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Lyrical Inspiration-

"and when we're done. I don't wanna feel my legs and when we're done I just wanna feel your hands all over me baby." (Kelly Lewis- Motivation.)

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Chapter 1: Tension.

It was hot and humid. But what else would you expect? It was springtime in georgia which also explained the huge grey clouds that were rolling in over head. Not only that but the walkers were unusually rowdy today like the heat was getting to them to. Which made no sense because if death couldn't get to them why would heat?

They were making a run. It was supposed to be quick and simple before the rain set it. Walkers seemed more difficult to fight and sense in the rain.

"Michonne? You alright over there?" Daryls voice came through the constant moans and groans.

You could hear the slash, slashing of her blade moving through walkers just as fast as she could.

"and maybe next time before we make a run to a new town we spend a day clearing out walkers first huh?" She asked cutting through a particularly hard one to lay down.

"Like I knew it'd be this over run." Daryl said punching the nearest one to him back so he could shoot it with the cross bow. "Damn cut me sum kinda slack." He said continuing through his pile.

Michonne just rolled her eyes and kept working.

She felt a splash of rain fall on her forehead.

"Dammit Dixon it's going to rain!" she said finishing off two and moving past them to make her way over to him.

"Really? I didn't know." He said a scowl implanting itself on his face.

"well now you do." Michonne said slicing through his pile to make a path toward him.

"what are we going to do now cowboy?" She said looking at a couple more walkers approaching.

"I don't know not never a time did I say I have all the answer ninja girl." He said throwing a weak nickname. She'd been unbearably moody all day. The heat was getting to her he thought.

"we could go back to that barn we saw a block or two back. Clear it out and bunker down. we're not going anywhere in this rain." She picked up the bag full of supplies she'd drop to take care of the walkers.

"we could. Seems like we aint go no other choice." He said loading up his cross bow and picking up his bag.

"alright then let's go!" She said running as the rain started coming down.

The air in the barn was cooler than outside and there was only a handful of walkers on the base level and on the next higher up platform there was one.

Michonne lined the bodies up around the barn. The snell wouldn't hold through the rain so they still had to be on the lookout.

Daryl found wood to block up the door. the only windows were upstairs so it was safe to say they needed no blocking unless the walkers suddenly found a way to use ladders..or stand on each others back.

"There done." He said stepping back to look at his handy work.

"good for you." michonne said starting up a fire and opening up the windows up stairs so they didn't suffocate.

"What's your problem today?" Daryl said looking her over. She seemed fine. She wasn't hurt. She was still her usual proper perfect self but her attitude was different.

"we've been on about 15 runs together and I aint never seen you act like this." Daryl said dropping his crossbow to sit beside her.

Michonne just stayed staring into the fire.

"Michonne. Michonne. Michonne.." Daryl said nudging her every time.

"WHAT!" she said finally exploding.

"did you hear a word I just said?" Daryl said looking at her wide eyed.

Michonne calmed back down a little.

"No..yeah.. I don't know." She said with a sigh.

"what's wrong." Darly said starting to become concerned. "you're like the grumpy bitch from hell today."

"I know I know.. i'm acting ridiculous over something so stupid." She said laying back on the straw covered barn floor.

"What is it?" Daryl asked wanting to know what had the usual calm predator so riled up. Maybe it had something to do with her life before the apocalypse. Something she didn't feel like sharing. In that case he'd have to leave her alone.

"It's...it's.." She started but seemed too embarrassed to say. Which she was. They day was supposed to start off great. She was going on her run with her newly acquainted almost good friend. Kill some walkers get some food.

But no.

She had a dream.

A dream that left her...

Let's just say she's been a certain kind of frustrated all day and it seemed to really but a hinder on her mood.

"It's what? Dammit spit it out already It can't be that bad." Daryl said tired of all the pussyfooting around the subject.

"Fine you wanna know.. I'm horny ok.. I'm riled up. I'm craving sex...that's what has all moody and I swear to the good lord above it you laugh I'm cut your head off right here..and say a walker got you." Michonne said finally sitting up to eye him down.

He looked like he was about to burst with laughter and after holding it in for so long her finally pop.

