Normal POV

Ten Years Later….

"Happy mother's day," Logan walked into the master bedroom, holding up a breakfast tray for his pregnant wife.

"Thank you, honey," she smiled, sitting up in her bed. "Where's Mavis?" Not even a minute later, their one-year old daughter came stumbling behind Logan with her bottle in hand. She had barely learned how to walk, and Rocky was already asking around what was the youngest a kid could be put in dance. After Logan handed Rocky her food, he picked up Mavis who was wearing a pink teddy bear one piece. "I can tell you dressed her."

"Why?" Logan laughed, giving their daughter a kiss as she started drinking her bottle.

"She has a beanie," Rocky smirked, "under her hood."

"She likes them," Logan laughed. "I think Jacques will like them too," he told her, eyeing her growing belly.

"Oh I hope not," she laughed. "It's hard to dress your kid cute when they went to add a beanie with everything."

"In Mavis' defense," Logan held up her finger, "wearing her red beanie with a sky blue dress was a brave fashion statement." Rocky could only smile as she dug into her food. "Are we going to Dad and Georgia's today for their Mother's Day party? They just want to show off the new house, but I can't blame them."

"Yeah," Rocky nodded, "my parents are also going anyways, so I can give my mom her present."

"Sounds good," Logan nodded. "We can go see my mom next week maybe. It's been a few months, and we won't be able to go again until baby Jacques is born."

"I agree," Rocky nodded. "Cece and Gunther said they had another announcement today."

"Do you think?" Logan raised an eyebrow at his wife. Rocky shook her head, already knowing what he was going to say.

"Doubt she's pregnant. Might be a wedding date? Cece made it clear to Gunther she didn't want kids until she was near thirty. So by the way, we're having another kid after this one," Rocky laughed, getting a shake of the head from Logan who had a growing grin. "What?" Rocky smiled. "We said our kids would grow up together. We just got a head start."

"Well Mavis is the twin's age, so she has cousins her age. Jacques won't be that far apart from them either. I guess we can have baby number three eventually," Logan considered.

"Sorry, honey," Rocky told him. "It's set in stone." Logan smiled and leaned forward to give Rocky a kiss as Mavis started squirming in his arms. She didn't like it when the person holding her moved so much. Logan put her on the bed, and she immediately curled up next to Rocky to finish her bottle.

"I can't believe you and me made a lazy baby," Logan crossed his arms and shook his head. Mavis didn't nearly cause as much wreckage as Tinka and Ty's twins. She usually just sat in the corner, stacking legos or hugging stuffed animals. She was well pass one when she decided to stand.

"I can't either," Rocky said, smiling at their beautiful daughter. "Jacques over here always kicks up a storm though. He's definitely going to be a dancer."

"Your clients haven't said anything?" Logan asked her. Rocky was a celebrity dance coordinator with important clients, and her pregnancies made her leave the scene twice already. Rocky shook her head.

"I think they all understand that family comes first," Rocky gently patted her belly. "You and the babies come first, okay?" Rocky smiled, getting another kiss from her husband.

"Same here," Logan smiled, brushing his nose against hers, "no matter what."

Ty and Tinka were sleep deprived. They lied awake in their bed at 9AM as they heard the familiar sounds of the twins causing chaos in their room. Talula and Taden were almost two, but they already reached their terrible two's.

"How did someone as kind hearted as me create such little rascals," Tinka asked Ty who was hugging her from behind.

"I don't know," Ty answered as Taden climbed up to the bed using what used to be pet stairs to get to his parents. He crawled over to Ty and started pulling his hair. "Ow, ow, ow," Ty said, sitting up. Taden giggled while Ty caught Talula emptying the dirty clothes hamper in the corner of the room. Tinka sat up and put her head against Ty's shoulder that was constantly moving as he tried to get Taden to settle down.

"You wanted them," Tinka smiled. "I delivered."

"You see," Ty started moving his now free hands as Taden jumped off the bed. "The idea of having kids seemed fun, and making them was definitely fun, but I didn't think we'd get two little beasts out of it." Tinka snorted, laughing at Ty's comment. "I still love them though. We made some cute babies," he turned to his wife, giving her a kiss. "Thank you. Happy mother's day, Tinkabelle. I love you."

"I love you, too," Tinka smiled. "Are we going to the Hunter-Jones house later?"

"Don't we gotta?" Ty asked, sighing when Talula walked over a sippy cup she just deliberately opened and spilled.

"I think Gunther and Cece are going to announce the wedding date. Or say they're expecting a little goat or two."

"It better just be one," Ty shook his head. "I don't think your parents can handle four chaotic grandchildren."

"My dad's dad is a triplet, you know," Tinka smirked. Ty raised an eyebrow at this newfound information.

"Yeah," Ty shook his head, "no more babies for us. If we wanted to beat our friends in having the most kids, I'm sorry. We're no match to Deuce and Dina, even with triplets on our side." Tinka chuckled and gave Ty another kiss, ignoring the fact that Taden was emptying out her shoe closet, pair by pair.

Everyone was getting to the Hunter-Jones house, filling up the seats in the backyard. Georgia and Jeremy were proud of the home they saved up for. Flynn was even visiting from college to go see the new place. Gunther and Cece were holding hands waiting for the party to get started and waited for the perfect moment. As soon as the moment came, Cece and Gunther took a mic.

"Hey guys," Cece smiled as their friends and family looked at them. "Gunther and I have an announcement," she immediately shoved the microphone in his hands, making Gunther chuckle.

"Cece and I will finally put a date on the wedding. We'll be getting married next March 20, and we hope you all can make it. Besides that, Cece and I will be away for a while because we got a job in New York to choregraph for a musical." Cece took the mic back quickly as soon as she saw Rocky's face.

"Don't worry, Rox," Cece smiled. "We'll definitely be here when you deliver baby Jacques." Rocky's face immediately turned into a happy grin as Cece and Gunther went back to join the party after a few applause.

"About time," Logan told them, one hand wrapped around Rocky's shoulder and the other holding a sleeping Mavis from the belly as she stretched out on him.

"I know," Cece smiled sheepishly. "I think we both just needed a little more time."

"That's good though," Rocky told her best friend. "I'm happy for you."

"Thanks, Rocky," Cece smiled, holding out her hand to hold Rocky's as she sat down next to her. She looked over at Mavis who was snoring softly. "I just know Mavis got my lazy genes," Cece teased Rocky. "I just know she did."

"You infected our daughter," Logan joked with his step-sister.

"You're just lucky she looks like Rocky," Cece joked back, laughing at his comment. Rocky couldn't be any happier with both Logan and Cece getting along, all the kids (except her own of course) running around in a house Georgia had wanted for so long, and everyone being so kind and loving to each other, leaving all of their old grudges behind.

Flynn, now a twenty-one year old, stood at the balcony, watching the tiny colony Deuce and Dina had made play gently with Ty and Tinka's toddlers who they themselves weren't so gentle. He eyed Logan and Mavis' matching beanies and Cece and Rocky talking next to him. He caught sight of Ty, Gunther, and Deuce messing around while Annie, Tinka, and Dina laughed at their antiques. He saw Jason the landscaper giving Annie a small wave from across the garden, just knowing he'd approach her soon. Then his eyes landed on Jeremy and Georgia who were linked arm and arm, talking to the first generation of Blue's and Hessenheffer's.

He thought back to ten years ago when he debated saying anything at the Hunter-Jones wedding.

What if he had spoke up about the kiss he saw between his parents? What if Jeremy would've gotten cold feet? What if Jeremy and Georgia would've never gotten married?

He wondered how different their lives would be, but he knew they were lucky enough to never know.