A/N: Okay guys. This is the sequel to "Finally Meeting". Hades and Nico have their first talk. Have fun!

Nico was stunned. His mouth moved, but no words came out as the tall, dark-clothed stranger slid into the seat across from him. Who was he? What was he doing at his booth? Was he a kidnapper? He couldn't get a ransom from kidnapping him anyways. Nobody was there to pay for his freedom.

Nico jumped out of his seat and ran for the restaurant doors but he was caught by the shadows. They twisted around him and slowly pulled him back.

"Nico, come back here. I will not hurt you.", the stranger said in a soft, calm voice that reminded him of an Italian singer Bianca loved. Bianca hadn't loved Nico as much, however. She had left him for the Hunters of Artemis, and had gotten herself killed.

Nico felt tears creeping out of his eyes. He twisted and turned in futile attempts to get the shadows off of him, but it was no use. He was dragged back to the booth with the stranger.

"Nico, listen to me. You cannot stay like this. You must forget Bianca and go to Camp Half-Blood."

Now Nico was jarred back to reality.

"What?", Nico cried, "What are you talking about. How can I forget Bianca. She was the only one who ever loved me. And everyone at Camp hates me anyways. I almost ripped the whole place apart!"

The stranger visibly cringed.

"You do know that Bianca loved you a lot. And you do have others who love you. Like your father for example.", the stranger retorted.

"No! My parents are both dead. And if you're a kidnapper, then just leave me alone. Nobody will pay ransom for me. I have nobody!"

And with that, Nico totally broke down. He fell to his knees sobbing. He hadn't cried since Bianca's death, but this was too much for him.

The stranger quietly walked up behind Nico and patted him on the back.

"If only you knew", he whispered, and then disappeared.

Nico turned around to find the stranger gone.

"Wait!", he cried, "Who are you?"

Then Nico remembered something. He pulled out the statue Percy had given him. The one that he said Bianca wanted him to have.

It was a statue of Lord Hades, the god of the dead. But more importantly, it was the stranger that Nico had just met.