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"Now Courfeyrac, there is a rally next week if you are feeling up to it" Combeferre said, taking his seat opposite Courfeyrac.

"Of course I am feeling up to it Combeferre, I have been up and about for two weeks now and feel more than capable to take part in a rally" Courfeyrac smiled picking up a pile of pamphlets.

"Can I come to the rally?" Gavroche smiled taking one of the papers as he moved to sit on Courfeyrac's lap and attempting to begin to read it.

"I don't see why not" Courfeyrac said opening the pamphlet for him "Do you know what this says, chiot?"

"Umm, revolution, against the king" Gavroche said, stuttering over the words, unable to read exactly what was on the page before him. "But I know what it's all about"

"What is it about then?" Courfeyrac chuckled

"The king, like all the other rich people, doesn't care about the poor. The poor are left to die on the streets. That's what we are fighting for, to defend the poor and get rid of the king" Gavroche said, his passionate words similar to those heard in Enjolras' speeches.

"That's right" Courfeyrac said proudly "You have a revolutionary heart in this little body"

"I want to help you fight" Gavroche smiled tucking the pamphlet into his trouser pocket.

"Help us fight?" Enjolras said as he rose from his table in the corner "As much as I like to hear the words I preach from the tongue of someone so young, I will not have a child fighting, especially not on the barricades"

"But I want to help" Gavroche said with a determined pout, narrowing his eyes at the leader as he crossed his arms across his chest. Courfeyrac could not help but chuckle at the young boy's determination and drive. A wave of pride flowed through him. "I may be small but I am strong, I'll fit in places that all of you lot won't" Gavroche said, trying to convince Enjolras that he would be able to help in the revolution. That was all that he wanted to do. He had spent the recent months, ever since Courfeyrac rescued him on that dark cold night, listening to these young students talk about the fight that was coming for them all. They were all so strong, so willing to fight and to put themselves in danger that Gavroche couldn't see a reason why he shouldn't be able to help them too. He had spent four years living in the slums, living alongside those the Amis were fighting to help. He was one of the people they were all so willing to help. He wanted to be like them, to fight and to win the revolution and show the king what was right and what was wrong.

"Delivering messages and knowing your way around is enough help for us thank you very much Gavroche" Enjolras said "This fight is going to be very dangerous and I am not going to put you in the middle of that. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you"

Something happening to Gavroche? The swell of pride that was growing inside Courfeyrac at the little boy's determination suddenly tightened into a knot of dread in the pit of his stomach. That thought had not come to him until this moment. He had thought ahead of putting himself in the danger of the fight at the barricade but hadn't thought of what was going to happen to his boy. He wasn't going to take Gavroche to the fight; he couldn't put the child in that danger. He knew what could happen. Ever since the idea for a revolution had arisen, Courfeyrac had been willing to die at the barricade and some of that willingness was still there powerful and strong inside him. But now he had Gavroche. He wasn't going to abandon the revolution now, he couldn't do that. He had been there from the beginning. Unconsciously he found himself tightening his protective hold on the small boy, thinking deeply about what he had to do. He had to make a plan, a plan for his boy if he was to lose his life at the barricade.

"Nothing will happen to me, I'll be careful. I'm quick and ready to fight" Gavroche said determinedly "And I have all you lot to look after me, Courfeyrac won't let anything happen to me"

Courfeyrac, whilst proud that he had taught the child to believe in what they all wanted for a better country, felt sick. If Gavroche came to the barricade, he knew that there would be nothing he could do to keep him safe. He knew that the National Guard would be out for bloodshed, and in the adrenaline of a fight anything could happen. Looking at Gavroche now, he saw the fire in his eyes, the drive to be like them and to act too old for his little life. The innocence was there. Gavroche saw the glory, the smiles and the cheers of a rally. He didn't see what could happen when the fight started. Courfeyrac knew that they would not all live to the see the day after the fight. Courfeyrac knew that it may not be successful. Gavroche only saw the victory, and stood dreaming about a country where he could live in a real home and go to school. "I won't let anything happen to you petit" Courfeyrac said solemnly

"See Enjolras, I'll be safe, please let me help" Gavroche said pleadingly looking up at the leader with wide eyes

Enjolras, a man who knew that his friends were willing to fall in order to fight for the cause, was not going to be the one to put a child in danger. He wasn't the one to have the right to make that decision. Gavroche's parents were the ones to break the rights, putting their son into danger as soon as he was born. Now his guardian was Courfeyrac, and Enjolras knew that Courfeyrac was not going to be the one to put his little boy in danger either. "Courfeyrac" He said, standing tall with his hands folded behind his back "A word please, in private. Some words cannot be heard by such small ears"

Courfeyrac nodded, pressing a gentle kiss to Gavroche's head before moving him from his lap and standing. "Stay here Gavroche; don't follow please, not now"

"But Courf, please, I just want to help" Gavroche objected, gripping Courfeyrac's wrist in attempt to stop him from leaving.

"I know petit, I just need to talk to Enjolras for a moment" Courfeyrac said "This is serious, alright?"

Gavroche could see the seriousness in the dark eyes of Courfeyrac and nodded. "Alright" he sighed sitting back down and resting his head on the table as he watched Enjolras leave the main room followed by Courfeyrac.

"You know as well as I do Courfeyrac that the fight is going to be dangerous and full of bloodshed. " Enjorlas said. "I also know that you are not going to wish to put Gavroche into that, you love him too much to put that level of danger upon him. What are you going to do, not fight alongside us or leave him to join the barricade?"

"You say it as if I wish to abandon him" Courfeyrac said, standing tall. "I will do no such thing. Gavroche and I have been through far too much together for me just to leave him with no way of a future if I were to fall."

"Then are you to abandon this all now. This work we have done over the time to this point. You are the centre. You saw how we slowed and fell when you were ill" Enjolras sighed.

"I would never leave the cause behind Enjolras and I thought you of all people would know that. I am willing to fight and you know my own personal cause that I will be fighting for. Gavroche. I see children dying on the streets on a daily basis and I feel pride that I saved my Gavroche from such a fate. I will fight to save other children just like him" Courfeyrac replied

"Then are you, a father figure to such a child, going to put him in the danger of the National Guard?" Enjolras said.

"Of course not, I just have to think of something" Courfeyrac said, sinking into the thoughts of leaving his boy behind as he went to fight. "I will never put him in danger"

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