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Chapter 1: Kim's P.O.V

Here I am still living in seaford and still the same Kim Crawford I was in high school. I am 20 years old along with my best friends and my boyfriend, Jack, yes me and jack got together two years ago at graduation. I remember it like it was yesterday...


"Congratulations class of 2016" the principal says as we all throw our caps (we being grace, jerry, kelsey, eddie, julie, milton, jack, and myself). We all decided that since none of us want to go our seperate ways we will all are gonna take online college courses and we are all gonna buy a house to live in together.

Line break

Right now we are at Lorie Thomsons graduation party. Then Brett comes up to me and says " Heyyyy Kiiimmmm...h-how are you d-d-doing" he is obviously drunk. I say "get away from Brett" and try to walk away but he grabs my arm and throws me against the wall. A few people notice and they come over I notice these are some people I am friends with. There are Sonia, Lexie, Gina, Nicole, Rikki, Dana, Isabella, and Harriet. Rikki, Dana, Harriet, and Gina come to help me up and Sonia, Lexie, Nicole, and Isabella beat up Brett. Once they are done they come to me and ask if I was ok I said I was fine then my best friends come up to me Julie says " Kim! what happened? Are you ok? " I reassured them I was fine after I told them the story. Jack seemed mad and upset he then said " I'll be right back I need some air " and he went outside I asked the gang " Is he ok? " milton says " he was fine before maybe you should go talk to him but after you do can we leave I'm starting to get uncomfortable " everyone nodded and asked for my approval. I said " yeah, I'm getting uncomfortable too I'll be right back " they all nodded and I went outside to see jack sitting on the steps. So I sat next to him and " Hey you ok? you seem mad and upset " he shook his head and sighed before saying " I'm sorry I should have been there to help you before he threw you into the wall ". I said " It's not your fault you didn't know " he then said " It's just I hate seeing you get hurt or someone trying to hurt you I just...i-it's just I love you so much that I hate to see anything happen to you ". I was shocked, but then I quickly smiled and kissed him, when we pulled away I said " I love you too, I just thought you never felt the same way I thought you had feelings for donna or lindsey ". He just laughed and kissed me again " Never " he said simply. We went in side with our hands intertwined our friends were waiting for us by the door they gave us our jackets and we go to our home we share. we all moved out 2 weeks before graduation. When we got in the house The boys all went up to their rooms to sleep except jack he stayed back to give me a goodnight kiss. I said " Goodnight Jack " while smiling and he said " Goodnight Kim " while smiling as well. He went upstairs I didn't notice the girls spying on us they all bamborded me with questions Grace asked " when did you guys get together ", Kelsey asked " how did guys get together ", and julie said " I have to post this KICK PREVAILED! Yay! ". I smiled and said " We got together tonight, asfor how we got together when I went to check on him I asked him if he was ok he said he was sorry and that he should have been there to stop him from throwing me I told him it wasn't his fault he said that he just hates to see me hurt or someone trying to hurt and then he said he just loves me too much to see me hurt then I kissed him I said I love you too I was just afraid you didn't feel the same he kissed me and then said never". They were all grinning like idiots and squeling like little girls. I said goodnight to the girls they said night bavk and we all went to our rooms and I went to bed with one thing on my mind. Jack Brewer is finall MINE.

End of Flashback

That was the best day of my life I had just pulled up to our driveway. I had just went grocery shopping and had ALOT groceries. Me and Jack have been dating for 2 years, Grace and Jerry have been dating for 3 years, Kelsey and Eddie have been dating for 3 years as well, and Julie and Milton have been dating the longest 4 years. I called Kelsey after a few rings she picked up and said " Hey Kim what's up " I said " Hey I'm in the drive way can you send the boys out to help I have ALOT of groceries ". She said " Sure they'll be therein a minuete " I said " ok thanks " she said " no prob see you in a bit ". I hung up and all the boys came Jack came and gave me a peck on the lips and goes over to help the guys. I the hear jerry say " Dang mamacita! how many grocies did you buy? This is so NOT swag " still the same Jerry. When they are all done we go inside and I start to put away the groceries I struggle a bit putting the boxxes of pasta and jars of sauce in the cabinets. Jack notices and comes over to help me He says " Let me help you " I smile and say " thank you " He smiles gives me a kiss and says "anything for you my lovely ". We kiss again and go into the living room to see everyone watching a movie I ask " what movie are we watching " they all say in unison " The chronicles of Narnia " " which one " I say Eddie says " The voyage of the dawn treader ". I say " cool " as me and jack sit down next to each other. I remember I didn't check the mail. So I say " I am gonna go check the mail " they all say "ok " and I go outside I get the mail and I notice something addressed to all the boys it's a green bay packers tryout form. I go inside and say " hey boys your forms for the packers came " they all said " really? " I nodd and hand it to them Jerry says " It came early ". Jack opens it and says " It came early because tryouts are coming 2 months earlier " Eddie says " then the tryouts are in 1 month 'cause they were supposed to be 3 months from now ". They nodd and they all look nervous and Grace says " don't worry guys we believe in you and you know you can do it " they all smile at us.

Grace's P.O.V

I am really nervous I need to tell the girls I'm pregnant. I think I'll tell them now. I say " hey girls can we talk alone for a minuete " they all nodd and say " sure ". We all go into the kitchen and I say " okay...I have some news I need to tell you guys " kim says " ok then what is it you know you can tell us anything ". I nodd amd say " don't freak out...I'm pregnant "

Julie's P.O.V

I can't believe it grace is pregnant too. I am a little bit happier cosidering I'm not the only one pregnant. I say " I am too " they stare at me and smile then Kelsey say " same goes for me " we all laugh and the kim says " i'm happy for all of you but how are you gonna explain it to the boys ". Me, grace, and kelsey look at each other we sigh and say " we don't know ". I think how ARE we going to tell them.

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