Hi readers! A new Charlie and Sam story! I'm gonna rate it T for now, but I might change it to M if the plot requires a lemon or swearing. PS: this story is not related to my other stories. Completely different. Another life. Enjoy and review!

Sam PoV:

I miserably drank my coffee, which didn't taste very good, in the fancy cafe I chose to waste my money on. I looked around the outdoor joint, and saw different people doing different things. There was a woman rambling on the phone and doing something on a laptop and tackling a very cranky two-year-old all at the same time. There was a fat guy who was apparently on a date, but didn't pay attention to the woman with him, because he was having a really good time eating. The woman looked like she would give anything just to leave the place, but there was probably something that held her back. Maybe someone set her up. That couldn't have been the case, that woman was waaaaayyy out of his league. There was a guy with really dark shades on, he was wearing a white shirt and jeans and white sneakers. He was sort of, sexy. Now I'm not a slut or anything, but that's the way it is. He looked like he was thinking about something as he absent-mindedly drank his coffee or whatever. New York was really weird that way. All kinds of people lived here, happy people, sad people, and some people who are just lost. Almost... Incomplete. I was probably one of those people. Sometimes it gets too hard to keep up with everything that goes on here and I get homesick. But I never went back, I stayed and worked and pretended everything's okay, because that was the thing to do. I thought about everything I'd left behind in Pittsburgh, Mom and Dad (we had a fight when I told them I was moving to New York. And I never spoke to them again), Patrick, who eventually moved to San Francisco, and someone I wish I could stop thinking about so much. Charlie. He got an amazing scholarship in a great college in Canada, I think he got published too, he went and never came back. Well, if he did, he chose not to see me. I calculated his age, twenty four. He left when he was eighteen and now he'd be twenty four. As I thought about our lives and how everything changed and how I never saw one of the- no, the single most important person in my life, I came to terms with how alone I was in this city full of people. And I wanted to change that. Not by meeting Charlie, of course, I'd given up hope on ever seeing him again a long time back. I didn't know how I wanted to not be alone. Maybe I could go up and talk to the lady with the two year old. No. I looked around the place and my eyes settled on the guy with the really dark shades again. Somehow watching him made me feel better, so I decided to do just that. I watched how he rolled his sleeves up in the heat, how he took out a pen and started scribbling on the tissue, and frowned when he ran out of space, and desperately looked through his backpack to look for another paper to scribble on. He scowled when he didn't find anything and muttered something to himself. Watching him was suddenly making me restless for some reason, so I paid the bill and headed out. I wasn't watching my way and they had very strategically put a pole in the middle of the terrace, so my ankle banged into it and I fell. My foot felt like it had been crushed by a truck, I was sure I had broken my ankle. I cursed loudly and someone grabbed my shoulders and helped me up, I flinched and cursed again and he (I could tell it was a guy because of his shoes) quickly grabbed my waist and put my arm around his shoulders. He helped me go to the elevator, and for some reason I didn't stop him. I didn't know where he was taking me, but I didn't care, being with him made me feel less alone, and my foot hurt a lot so I was glad someone was nice enough to help. I didn't realise we'd entered the elevator till I heard the "Ding" sound. I leaned on this guy heavily and flinched again as I realised how bad I'd hurt my foot. I gasped and squeezed his shoulder tighter when I felt the pain go to a whole new level. I looked up at him for the first time since my little...incident. He'd forgotten to take his shades off, but I could see lines of worry on his forehead. I wasn't used to people worrying about me like that. I couldn't help but flinch again, it just hurt so much. I looked at him again and he opened his mouth but closed it, I heard him mutter something to himself, catching the word "stupid".

He started, "Is it bad?" He sounded familiar, I couldn't remember where I'd heard his voice, the pain took my ability to think.

I said, "Yeah. I think I've broken my ankle. Who puts a pole in the middle of the terrace?" He laughed a nervous laugh that ringed a bell, I just don't know where I'd heard it.

"I live close by, can I take you to my house?" It was nice of him to ask, but I couldn't have gone to his house. I didn't even know him! I'd just politely say no.

"Thank you for the help, but I'll be fine. I can manage. Believe me." I thought I sounded convincing, he should believe me.

"I'm not letting you go like this, you can't even stand on your own! I know we're strangers and I might be a bad guy with bad intentions, which I'm not believe me. I'll drop you wherever you want to go, just let me show you to a doctor. I promise I'll let you go." He choked on the word "strangers" and I tried to convince myself that it was a happy coincidence and that it could've been any other word. I grumbled an "okay" but I soon realised I had nowhere to go to. I had had a big fight with Dean and he'd told me to leave and get my stuff later. I felt so stupid for selling my old apartment, because I couldn't afford it anymore. But he had been my boyfriend for four years, I thought I'd have my grand kids with him. I was starting to lose faith in the whole idea of love. It always let you down. I couldn't think about that anymore as pain in my ankle blinded me and I groaned louder than I should have. "Oh yeah, something's definitely broken."

"You'll be fine you said. You'll manage you said." The guy muttered. I snorted.

"I'm coming with you! God, you're sensitive." I said sarcastically. He laughed loudly.

He somehow managed to get me to his building where he asked for the doctor to come right away. The really weird thing was that the receptionist (it was a fancy kind of building) treated him like royalty, and that's when I realised I had forgotten to ask his name. I didn't get the chance because he picked me up and carried me to his house. How he managed to open the door while carrying a woman in his arms, I don't know. He put me down in his living room love-seat and put a cushion underneath my foot. He was starting to leave. I had to ask who he was.

"Hey! What's your name?"

He chuckled and said something weird, "I didn't think you'd recognise me. It's been so many years." I gave him a questioning look. We'd met before? How did I know him? He walked towards me and came closer to my face. I thought he was going to kiss me, but he didn't.

He took his sunglasses off, and I gasped. Everything started spinning and I couldn't breath. I gained control of myself and stared back into those blues eyes I knew only too well. A name escaped my mouth.