CHAPTER 1: The day we meet.

Lucy's P.O.V.


That was something I saw before everything turned black. I woke up on a bed and looked around. Where was I? What happened? Who saved me? Thoughts kept running through my head when someone coughed. I turned to see a blonde boy whom I didn't really recognize. After being frozen in Tenoujima for 7 years, I don't really know what's up in Magnolia anymore.

"Where am I?" I ask the blondie.

"You miss are in Sabertooth, Fiore's number 1 guild. I'm Sting Eucliffe. One of the twin dragon-slayers. And this is my, exceed, Lector." Sting explained.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you." The brown exceed nodded

"Nice to meet you too. Exceed huh? Like Happy, Carla and Pantherlily." Lucy told Lector. "Well Sting if you have an, exceed, I presume you're a dragon-slayer?" Lucy asked

"Yes I am. And may I ask for your name?" Sting asked.

"Oh I'm Lucy Heartfilia." Lucy smiled. A smile which made Sting's heart, melt.

"Um, Lucy are you in a guild?" Sting asked. Lucy shook her head no. "Want to join Sabertooth?" Sting asked.

"You said that this was the number 1 guild in Fiore right? Well I'm just a Celestial Spirit Mage. I'm just weak, seeing me in here would give your guild a bad reputation." Lucy said, tears forming in the corner of her eyes remembering when she put the guild in danger and she couldn't do anything to protect her nakama.

(author's note!: Yukino never joined Sabertooth in this story)

"How did you even end up being attacked anyway?" Sting asked.

"I just quit my guild Fairy Tail. Didn't know where to go." Lucy explained.

"Join our guild. I'll train you and your magic then you'll join the GMT with us." Sting told her.

"Are you sure?" Lucy asked. Sting just nodded.

"Ok! I'll join!" Lucy announced. Sting just chuckled at her childish-ness. They went to Master Jiemma's office.

"Ok Lucy where would you like your guild mark and what colour?

"On my right hand and black please." Lucy said. Jiemma stamped her guild mark on.

"So Lucy I'd like you to meet my best friend, Rogue." Sting said. Then a boy with raven hair long enough to cover his eyes appeared with a cat in a pink frog costume. The cat spoke first.

"Hi! I'm Frosch! But you can call me Fro!" The, exceed exclaimed. Lucy picked Fro up and snuggled him like a teddy bear.

"You're so adorable! My name is Lucy, Fro!" Lucy smiled at the, exceed.

"Hello miss I'm Rogue, Fro is my, exceed." Rogue said with a straight face

"Hello Rogue! I'm Lucy Heartfilia! Are you a dragon-slayer too?" Lucy asked with a warm smile which captured the shadow dragon slayer's heart.

"Yes I am one. It's a pleasure to have you here." Rogue told Lucy

"Thank you!" Lucy said. She might as well start a new life in Sabertooth.