Oh Boy

Last chapter of Oh Boy. Oh boy.^-^


He rubbed the back of his neck as she rummaged around his room. "I left my clothes here…YOU IDIOT, YOU JUST THREW ALL YOUR CLOTHES WHEN YOUR DAD TOLD YOU TO CLEAN YOUR ROOM AGAIN, DIDN'T YOU?!"

He laughed nervously, and she sighed and knocked her head on the closet door. "What did you need to talk to me about?" she said, taking off her clothes in front of Kyo.

Both of them didn't mind. They were used to it. SO NO PERVERTED THOUGHTS. -

He blushed and looked away. "Um…alright…but you have to PROMISE you won't say no, ok?" he said, and Tohru raised an eyebrow, but nodded nonetheless. "What is it?" she asked, putting on one of Kyo's shirts and pants.

He blushed and looked away. "Well…um…sit down." She raised an eyebrow, and put her hand on her hip. "Alright, what's going on?"


"KYO!" his father yelled from downstairs.

"Sorry dad." He said quietly. "Just sit down." He whispered.

In her baggy clothes, she sat criss cross on the bed, looking at him with eyes saying 'Well? You gonna stand there and eat fries or something?'

He took a deep breath. "T-Tohru…I…I lo-"

"KYO, GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE AND CLEAN UP THIS CRAP, BEFORE I MAKE YOUR FACE UGLIER THAN IT ALREADY IS!" His older brother; Yuki, yelled, stomping his fist against the door.

Kyo didn't jump at the chance to fight his brother, in actuality, he just closed and locked the door. "Tohru, just…please sit down."

She now knew that this was very important if Kyo said please. "K-Kyo…what's wrong? What's going on?"

He sighed and rubbed his temples. "Tohru…ever wondered why I smudged that paint all over your hair?"

"Cause you were being a little jerk?"

He sighed. "Don't tell your mom this but I…kinda liked you back then…and now…I…"

Tohru hugged him tightly. "I knew you did stupid. I was waiting for you to make the first move. You idiot." Kyo awkwardly hugged her back, a hard red blush staining her cheeks.

"Yeah, yeah. I wanted to say was I love you. Like, not for sex, but like, I really love you." Kyo said, turning his head around. She pressed his cheek so she could look straight in his eyes. "Silly billy, I love you to." And shyly pressed her lips on his.

Unknown to them, Tohru's mom was doing a little dance outside of the window.

8 years later

A white haired lady was sitting on the front seats, watching her daughter and son in law get married. Instead of crying, after they said ' I do' she bust out laughing.

"I TOLD YOU KAZUMA! I TOLD YOU! Oh my grand babies are gonna be GORGEOUS!"

A white haired man sitting next to her sighed and put his head in his hand. "Oh hush Kyoko. You're the mom, not me." But she wasn't listening, rather, kissing her son in law, and daughter on the cheeks, and squeezing them to death.

Tohru was spinning in her new husbands arms. "Hey, ya know…tonight, I'll be getting some, right?" he asked slowly.

She stopped twirling and smacked on the head. "You lewd dog."

"I prefer cat ya know."

"Same diff."

"What? Cats meow, dogs bark."

"Cats and Dogs are animals."

"Like you…" he whispered. She huffed, and pushed herself out of his arms. "Come on, our mom bought this house when we were 4. Let's not get it ruined on our first day by fighting."

"I know another way we can get it ruined…"

She threw a random pencil at him, and he stuck his tongue at her.

"Yep. Definitely a cat." She said with a laugh.

Just a few years AFTER those few years...

"MOOOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY!" a young girl screamed, running through the white house, her hand covering her hair.

"Yes honey?" a 37 year old Tohru asked her daughter, who was ducking for cover. "TIMBER!" a boy yelled, and just then, a water balloon exploded onto the little girls dress.

"AI! WHERE ARE YOU! I'M COMING FOR YOU!" a and suddenly, a black haired, brown eyed boy jumped from the shadows and attacked, pulling her hair and such. "SHADOW! LEMME ALONE! MMMOOOMMMMYYY!"

"Go tell daddy." Tohru said, nearly spilling her stew.


Kyo walked in the kitchen and sighed, putting a hand in his hair. "Now I know how they felt when they had us. Do you think it's starting over again?" he said with a sigh.

Tohru rolled her eyes. "Ya know the saying, Kyo-Kyo."

If a boy pulls your hair, he likes you. If he dips them in paint, he loves you. And if he puts glue all over your hair, then it's for sure he's gonna marry you.

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