I am so sorry. I know its been a long three years and I really do wanna apologize. I don't like it myself when authors do what I did, and I know how you guys must feel. Let me explain to you guys...

When I first started my fanfics I was 12/13, I wasa TERRIBLE writer back then. But I've gotten better over the years, or at least I hope so. I read over all my stories an I have one thing to say, YIKES. Why in the world did I think these were good enough to publish. The only too that in my eyes had potential to be fixed were Get Your Head In The Game and It's Okay To Be Scared.

Trust me guys I am going to fix those. I am going to first look over those two story and I am changing the plot of Get Your Head In The Game, but I am keeping a lot of what happened in that story in place.

For It's okay to be scared I just need to tweek some things in all the chapters. As I re-read them I saw I made a lot of mistakes.

Thank you to everyone who read my horribly written stories, and actually LIKED them. As far as Switching bodies and Will I rise up or fall down they are being deleted. I'm sorry if any of you liked those two.

My next Sunday I should have the re-write for the first and maybe second chapter of Get Your Head In The Game done. It'll be in the same story, i'll just be replacing the chapters.

I'll update as often as I can guys. Thanks for sticking with me :)