beneath him.

Courfeyrac couldn't just leave him there, he would die without help. Removing his own thick and warm coat, he approached the boy. "Can I help you?" He said softly kneeling down beside the boy.

The child, no older than nine, looked up at him with wide blue eyes. He shuffled away scared. "No…" He breathed "Why…" Why would someone dressed in fine clothing want to help a gamin like him?

The young man in the finery smiled reassuringly. "Don't be afraid of me. My name is Courfeyrac." He said. "You are sick and you need a doctor. What is your name?"

The little boy looked terrified, wrapping his arms around himself as he coughed violently. He looked up at the young man, seeing softness in his brown eyes that the little boy had not seen in many years. "Gavroche" He said, his small voice hoarse with his illness. "My name's Gavroche"

Gavroche, a child who had been living on the streets for years, was normally strong and determined. But now, he was sick and he knew that it was something that he could not handle on his own. He had left the elephant of the slum making sure that his friends, children younger than himself, had enough food to cope with before running as far as his ill body would allow him too. He didn't want them to get sick because he was; he needed to get away from them to keep them safe. He had run until the world appeared to spin around him and he could walk no more. He collapsed against the wall of the alley, shivering in the snow. At first, he had allowed his eyes to close as if welcoming the snow covered spot to become his grave. Hearing someone approaching, he had opened his eyes to see if there was any ray of hope in his street life.

Courfeyrac hated to see someone suffering, especially a child. Seeing Gavroche in such a pitiful state made his heart ache in his chest. Looking down at his jacket in his hands, he nodded to himself before moving closer to the boy by the name of Gavroche. "Let me help you Gavroche, I have friends who are student doctors, they will help you without charge, I promise" He said softly, draping the jacket around the boy's tiny body and keeping his hand on his shoulder supportively.

Gavroche, defeated, nodded and leant into the man's hand on his shoulder. "Merci" He whispered "Courfey…"

The little boy shivered violently, becoming heavy against Courfeyrac's gentle hold of him as he struggled to keep his eyes open once more. Courfeyrac gasped, quickly moving forwards to pick up the boy and hold him close to his chest trying to share his body heat. "Try and stay awake Gavroche, come on now. It isn't far to the café, it's warm there and we can get you some food" He said keeping his jacket wrapped around the boy as he began to rush towards the Musain. He hummed gently, as if hoping it would keep the boy awake as he cradled his body to his own.

As he approached the Musain, he looked at the gamin seeing his eyes half open and his body shivering as he whispered almost inaudibly. "That's it Gavroche" Courfeyrac said with a soft smile, happy he was still conscious, if only barely. Throwing the door open, he rushed up the stairs to the room where the Amis met to discuss plans for revolution. He shouted, shouted for help that the gamin so desperately needed. "Joly! Combeferre!" He yelled as he reached the room, storming in and holding Gavroche tighter in his arms as everyone turned to look at him, Joly and Combeferre rushing towards him.

"What is this, Courfeyrac?" Combeferre asked looking at the boy wrapped in his friend's arms tightly.

"His name is Gavroche, he is sick" He said in a slightly panicked tone. "I found him in the snow, coughing and shaking. He can barely keep his eyes open. Help him please… I promised him". Joly placed a supportive hand on the shoulder of his fellow Ami. "We will do what we can" He said solemnly as Combeferre slowly took Gavroche from his and carried him through to the next room.

"You did a good deed bringing him here Fey, a good deed" Joly said before rushing to aid Combeferre. Courfeyrac gave a shaky breath, running a hand through his dark brown curls and quickly taking the tankard of wine Grantaire rushed to give him, taking a large gulp before slamming it down on the table, making the drunkard jump back in his seat as the liquid splashed out.

"Don't do that, don't waste good wine" He slurred steadying the tankard.

"This is why I want to fight!" Courfeyrac said loudly looking at their leader, who nodded approvingly. "Children should not be left to fight for their lives on the street, where illness can overcome them and kill them before they even have a chance! I stand forward to fight for the poor, keep children in schools not on the streets! I hereby state, I fight for Gavroche!"

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