"Oh my the hard, cold, calculated michonne done in by the need to fuck.. I tell you what that's about the funniest thing I've ever heard." Daryl said only stopping when he heard the swoosh of her katana coming out of it's scabbard.

"Okay Okay woman calm down now..No need for violence. I know what youre talking about. Some days it just hits you. the fact that you can't do the regular things you could before these walkers and since theres a limited supply of real livin' people and the fact that have of em' are emotionally scared it doesn't really make the condition right for a good ol' fashion session." Daryl said settling down.

"Oh so you've been through it too?" Michonne said poking at the fire.

"Hell yeah I've been through it I'ma guy we crave sex 45% on a regular basis add in the fact that you haven't had any in about a year that makes it even worse. You learn to control it after a while."

"I thought I had it under control. Then that stupid dream." Michonne said letting it slip.

"Dream what dream?" Daryl said stopping to look at her.

Michonne averted her eyes.

"Nothing it was nothing.." Michonne said taking interest in her katana.

"The hell it was nothin' darlin' I can read you like a book you know that? You don't haveta say much your body language gives it away."

"So what if it does? I had a sex dream...first one i've had in a long time and it got to me. that's all..conversation over." Michonne huffed and went to her bag filled with supplies.

"who was it about.." Daryl said.

"I thought I said conversation over!" Michonne exclaimed.

"Oh come on you gotta tell me there's only so many choices of men that coulda been in it."

"how do you know it wasn't someone from my past." Michonne stated matter a factly.

"I don't know..but if it's someone from your past it would be easy for you to tell me about it..if it's someone from the group..you'd be acting all fidgety like you are now." Daryl grinned.

He really could read her like a book.

"so who was it?" Daryl said moving over toward her.

"I'm not going to tell you." She said narrowing her eyes.

"rick?" Daryl said starting it off.

"no." she answered abruptly Daryl keep his eyes on her. He'd been watching her enough to know when she was lying. Rick had him watching her since she got here and he picked up on things about her. Learned to listen and understand her without her telling him.

"tyresse?" daryl said even though he doubted that they barely spoke.

"No." She said again going back to the fire with a bag of potato chips. He followed her and sat down next to her.

"Glenn?" He continued.


"merle?" Daryl asked with a chuckle.

"Hell no."

"Herschel?" Daryl asked.

"ew." She said opening the bag.

" the governor?" daryl said waggling his eyebrows. When she reached for her sword he inched away a litt.e

"oh come on it was a joke?" He said. His laughter ringing out above the sound of the hard rain on the tin roof.

"why won't you tell me? You don't trust me?: Daryl said trying to use the guilt card.

"you making me feel bad isn't going to work dixon." she said rolling her eyes.

"You gotta give me something for effort. What does it start with?" He said.

"I can't tell you." She said. It would be a dead give away if she did.

"What does it end with?" he asked. He needed to know. It was going to kill him if he didn't.

"I'm not telling you.. give it up." She said.

"Is it even a guy?" Daryl asked truthfully. Being alone with andrea could have triggered something.

"Okay i'll give you this.. you know him." Michonne said hoping he'd get off her back.

"I know em?" Daryl scratched his head.

It amazed her how he counted himself out of all the possibilities.

"Is it martinez? the hispanic from woodbury? The doctor..come on girl I need to know.." Daryl said.

"I'm not gonna tell you." Michonne said eating another potato chip. Daryl watched the way she licke dher lips after ward.

He looked away.

If he got a hard one now he'd never be able to hide it and boy did she make it hard for him. Tight pants, small shirt, cute face. Forget all that racist shit he'd heard back before z-day. She was black and fucking sexy.

He'd never felt so attracted to another woman this way in his life. Like he would have been incomplete had this whole walkers/zombie thing hadn't happened because he wouldn't have met her.

"You give up yet?" Michonne said playfully her eyes shining. You've been awfully quiet.

Daryl mulled it over in his mind. he'd said everyone. everyone but him but.. it couldn't be him right? No way. She practically hated him the first time they met and being merles brother didn't help. sure they've been buddying around but he felt like he's been walking on thin ice around her for a while.

