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"Fuck..Fuck.." Rick said pacing back and forth. Michonne kneeling at the side of the make-shift operating table her breathing erratic. Face wet with tears.

"How the Fuck did this happen?!" Merle said outraged. "I bet it was because of you..." merle said lunging at michonne.

Rick jumped in the middle as well as glenn. one holding back michonne and her drawn blade and the other holding back merle.

"Everybody just calm down..Calm down!" Herschel said turning away from his work.

Merle settled back in his corner and michonne let her eyes watch him a little longer before kneeling back at the edge of the table.

Herschel watched the room a moment more before turning and squinting in the dim light working to get the second bullet out.

Rick kept walking his thumb in his mouth. Eyes darting back and forth.

"Who were those fucks?" Glenn said in the corner of the room.

"I'll give you one guess...that fucking governor." Rick said.

"I don't care who they were when I find 'em they gonna wish the walkers gotta hold of 'em" Merle said trying to hide the fear he was feeling. He always thought he'd go before his baby brother. He always regretted not sticking around when they were younger. He saw a chance to get out of their home and he took it. But in this new world..when nothing was guaranteed...it only made him wish he would have been there to protect daryl like someone should have been there to protect him.

"Glad I got carl out when I did." Glenn said rubbing over his face once everything settled.. Rick nodded.

Michonne stayed silent. Watching. Watching for any kind of movement from him. Herschel said the wounds weren't bad...but he lost a lot of blood.

Her hand held his tightly. She let out a huge sigh attracting ricks attention.

"Michonne you need to sit down properly" Rick said finally clearing his head. Deciding what his next move was.

"I'm fine." She uttered her eyes glued to him.

"Yeah she's fine! It's my baby brother you gotta worry about.." Merle said interjecting again. There was no doubt he was trying to pin this on michonne. Pin it on someone.

"Merle will you just calm down..." Rick said turning to him.

"The hell I will..My brother's over there laying on a table unconscious fucking bleeding to death and you want me to calm down!" Merle said screaming his face becoming red. maggie reached out to put a hand on his shoulder. A universal sign to chill out.

"Things are already bad enough we don't need you in here screamin' and yelling." Herschel said still fishing for the bullet. The first one came out with success but the second one was pushed in diagonally and was harder to get out.

Everything got quiet again except for the occasional sob. Rick turned his attention back to Michonne. What he'd heard in the car was as shock. She was pregnant? Another woman to protect and care for and another child. At first he was worried. Would they be able to handle it? Would they be able to deal? But then another side took a hold of him. A caring side. The side he really didn't get to show to lori and with daryl shot he had to step up and make sure that everything went okay. That she was okay.

"This whole thing is a shock I want you to just take a moment, take some breaths and sit in a proper chair" Rick said trying to keep his cool. Daryl was second in command. His best friend through this whole thing. The one guy he could for sure count on to have his back and here he was laying on a table bleeding out. He felt like he let him down. Like there was something more he could do.

If daryl died...all hope was lost.

"Why what happened is she hurt?" Maggie said tears in her eyes her arms around carol.

"No umm.." Rick said taking a breath.

"What is it? Is she bit?" Glenn said looking over her skeptically.

"She looks fuckin fine to me." Merle said eying her over.

"No nothin' like that." RIck said with a sigh as if he was regretting what he was going to say next. He knew saying it was like opening up pandora's box. "Michonne is pregnant." Rick said with a cough looking her over. "Which is why I want her to take a second."

"Pregnant?" Carol said her head lifting up. Eyes red from crying.

"How far along?" Maggie said astonished.

Herschel looked at michonne briefly before going back to work. Michonne sighed she didn't want to be brated with questions right now. She just wanted to sit and wait. Sit and watch. Sit and think.

"Now Now wait...I don't want y'all to kill her with questions. She's under enough stress as it is we all are."

"She's pregnant? My baby brother..got her pregnant?" Merle said. They couldn't tell if it was disgust, disbelief, joy, excitement. All they could really tell was that it was shock.

Michonne looked up locking eyes with rick trying to give a thank you look." She didn't really feel like talking. Rick just nodded her way.

Michonne turned her attention back to Daryl. Letting their combined hands touch her forehead and for the first time since this apocalypse the first time in a long time...

she prayed.


"Daryl dixon..My my how you've grown."

Daryl looked around. Nothing was familiar. He couldn't really make out where he was but he knew he was in a house. A house he'd been in before because he smelt something familiar. The smell of lilacs and honey with the undertone of smoke. That's what his grandma's house smelt like. He cherished this smell. His mama would bring him here after work when she knew daddy was too drunk.

