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Clovet the Satyr POV

Now I know that it is sometimes difficult for a satyr to let the children hey were protecting go. But in my case? I would back away in fear. These kids creeped me out. I have no idea why but they did. I have trust issues but this was not one of them. I do not really like Carter and Sadie for reasons unknown. But something big is going to happen I can feel it. I can and I will stop it. They are out to ruin the Camp and that will not happen.

Carter POV

Camp was amazing but I didn't forget our task. Isis was in danger. I did well with my khopesh and archery came easily. I stayed in Ares Cabin and met some new people. Sadie and this girl named Annabeth hung out and became friends. But me? Friends? Dad didn't really tell me how to make friends so I just kinda wandered off on my own. Now you all are thinking of Walt. Is he my friend? When he and Sadie started dating well. It got kind of awkward and well he..well...we... kind of grew apart you could say. Or he grew apart from me. We rarely talk anymore. I just kinda go off on my own a lot in camp. My favorite place oddly enough is the dock. I watch people canoe and kayak and swim. But I sit and watch. I know this sounds like I am always but that person in the corner but I'm not. I talk and laugh and go through camp but nobodies really my friend. More like allies. I guess. Until I met Catalya. She is beautiful. I'm sorry but Zia has nothing on her. Her long dark brown hair and dark greenish blue eyes watched the volleyball game from the sidelines Waiting for her turn to play. It was at that moment I decided I liked volleyball. Of course I only vaguely knew her name and her cabin which was Iris. And oh man.

Sadie POV

I was really starting to have fun at camp. Annabeth introduced me to everyone at camp and one day I saw Carter sitting on the side of a volleyball game to a girl! Maybe Zia fill finally be free of him! Oh I'm sorry. That was mean! Wait... Nope. Not sorry. Not in the slightest. I heard next week we are taking a trip to Olympus maybe Isis is up there?! I hope so.