"you're never gonna get it." She said mockingly. Laying back down her eyes pointed toward the ceiling. the small fire starting to become they're only light as the clouds blocked out any sign of sun and the rain picked up.

she thought back over the dream. God it was so real. They were in her cell he was after her like a hungry wolf. Biting her sucking on her. She let him do any and everything...

Her vision of the rood became obstructed by said hungry wolf.

"I'm never gonna get it huh?" She didn't even notice him ontop of her practically. A knee was on either side and he was face to face.

her breath hitched.

"nope." She answered.

"really?" he said looking into her eyes. His voice was an octave lower and the southern drawl only made him more appealing to her.

"yeah." She said breathlessly. His face got closer and closer with each question. He was ready for this. he'd wanted her since the second day she was at the prison after he learned she wasn't as helpless as the average girl. She'd been out there alone and he didn't know why but strong women attracted him. Not to mention her smart mouth... and those dangerous eyes.

His lips and hers were an inch apart.

"is it me?" He asked confidently. He didn't give her time to reply. His mouth was on her. His rough chapped lips against her full smooth ones.

She made a surprised noise into the kiss but none of protest so he continued moving his mouth along hers. His heart was thumping wildly as was her.

he ran his tongue along the bottom her her lips praying she'd open up. Once she did he was gone. Addicted to the drug that was michonne. She tasted like strawberries and something else something more delicious.

Like forbidden fruit if it was real and had a taste. He couldn't stop kissing her wouldn't stop and she made it apparent she want him to stop.

Her hands slid up his chest and around his neck to pull him down further as her eyes drifted closed.


She almost thought it was another dream and if she woke up back in the prison alone and throbbing this time she was going to go insane.

His hands slid to cup her face. She opened her eyes to look into his.

They looked wild almost like the storm outside.

They broke apart to breath. She needed to catch her breath.

"yeah..It was you." She said panting.

"I figured as much." he said lowering his mouth the kiss her neck.

"what..um..What are you doing." Michonne asked trying not to sound so needy.

"fixing your attitude." he said with a grin going back to her neck. She moaned when he nipped at it frantically before smoothing it with his tongue.

He worked his way down. His fingers playing with the bottom of her shirt. making sure his fingers made contact with her skin.

He kissed until he got to the edge of her shirt.

"You want this off?" He asked whispering in her ear.

all she did was bite her lip and shake her head.

He lifted it up and she rose along with it flinging it to the ground. She reached behind her to undo her bra and flung it as well.

"God-damn." Daryl said. Looking toward her breast.

Michonne had been the slightest bit insecure about taking her shirt off. It was obvious that before this point daryl dixon hadn't been with a black woman. She didn't know if he'd like her or not.

He latched onto the nipple bringing on hand down the flat expanse of her torso and the other to play roughly with the neglected nipple.

Her hips bucked upward toward his hand. the feeling of him nibbling and sucking on her long neglected body had her wetter than ever.

"Oh my.." She said her eyes rolling back. when his hand grinded roughly against the fabric of her pants.

"That's it baby.. that's what you need." He said against her breath taking the opportunity to switch sides.

He wanted to hear her scream for him.

She was so quiet all the time but here.. in this moment he wanted her to be vocal tell him how good he was pleasin' her..

Her hands went to his shirt pulling it up. he took his hands off his work for a second to chuck the damn thing somewhere. Her hands went to his back her hips grinding up into the nicely formed tent in his pants.

He noticed her frantic motions and grinned. Damn this girl was hot.

"What do you need. what is it?" Daryl asked placing kisses down toward the hem of her pants.

She just let out a strangled cry when his hips left hers.

"tell me what you need michonne." He said sternly.

"Please..Daryl please.." She said. She should be ashamed begging like this but when youre in the moment...nothing really matters.

"Please what baby? what is it you gotta tell me.." Daryl said sliding his hands into her pants and then back out.

"Oh god fuck me. Please Fuck me." She said breathless. He'd never heard a more beautiful sentence.

He undid the button on her pants she tried her best to get them off. He stood up and quickly shucked his pants and boxers looking down at her sliding her panties from around her hips.

He always wanted to know if girls still kept themselves you know.. groomed now a days with the walkers and everything. He didn't know about everyone else but she sure did.

