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As Marcie asked if anyone wanted to interrupt the wedding, Flynn was debating on stopping them from getting married or stay quiet.

"Should I say something? Oh damn it! So much pressure with being handsome and all. My words can change destiny and all. What if I say something? What if I don't? If I say something, there might not be a wedding. If I don't, there's a wedding and I have a dad and another sibling. If I do, Mom and Dad might get back together. I don't want that. They practically ruined my damn childhood because of their marriage. If I don't, a poor innocent person will marry into the Jones family," Flynn was lost in thought until the words broke it all.

"By the power invested to me by the internet, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Georgia and Jeremy kissed a weird but cute kiss and everyone stood up and clapped. Flynn had no idea was going on right now. Next thing they knew, they were dancing their way out to the reception.

The reception was in a garden with a fountain in the middle. The fountain was surrounded by tables and the color scheme was blue and white. Behind the fountain was a huge black stage with curtains and all and it had a table for the bride and the groom. After a while everyone settled down. A table with Cece, Rocky, Flynn, Ty, Logan, Tinka, and Deuce was really standing out from the rest. Ty made sure to sit right in between Rocky and Logan.

"So Sissy," Logan looked at Cece,"I guess I'll have to see your disgusting face everyday from now on."

"Ugh," Cece rolled her eyes,"don't remind me. I'm going to have to be under the same roof with you."

"I have a feeling the roof won't be standing much longer," Deuce said. Everyone just gave him a confused look and stared at their food.

"Ugh," Tinka said,"I only came for the macaroni and cheese balls but apparently, there aren't any."

"I think there are some actually," Ty said,"come with me."

"Okies," Tinka said happily and they both stood up and walked away. Logan saw this as an opportunity and scooted over a seat to be next to Rocky.

"Heey," Logan said to Rocky.

"Um... Hi," Rocky said nervously.

"So. You want to go get another puppy," Logan teased. Rocky smacked him on the top of his head. "Owe," Logan complained,"what the heck was that for?"

"I told you to never mention the puppy again," Rocky whispered harshly.

"I meant get another hot dog with me. Literally. I don't want to go alone. The waiters are creepy," Logan said and eyed a waiter,"that one has a mustache."

"Hey, that's Stephanie, she's really... who am i kidding. They're creepy," Rocky admitted.

"Come with me then," Logan said.

"Fine," Rocky rolled her eyes and stood up.

"Where are you guys going?" Cece asked.

"For a puppy," Logan said.

"During a wedding? Can't you guys buy a puppy later?" Cece asked in confusion.

"I mean a hot dog Sissy, get your facts right," Logan rolled his eyes and started walking towards the table with all the food.

"See," Rocky said to him as she walked with him,"I'm not the only one who gets them confused."

"That was Cece we're talking about. You should know, you're her best friend," Logan said to her. Rocky just shrugged and reached for a napkin the same time Logan did, causing their hands to touch. Logan looked up at Rocky with a huge grin. Rocky quickly pulled away her hand after she saw Logan's grin. "Zam! You really like me don't you?"

"No!" Rocky said to him,"things just seem to happen at the wrong time." Logan just smiled at her denial and continued to grab a napkin for the hotdog. When they got their hot dogs, they went back to the table.

"What took you guys so long?" Cece asked them.

"What are you talking about? Tinka and Ty are still getting the macaroni and cheese balls," Rocky said to her best friend.

"It's Ty and Tinka," Deuce said,"they're obviously going to get distracted on their outfits and take half an hour."

"Well we were just looking to see which hot dog ummm looked better," Logan said.

"Yeah," Rocky backed him up,"some were weird looking."

"Sure they were Rocky. Sure they were," Flynn looked at them suspiciously. They both just laughed a nervous and fake laugh and sat down.

It was seven,but the wedding was still going.

"Everyone," Georgia said as she tapped the microphone,"it's time for Cece,my daughter, and Logan, my now stepson, to say their speeches they wrote for us." Cece spit out her drink.

"Cece," Rocky said to her,"you didn't finish the speech did you?"

"Nope," Cece cried nervously. Cece and Logan stood up and walked to the stage.

"Well," Logan said,"ladies first."

"Yeah yeah, now your gentlemen like aren't ya?" Cece protested and gave him a glare as she made her way to the front of the microphone. "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my mom's wedding."

20 minutes later

"That is why, you should never sneak on to the set of a movie when your mom is a security guard. She takes away-"

"Okay Cece," Georgia said and dragged her daughter away from the microphone,"That's enough. Logan, go ahead and say your speech." Logan went up and his speech made everyone laugh hard. Except Cece, she was just talking back to him in her head. After five minutes, he was done.

"Okay, now it's time for the father daughter and mother son dance," Georgia announced and made her way to the dance floor with Logan as Cece went with Jeremy.

"Remember everything I taught you," Rocky mouthed to Logan and he gave her a thumbs up.

"Logan is actually doing pretty good," Ty said,"for a beginner."