He'd sit on the porch swing and She'd bring him some tea from the kitchen.

"Momma?" Daryl said turning left and then right.

"Daryl dixon..don't tell me you don't recognize your own momma." Daryl turned back to see her walkin' up on him.

"it's been awhile." Daryl gulped. This had to be a dream. A sick twisted dream.

His momma was dead..

She heard her giggle. A sound he didn't hear a lot of before her passing. Things were getting rough at the house. She usually spent her time drunk like his daddy.

"yeah..been gone for quite awhile now..but what they tell me is the worlds gone to shit anyway.." She said with a smile. Daryl looked her over. Long hair...peircing blue eyes, a big smile.

He never understood like someone like his father hooked someone like her and when he asked he'd always get the same phrase.

'I used the ole dixon charm'

"Yep." daryl said awkwardly. "What am I doing here not to be rude or nothin.." Daryl said not wanting to be offensive but could he really be offensive to someone who was dead? In this make believe world he was in?

"You know..I really don't know how these things work..I guess you gotta go some place when you pass out.."

Daryl thought a second before everything at that little supply run town caught up with him. It took him awhile to replay the events. Everything was hazy.

Daryl chuckled. "I guess so.."

"But honestly..I guess i'm here to get you through this..to guide you away from the light. You know all that cliche stuff you see in movies I think. I'm not sure. ..but the real thing I wanna talk about is you and that black gal." She said leaning back against a whited out window. Daryl was a little miffed about what was going on. Maybe he was hallucinating.

"Michonne?" He said slightly confused. He was passed out about going crazy and all his mind could think up for his momma to say was stuff about michonne?

"yes, yes that's 'er name. She's a pretty one..better than them other girls you were bringing in before all this crazy stuff started happenin'" She said with a look of disapproval on her face.

"You spying on me from where ever you are?" Daryl said with a disbelieving look.

"Not spying...Keepin an eye out. So tell me what's it like? I mean..being with her..Not because she's black I mean.." She rambled on that earned a laugh from daryl. No one besides him and merle really interacted with colored people that much. It was the way they were raised and the people before them. They couldn't help it.

"calm down momma calm down I get what you're tryin' to say. ..It's..it's fine I guess.. I never ever expected us to be together..but we are." Daryl said with shock on his face.

"Yeah see..I told you one day you'd find the perfect girl. She's gotta mouth smarter than yours and reflexes to boot. Not to mention she's a looker mmm and a fighter.." She said with a smile.

"momma..." Daryl trailed. He'd always wished he could get her reaction about how he'd grown up. How he turned out. Things were a lot lot harder with her gone. Some nights he found himself in his room just praying..praying she'd come walking through the door in her bright yellow diner uniform and grab him up. Grab him up take him to grandma's and they never look back.

"Hey..You better enjoy this hallucination while you can.. I don't wanna have to be here because of a near death experience again you hear me?" She said pointing at him. Giving him that stern look like when she told him not to go past the end of the street, but he usually did anyway.

Daryl just chuckled and nodded. The fact that she was just as blunt and truthful in his imagination is what really had him.

they were interrupted by the sound of muffled voices. Daryl looked up instinctively going for his cross bow but it wasn't there. He was starting to feel a pain in his chest and in his side.

"I guess that means I gotta go..." She said looking him in the eye with a sad look.

"Go? Go where? I thought you were guidin' me." Daryl said looking around.

"Well I can hear your friends so you must be comin' to, and you're about to go to..I didn't really need to guide you..you weren't goin' nowhere. I just wanted to talk is all and congratulate you. " She said walking toward him. He felt her hands touch his face. They were warm and soft.

"Congratulate me?" Daryl said confused.

"Daryl are you always this dense?" His mother said with an exasperated and playful look on her face.

"I'm going back to watch over you and you're going back to be a daddy.." She said rubbing his face.

"A what?" daryl said.

"A daddy...congratulations" She said again.


"My baby brother's gonna be a daddy.." Merle said for the 5th time. He'd been pondering it over and over for the last 3 hours it was getting late. Glenn had fallen asleep on the wall. Maggie on him and carol on her. Carl popped in with judith occasionally to see how it was going as well as beth. Rick finally got michonne to sit in a chair even if it was as close to the table as she could get without being on top of him.

Herschel had finally finished sewing him up a good hour and a half ago but no one left. Not until they were sure.