She was...just amazing.

He stroked his dick a couple of times in anticipation. It'd been so long even before the walkers that he'd gotten off.

he hovered back over her. A little disappointed that their first time together would be on a dirty barn floor but then again there wasn't a lot of safe places this could have occurred.

all in all.

He was thankful.

His hands ran down her body again Never wanted to forget the feel. He made it to her nicely trimmed mound.

She looked down in anticipation his fingers parted the outer lips and circled around the clit.

"Ohhh...myy.." She let her head fall back in a long moan.

Daryl grinned.

he worked his fingers faster using the other hands to slide one finger in.

"Ummph." she bit down on her lip.

"No no darlin' I wanna hear you.." He said looking into her eyes.

She was so tight. His finger moved in and out slowly at first trying to ready her.

Then he added two.

"Ahhh..." She hissed her hips bucking with his fingers.

Her legs were bent on either side of him. those slender hips moving and working around his fingers.

He watched his fingers going in and out. disappearing in her wet heat.

He felt his dick twitch. Fuck he had to be inside of her.

"Listen I wanted to make this good for you but.." He started but she cut him off.

"Enough talk dixon. Fuck me." She said hands reaching out for him.

He didn't have to be told twice. He moved up on his knees and lined up with her entrance. Rubbing a few times up and down massaging her clit.

"fucking..stop teasing me." she said breathless.

He looked down at her briefly before pushing in..

"AHHhhhhh...Oh god.. Oh god.." she moaned.

"nah just me.." He said strained. She fucking tight as a glove surrounding his dick.

"Damn baby you're fucking tighter than..hell." He said

She just chuckled. focusing on the feel of him. He was bigger than she was used to.

He was so deep.

He slid out and they both let out a his before he moved back in again.

He lifted her leg over his shoulder and picked a pace.

Her nails scratching all down his back. He welcomed it. it was the good kind of pain it spurred him on.

"Fuck daryl." She said her eyes closed tight. He tried to focus on making her blow first and by the looks of it she was close.

He lowered her leg and moved so he could whisper in her ear.

"Come on baby" he said with a thrust upward making her cry out.

"come on michonne." He said drawing out her name and thrusting toward the same spot.

"ahh what is it Daryl. What do you want me to do..anything, anything just keep hitting that..mmphmm spot." She said her eyes still closed.

"I need you to cum for me baby. Cum on my dick michonne I know you need it..I know you want to girl..just let go.." he said thrusting over and over.

He had her screaming. which brought the most devilish smile on his face and damn his thoughts but he just loved that he could make her..crazy make her cum.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck.." She kept going in succession. She was clamping down on him squeezing around him.

"there we go...there we fucking go." He thrusted hard and fast making it explosive for her..

She was sobbing with aftershocks but daryl didn't stop.

It'd been too long since he'd had sex and even longer since he'd been with such an amazing woman.

Michonne was pleasurably exhausted.

She felt elated and tingly in every muscle but he just kept going and she didn't mind.

She could feel herself building again and whatever spell this moment had over him

she never wanted it to end.

"damn...so fucking hot. Come here." Daryl said lifted her like a limp doll. She happily obliged.

He layed on her back and she wobbled toward him already starting to feel the signs of soreness she could barely walk.

He moved her over him and she position herself so she could be on top.

When he sunk back in she groaned. His hands gripped her hips tight and his eyes look crazy and feral.

He slammed her hips up into her. Listening to her sob. He used his strength to get her going up and down and before too long she was bouncing out of control.

He smack her ass as she came down. Making her squeak. michonne squeaked. She kept riding.

He could feel it coming every single touch was bringing and electric pulse through out him.

"Darylll!..." Michonne said coming for a second time. The lock she had his dick was enough to make him come. He let it go... feeling something deep within him snap.

"Fuck. MICHONNE." His dick kept going pumping and pumping until there was nothing left of him.

She was laying on his chest trying to catch her breath. He was still inside her.

The air was filled with the sound of breathing. The fire was dying out and the storm wasn't at full force anymore.

Everything seemed calm.

Just them in their thoughts.

both of them wondering..all they were to each other was a fuck buddy.. for the end of the world.

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