"Oh shut up Ty," Rocky said to her older brother as she saw the boy dance.

"I don't want you to be too close to him if you know what I mean," Ty told his younger sister.

"Ty! Absolutely nothing is going on," Rocky said.

"Mhm. It better be that way and stay that way," Ty said to her. Rocky rolled her eyes and thought that hopefully with will stay that way.

It was eleven and people were starting to leave. Nobody was really dancing except Tinka and Ty who were having their own little dance contest.

"Ugh," Cece said and held her stomach,"the hot dogs didn't hit me so well. I'm gonna be in the restroom for some time." She stood up and went to the restroom.

"Want to dance?" Logan asked Rocky randomly.

"No. What if Cece sees us? Plus, Ty is going to kill you," Rocky said.

"Let's dance behind the stage then," Logan shrugged.

"Seriously Logan? Seriously?" Rocky rolled her eyes at him. Logan just pouted and made puppy eyes.

"Please," he begged.

"No. There is nothing going on between us just to make it clearer," Rocky said.

"Fine," Logan said and rolled his eyes in disappointment. Rocky looked to the side and saw how saw sad he was. Rocky didn't know what to do. Should she dance with him? No. Cece was bound to come. Flynn an Deuce were there too. All of the sudden as if to grant their wishes, Georgia called Deuce and Flynn over to their table on the stage. "Shall we dance now?" Logan asked her.

"Ugh. Fine. Only one dance though. Behind the stage, so nobody will see us," Rocky said and stood up. Logan offered his hand, but Rocky ignored it and sneaked behind the stage with Logan.

"You know," Logan said,"you never taught me how to dance with beaty mucis. Just slow dance."

"Easy," Rokcy said,"just move your hands and legs with the beat."

"Like this," Logan said and started swing his hands and legs around randomly.

"You dance horribly," Rocky said,"like this." Rocky started moving her legs to the beat of the music and swaying her hips.

"Yeah," Logan said as he looked at her,"I don't think I can manage that."

"Shut try," Rocky grabbed Logan's hands and started moving them to the beat. "Like this, move you hands like this." Logan smiled at her and followed her instructions. Rocky didn't let go of his hands though. They just swayed their hands and hips and moved their legs to the beat of the music. Almost as if they were lost in the music world with only them located on it.

"Rocky," they heard Cece call out,"Where are you?"

"Go," Rocky whispered to Logan,"Go back to the table through the other side."

"Fine, but let go of my hand first," Logan said to her. Rocky quickly let go and put her hands on Logan's chest to push him away. Logan was walking backwards because he was laughing too hard at Rocky; he couldn't turn around. Rocky's heels all of the sudden slipped out of her foot, and Rocky fell on top of Logan.

"Zam," Logan said as he watched Rocky try to go up.

"Ouch," Rocky said as she reacted to the impact. Rocky's arms were on different sides of Logan as she started to lift herself up. She looked down and stared into Logan's eyes as he stared in to hers.

"Rocky?! Logan?!" Cece yelled as she tried to take in the image of her best friend on top of her step brother. "Eww!" Rocky and Logan messily stood up.

"Cece! I can explain!" Rocky said frantically to her best friend.

"Really Rocky? What do you have to explain," Cece said with a disgusted face,"Logan is taking advantage of your poor innocent characteristics!"

"Um..." Rocky and Logan looked at the naive red headed girl.

"I'm right!" Cece said.

"No! You've got it all wrong," Logan said to her.

"What? That you're taking advantage of Rocky?" Cece claimed.

"It's not like that Cece," Rocky said,"I was um... I was um looking for my bracelet!"

"Yeah, her bracelet," Logan said,"then she tripped and fell over."

"Yeah, my heel slipped out of my foot and I stumbled and fell on Logan," Rocky finished.

"Okay then," Cece said,"So you find your bracelet?"

"Um yeah!" Rocky said and held up her wrist.

"Let's go back to the table now," Cece said and went ahead of them.

"That was close," Rocky whispered to him.

"I know," Logan said back.

The next day...

"Okay, I left microwavable food in the fridge, there's money on the counter for Crusty's, um... I think that's it," Georgia explained to Cece, Logan, and Flynn that were going to stay home alone for a whole week during the honeymoon.

"We get it!" they all said in unison because that was like the twentieth time she has said that.

"We better get going," Jeremy said as he checked his watch.

"Let's go then," Georgia said. They said their goodbyes and walked out with their luggage.

"Ugh! Finally! Home alone," Cece said as she fell back on the couch.

"Hey guys," Rocky said as she came in through the window.

"Hey Rocky," Cece greeted her best friend. Rocky went over and sat next to Cece.

"Hey Rocky," Logan waved at her from the counter.

"Hey," Rocky said with a small smile.

"Enough 'heys'," Flynn said,"somebody feed me."

"Dude," Logan said,"they just left. Couldn't you ask Mom for something before she left?"