"He should be coming to soon. The anesthetic I used wasn't strong so he might be in some pain." Herschel said grabbing up his crutches. Rick nodded moving in herschels position.

"He's gonna be fine." Herschel said putting a hand on rick's shoulder before looking to michonne and merle. "I gotta check on baby judith it's not fair to leave carl and beth in there all night."

Everything was quiet once herschel left the room.

You know until merle started talking.

"You mind telling me what you were doin' on a run and you're pregnant?" Merle said looking to michonne. Michonne just kept still her eyes on daryl.

"Don't harass her Merle. I'm sure she had her reasons for not telling him." Rick said looking at her. She looked broken. The predatory gleam was gone out of her eye. If Daryl didn't pull through he was afraid he'd lose another important member in his group.

"I'm gonna harass her..she put herself.. and the baby at risk..not to mention daryl." Merle said trying to keep his voice down.

"She made the decisions she felt she had to make. You can't control her. She doeswhat she wants." Rick said coming to her defense because she obviously couldn't. He wanted to know the same things as merle however. Why was she going on runs and she was pregnant? Come to think of it she'd been doing everything recently that pregnant women definitely shouldn't be doing. Not in this day and age. But he couldn't focus on that right now. She was in a fragile state.

"She does what she wants when it's her life at risk but when it's my blood.." Merle was cut off. Rick moved across the room toward him.

"If you had it your way she'd be dead with her head as the governor's trophy." Rick said getting in merle's face.

"And if you had your way she'd would have been wandering the woods with a bullet wound. Mr. Don't trust anyone that comes to the prison."

Rick was in merle's face now both men looking to be at their breaking point.

"I'm glad to see things are still just as normal as ever...even when i'm not here."

"Daryl.." Michonne uttered from her mouth looking him over. His eyes were closed but his mouth was moving. She squeezed his hand.

"Tell me how I knew you were right there?" Daryl said squeezing her hand back with a chuckle

"Oh my god." She said laying her head on his stomach letting out a sob.

"Daryl.." Rick said coming to his side as well as merle.

He finally opened his eyes. Having to squint under the lights.

"Can someone get that damn light out my face?" Daryl said closing his eyes again. Merle shoved the thing out of the way.

"Fuck..They really got me good." Daryl said opening his eyes again. Michonne picking her head back up sniffling. She promised herself if he woke up she wouldn't spend time crying.

"Nah not really just two flesh wounds.." Rick said trying to lighten the situation.

"Yeah only two.." daryl said with a weak chuckle.

"Who were they? did you get a good look at em?" Merel said leaning over rick.

"No but I bet you it was one of them governor people." Daryl spat. "probably a setup to get michonne." Daryl said looking over at her. She had fear and sadness in her eyes.

"ey girl..what's wrong? I'm alive.." Daryl said smiling at her. Daryl couldn't get the insane,crazy make believe conversation he had with his dead mother out of his head. The only thing he could focus on was..

'A daddy...congratulations.'

Michonne couldn't help the smile that crept over her face. Daryl looked over her. One hand holding his and the other on her stomach.

"Probably the stress. We've all been cooped up in here worried sick..and merle's been here the whole time." Rick said feeling a situation coming up.

"Yeah you had the mother of your child worried sick.." Merle said with a laugh " by the way I didn't know you had it in you little brother.."

Daryl took a second.

He blinked a few times. Making sure he wasn't hallucinating again.

"What?" He asked looking to michonne in disbelief.

"I'm pregnant." Michonne said in a soft voice. Waiting for his reaction. Fearing the worse.

"I didn't know how to tell you...when you came back from that last run a couple weeks ago the one where I got sick while you were away I found out. But you were excited glenn got the condoms. You didn't think a baby was a good thing." Michonne said a lone tear falling down her face.

"I never said that and so you just didn't tell me?" Daryl said struggling to sit up. Rick and merlel helped him up.

"I didn't know how.." Michonne said raising her defenses.

"and how many runs have you been on since then? It's been 3 weeks 'chonne." Daryl said looking at her.

"I know.." she said. "I wanted to tell you.. I did..but I was scared." Michonne said whispering the last part.

"Scared? Scared of what?" Daryl said looking at her. He felt a whirlwind of emotions hit him all at once. Pain from the wounds, Worry for michonne. Slight anger that she didn't tell him.. but mostly he felt overjoyed.

Overjoyed she was okay and he was okay and he could be here for this.

