Ohayo Minna!

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CHAPTER 4: Confessions

"Luce I have to tell you something." Sting said.

"What is it Sting?" I asked.

"Luce I-"

"I love you.." Sting said finally, releasing a breath he didn't know he was holding. He opened his eyes to see Lucy's reaction. What he saw was not what he expected. Lucy leaned Sting's hand that was holding her face. She closed her eyes in content and had a smile on her face. After a few seconds she opened her eyes and met his.

"Well, what do you know? I love you too.." She replied which made Sting grin like an idiot. He carried her by the waist and started spinning her around in the air while she laughed. That moment was perfect and all Sabertooth members saw that and how happy their 2 most powerful mages were. They just smiled and carried on with their own thing.

-Back At Sabertooth-

It was already late as Saberooth members were still partying and drinking, celebrating their victory in the GMT. Lucy and Sting though isolated themselves in a much quieter place in the guild.

"So." Sting started and Lucy turned her head to him indicating she was listening. "Since when?" He asked.

"Since we met. I guess you can call it love at first sight. As we became closer my love just got stronger." Lucy admitted. Sting smiled after her little confession and when Lucy saw this she blushed and looked down at her lap where her hands were folded. Sting found this extremely cute.

"Wow. She's too cute. Her eyes are so beautiful…" Sting thought with a small smile.

Lucy suddenly looked up to Sting. "How about you?" She asked. Sting put his fingers under his chin smoothing out his imaginary beard, in an attempt to do a thinking action.

"Hmmm, since I met you miss Lucy, I have loved you deeply. It was like my dragon instincts told me that you were the one I was going to mate with. I didn't fall for your body though, that was just a bonus. I fell for your laugh, smile, attitude, and your eyes, especially your eyes." Sting confessed looking Lucy straight through her eyes. Lucy knew it was true. He was telling her the truth straight from his heart which made her smile.

"Thank you Sting." Lucy told him.

"Why?" He asked, his brows furrowed in confusion which made Lucy giggle.

"For liking me." Lucy smiled. Sting suddenly chuckled.

"Like? You think I like you?" Sting asked still chuckling. Lucy suddenly turned sad.

"So you don't like me?" Lucy asked, ready to cry, so she just dropped her head.

"No miss Lucy I don't like you, I love you." Sting told her, which made Lucy look up to him.

"Really?" Lucy asked surprised. Sting nodded his head.

"Yeah I love you more than anything and everyone in this world." Sting confessed. Lucy smiled a wide smile, a look of pure happiness on her face.

"I love you too." She told him as she hugged him. Sting hugged back tightly, never wanting to let her go.

"Baby it's late c'mon let's go home?" Sting asked her. Lucy nodded and they stood up. Sting interlocked their hands. They walked towards Rogue.

"Rogue we'll be heading home okay? See you at home." Sting told him as Lucy waved goodbye to him.

(Author's Note: The 3 live together with the exceeds. They have a really big house by the way.)

Lucy and Sting walked home hand in hand, with smiles on their faces.

"So Sting, what do you like about me?" Lucy asked. "Your smile, laugh, hobbies, habits, eyes, everything, good and bad." Sting answered truthfully. "Your turn." He told her.

"Your attitude, hair, smirk, the way you care, your chuckles, your little touches and everything else." Lucy answered honestly. Sting smiled. Once they reached the house they stood in front of the door. Sting faced her, took her chin under his fingers, and leaned forward. They closed the gap between each other and shared a passionate kiss under the moonlight.

Confessions bring people closer.