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Sadie POV:

We were back in British Museum because we got a call that we had a new mission but away from all trainees. So we decided to meet there. When Zia showed up Carters' mouth went slack. Like the big idiot he really is deep down. She looked past him to me. We have an understanding about Carter. Which is I annoy him and she ignores him. It all turns out nicely though. She looked straight at me and I realized that I was going to need to be sociable today.

"What do you want?" I say not as rude as usual.

"I obviously have a new mission for you that doesn't depend on everyone's lives except for the fact that Isis is missing!"

"That is some heavy stuff." Carter mumbled through his incessant day-dreaming a stupidly dreamy look in his eyes. Next thing you know he'll be drooling. typical Carter.

"Do you have a location for her?"

"Not really. She's kind of all over. But her stronger essence. Is back in New York. But not in Brooklyn. In Manhattan. The thing is you need to go down to Long Island Sound and find a camp but you know. It will be Very dangerous."

"Cool!" I say. Dangerous should be my middle name but of course it isn't. It's Rinata. Which has no Egyptian mythology behind it. So I have no idea what's up with that. Carter wakes up from his day-dreaming at the word dangerous.

"Wait, did you say dangerous? No. Sadie we can't to this. With all the trainee's?" Zia still looking at me says " We will leave Bast with them for the month or so you will be gone"

"Sadie!" Carter pleaded. "We can't do this!" I realize that the decision is up to me. Again.

"Shut up, both of you! Will you?" Jeeze!" Amazingly they both did. At least now I can hear myself think. I snap in my head.

"Zia we some more magicians to help teach the Nome besides Bast. Carter we need to save Isis. What if Horus was gone?" They both nod in agreement.

"We will leave in the morning." Carter says seriously to Zia.

Well I guess we need to prepare our magic for the days to come.