"Scared you would be mad. Scared you wouldn't accept it." scared I wouldn't be ready. But she left that one out. She could feel all her old insecurities from her past life creeping up. It was like they were choking her. Like she was reliving a moment from her past life over. Telling her husband she was pregnant resulted in screaming and tears.. Ultimately he decided to stay for the child but after serious coaxing from her sheriff of a father and his preacher of a mother..

"Michonne.." Daryl said in an airy voice. He brought his good arm out to hold her close to him.

Rick and merle just watched both trying not to gawk at the situation. Maggie and Glenn were stirring in the corner and as much as she'd like this moment to be private. She's just happen she even got this moment at all.

"Never ever think I wouldn't accept you. Never think I wouldn't accept anything we create together. I admit I thought having a child right now would complicate things with the governor and all..okay... but did you really think if it happened I wouldn't care? Darlin' you are the most prized thing I've had in my life. To think that because you were pregnant i'd get mad or I'd leave you tells me that you have no idea what kind of man you're dealing with. We created this together..both of us. Were gonna get through this together the both of us, Me and you together will raise this amazing little girl or little boy who will have your brains and my instincts. Who will know everything possible about walkers and how to survive. Who I will protect with my life like I would anything else I love." Daryl said looking at her. "Damn girl..what do I have to do to prove I love you?" He said ending with a smile.

Michonne nodded her head and laughed a little. She finally felt like she could breath. Every worry flooding her head and her heart just disappearing. Well almost every worry.

"I love you too." Michonne said confidently not caring who heard. She could afford to open up in front of people this one time when it came to something so important.

"awww.." They heard from the corner looking over to see maggie, glenn and carol awake.

Daryl blushed a deep red.

"Yeah yeah get it out now." daryl said looking over at them.

"Damn little bro who knew you were such a casanova?" Merle said with a raspy laugh. Michonne smiled while daryl shook his head.

"and you people wonder why we don't open up more..let you see us together." Daryl said swinging his legs over the table.

"Where are you goin?" rick said trying his best to hold him off.

"Out of this room I felt like i've been here for centuries." He said still holding the now standing michonne's hand.

"You know the rules..we gotta let hershel check you over before you can go." Rick said.

"Aww come on." Daryl said groaning.

"Stop being such a baby." Michonne teased. Saying her first words since he gave his little speech.

"I guess I have to now..with you all knocked up.." Daryl said playing back. Michonne rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on how much more of this do I have to endure? It's killing me" Merle said with a sigh.

"You can leave aint nobody making you stay in here." Daryl said grinning.

Michonne watched them bicker back and forth her head coming to rest on daryls good shoulder. She was glad she was positioned so she could do it. She wasn't really paying attention to the conversation. Just watching. Her heart slowing down and her head clearing up.

Things were changing. The type of life she thought she left behind was coming back to her. She didn't really know if she still knew how to be a mother. They said the mother instinct is something that doesn't really leave you but that's under normal circumstances. When you have to learn how to adapt and survive in an zombie apocalypse some things are lost. She just hoped she was able to handle this. They were able to handle this.

She hoped just this once everything turned out okay.


"You did what?" The Governor said sitting down his drink.

"Me and a couple others saw them making a run in Millbush. The town 9 miles outside of here. We attacked!" The man said excited like he got something accomplished.

"What?" Milton said walking in. "YOu attacked them?" He said with disbelief.

"Yeah wounded one of em' I think." THe guy said ringing hi shat in his hands.

"And you think that solved something?" The governor said pour more scotch.

"Well yeah..they're weaker now.." The man said stuttering. The governor used to be such an easy going presence but after everything with the break in he was a little unsettling.

"Did you not realize I'm supposed to meet with this people in less than a week?" The governor said watching the bronze colored alcohol swish in the glass.

"No...no but." The man said fidgeting.

"Did you not realize you and you're handful of degenerates might have just successfully ruined what me and milton have been working so hard for?" The governor said letting more and more anger seep into his voice as he spoke.

"No sir but.." The man said. Milton watched the interaction back and forth.

"That's right you did none of those things...Here in woodbury we need people who can think..steps ahead that aren't all about the muscle. We come from a world where people realized on power and muscle to get them things not brains.." The governor said pulling out a gun from behind the desk.

"and we don't need anymore people like that." He said before shooting off.

Milton flinched warm blood covering his face.

"Clean this mess up..and have martinez and the rest double armed for the meeting on sunday. Things might not be going over as smoothly as we thought." He said throwing the gun down and picking up his glass.


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