"So now you call her mom?" Cece said as she shifted in the sofa so she could face him.

"Common Sissy," Logan said,"we're all family now."

"Once again," Flynn said,"somebody feed me!"

"Let's go to Crusty's then," Cece said. They all shrugged and decided to go.

"Hey guys," Deuce greeted the four as he took a pizza to a table.

"Hey," they all greeted them. They sat down at the table where Logan and Rocky once met up. Cece and Rocky sat on one side and Logan and Flynn sat on the other. Rocky and Logan sat right across from each other. Rocky tried to avoid making eye contact while Logan tried to make eye contact. Eventually, Logan won. They looked in each others eyes for a brief second until Rocky turned away. Logan smiled a bit, but their little moment got taken away when Deuce came to take their order. When he was done, he went to give it to the chef.

"Is that," Cece looked at the nearby table.

"Ty and Tinka," Rocky continued.

"Eating together," Flynn continued.

"Alone," Logan finished.

"HEY TY, TINKA," Cece shouted out to them while waving. Ty and Tinka turned around curiously and waved slowly. They turned back around and continued their little 'date'.

"Are they on a date?" Logan asked.

"Most likely. Tinka doesn't hang around any boys besides Gunther, and he isn't gonna be here for some time," Rocky shrugged. Deuce came with their drinks.

"Hey Deuce," Cece asked,"are those two on a date?"

"I don't know. I'm only a food server," Deuce shrugged and went to take another table's order. They chatted for a bit until the pizza came. They ate in silence besides Cece's loud chewing.

"Cece," Flynn said,"take me home."

"Can't you walk alone?" Cece asked.

"No," Flynn said.

"Fine, let's go," Cece said with an eye roll,"see you two later." Cece was too sad about not being able to finish her food, that she didn't notice Rocky and Logan were going to stay alone.

"Sooo," Logan said.

"Sooo," Rocky responded.

"This is sorta like a date?" Logan smiled.

"No!" Rocky protested,"just two friends eating lunch. That's it."

"We're friends?" Logan asked with a grin.'

"Yes," Ty interrupted them,"and it's gonna stay that way."

"Where's Tinka?" Rocky asked him.

"In the restroom. Though I'd come to check on you two first though," Ty said while glaring at Logan the whole time.

"Oh Ty," Tinka's voice rang from behind,"lets go finish that contest." Ty nodded and they went back to the table.

"Contest?" Logan wondered. Rocky just shrugged. Logan checked his pockets. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," he said over and over as he checked all of his pockets.

"What?" Rocky asked.

"Cece has the money," Logan said.

"Let me call her," Rocky said. They waited for a little bit but Cece didn't answer. "She doesn't answer."

"Oh fuck, we're in trouble," Logan said to her.

"What's wrong?" Deuce came up to them.

"Um... Cece took off with the money."

"So you guys wash all of these dishes and you're free to go. Don't use all the soap," Deuce explained to them as he gave them each a Crusty's apron. He walked out of the back room and left the two with the piles of dishes.

"Ugh look at all the dishes," Rocky said,"you wash and I'll dry and stack them."

"Fine," Logan said and turned on the sink. Logan reached for a dish on top of the pile and they started washing from there on. When Logan was washing a knife, he accidentally cut himself. "Ouch! Dammit," Logan shouted out.

"What?" Rocky asked.

"I cut my self," Logan said and turned off the sink.

"Let me see," Rocky said. Logan showed her the cut. "You're such a baby, it's a little cut."

"It has soap in there," Logan complained. Rocky went to look through the shelves until she found some alcohol, cotton balls, and a band aid.

"Let me see your hand," Rocky said.

"No. That shit hurts," Logan said. Rocky ignored his complaints and grabbed his hand. She put alcohol on the cotton ball, and then she put it against Logan's cut. Logan winced a bit, but he didn't say anything because he like the fact that Rocky was holding his hand. When she finished, she put the band aid on it. "Can my cut get a puppy?" Rocky rolled her eyes at him, but she still kissed the top of the band aid. "Zam!" Logan said.

"Oh shut up," Rocky said.

"Let's just finish this," Logan told her. Rocky nodded and they continued to wash the dishes. After half an hour, they finished. Logan looked at the left over soap that turned into foam and filled the sink. He grabbed some of it and threw at Rocky. Rocky gasped in surprised and grabbed some soap foam from the sink and threw it back at him. They threw foam back and forth while Logan was laughing his ass off and Rocky was telling to stop. Eventually, the floor got slipper and Rocky slipped.

"Owe," Rocky groaned as she started to stand up. She slipped again, but Logan pulled her in before she fell. Rocky shifted her body so she can face Logan, and they starred into each others eyes. Logan started to lean in while Rocky stayed paralyzed in thought and moved a bit forward.

"What. The. Fuck." Rocky and Logan quickly turned around to look at the person who just entered.

"WE CAN EXPLAIN!" they said in unison.

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