As Seychelles opened her eyes to the bright room, her head pained. What happened the day before? She barely remembered a thing. All that she remembered was that she had drunk a couple of drinks and that was all. As she was about to get up from bed she realized her body was naked. Alarmed she quickly looked around herself to find that Francis wasn't in the room. What was going on? Removing herself from the bed and quickly putting some clothes on she went out onto the deck of the ship to find the Frenchman speaking with Kiku about something.

As she approached Kiku smiled at her and Francis sucked in a deep breath and looked away for a brief moment. Shocked by his reaction, Seychelles felt a part of herself hurt. Tempted to walk away from the man, she was beat by the Japanese man who told the captain he would be back to discuss things with him later. As he went passed Seychelles, he pushed her closer to the captain, and she frowned. Luckily for her, the captain had his back turned away from her when he had pushed her so she was grateful.

"Captain?" She asked hesitantly as she slowly approached him.

"Hmmm? I see you're awake now. How are you feeling?" He turned around and smiled; his smile seemed strained to the girl. Tempted to frown, Seychelles held back her emotions, and answered, "My head hurts. I don't remember anything from yesterday. Qu'est-ce qui se passe?" [What happened?]

Looking at the man, she saw that his eyes had widened as she had spoken these words.

"You don't remember anything?"

Shaking her head, she heard the man sigh. "Seychelles, how many drinks did you have at the salon?"

"Je ne sais pas. Maybe two to four, pourquoi?" [I don't know.]

"You were completely drunk. Do you really not remember anything?"

Seychelles shook her head a tad alarmed by his question. She recalled that she was naked when she had woken up, "We didn't do anything, right?"

"Non, ma chérie. We did not. You undressed and went to bed. "

"Ah, d'accord…" She hesitated, relieved, "Merci, captain…"

Unsure of what to do with herself afterwards and her head throbbing, she turned around about to leave, feeling a little hurt. It had taken her a while, but she had finally come to realize why she had drunk all of those drinks the day before; she was jealous. Jealous of the women whom Francis flirted with, she wanted to be one of them. She wanted to be special to the captain in a way that was more than just what they had currently. She wanted to be more intimate. She wanted to be loved by him. However the only problem was she didn't know how to express such feelings to the man. How was she supposed to do so when she barely knew how to express such feelings to herself? Moving away from the captain, she sighed and then felt a hand grab her own hand, "Are you all right?"

"Hmmm? Oui, captain. I'm fine." She lied turning to face him, trying to cover herself with a smile, "I was just thinking. That's all."

The Frenchman frowned and inspected her face closely, making her blush. "What are you thinking about?"

"Rien… Je pensais de rien." Seychelles said turning her head to avoid eye contact as he peered at her, "Je suis fatigue, c'est tout."[Nothing… I was thinking of nothing. … I am tired, that is all.]

Hearing Francis sigh she turned back to him to find him scratching his head; his facial expression appeared to be concerned. She couldn't tell him that she loved him here of all places, it would be too embarrassing for her. If she was going to tell him, she would tell him when they were alone, she knew that much.

"Captain, please, don't be concerned. I'm fine." The woman smiled at him with all of her strength, "I think I'm going to go lay down though. I have a terrible headache."

The Frenchman sighed again and nodded; his eyes looked like they were filled with so many emotions, "Go get some rest then, Sesel. I will check on you later."

"Merci, Captain." She said nodding and then turning to leave the deck to head back to Francis's quarters. Once she had closed the door behind herself, she sighed; what was she going to do about these feelings? The young woman had never really experienced feelings such as these before. These feelings and urges felt so strong to her, she wanted to feel his flesh on hers, she wanted to kiss him passionately and do so much more. Moving towards the bed she sat down and put her face in her hands; even if she told him her feelings, would he reciprocate them back to her? This frightened her greatly, what if he said she was just a child again? Seychelles knew she didn't want to get hurt, but she wasn't really the type to hide her feelings as well. Laying down on the bed and closing her eyes, she turned her body so that she was on her side and curled up into a ball. Perhaps she should just tell him, she thought to herself.

Dozing off, she heard the click of the door close, and she opened her groggy eyes, "Hmm?" After stretching her body, she sat up on the bed to find Francis staring at her near the door; his face seemed full of warmth.

"Sorry, did I wake you?"

"Non, non, I was just taking a nap…" Seychelles replied smiling, and the man chuckled while approaching her.

The Frenchman touched her cheek gently, "How is your head? Does it still hurt?"

"Non, I feel much better now. Don't worry, Captain." Blood was rushing to her cheeks as she still felt the man's hand caressing her cheek.

"That's a relief. " Francis said while removing his hand from her cheek, "You should eat something. It's already late in the night, but I don't think you've had anything to eat today have you?"

Shaking her head, she saw him move to the table where there was food.

"It's a little cold, but you should still eat something." He said while smiling at her gently. Getting up and moving towards the table where he was standing, she smiled, "Merci, Francis."

"Pas problème." The Frenchman replied while chuckling. Sitting down at the table, the young woman started to eat quietly as the man sat next to her and looked over some of the maps. Seychelles couldn't help but admire the man as he stared at the maps seriously. Smiling at how serious he looked, she soon realized that he had caught her staring. Francis looked at her confused, "What's wrong?"

Startled by him staring at her now, she shook her head, "Rien, I was just thinking about something."


"Rien… It's really nothing."

"Then why are you smiling? This is the second time today you've said this. What is really on your mind?"

Sighing, the girl realized it was hopeless to keep it away from him, "I was just smiling at how serious you looked reading those maps. That's all."

"Eh?" Francis's eyes widened, "Do I really look that serious?"

Laughing at his surprise, Seychelles nodded, "But it's cute. You don't need to worry."

Shocked at what she said, Seychelles quickly looked away feeling very embarrassed, "Well, I'm done eating. I'm going to sleep. Merci, Francis for the food."

Standing up to leave the table she avoided looking at the Frenchman and went towards the bed.

"Sesel, wait."

"Ah, je suis très fatigue... Bon nuit, Captain." Seychelles answered quickly while crawling into the bed and covering her head with the sheets. Her face was burning from embarrassment, as she heard the sound of feet approach her side of the bed.

"Sesel?" Francis asked; his voice was low and in a whisper as if afraid his boisterous voice would scare her away.

The young girl closed her eyes and pretended to sleep as the man gently removed the sheets away from her face. She could hear him sigh and mutter something but she couldn't comprehend what it was. Before hearing footsteps move away from the bed, she felt Francis gently move her hair away from her face and then kiss her lightly on the forehead.

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