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Takes place along with the manga chapter 825.

Let's just say, the tennis racket hit Conan-kun a little harder as in the manga and he is still unconscious when they reach the house of Momozono-san. What will happen when Ran remembers all the little – and not so little – accidents of Conan.

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Chapter one
Scars and scratches


Silently, she looked at the small form lying on the bed.

The doctor had just left and recommended that Conan should take the rest he needed, after reassuring Ran that there was nothing to worry about. Conan might have a slight head-ache when he woke up, but other than that he should be okay. If anything else occured, they could just give him a call and he would come back.

"Haah, Conan-kun – you really tend to get hurt a lot," Ran sighed to herself. She sat down by the bedside and brushed his fringe out of his face. Just then she recognized how sweaty he was.

'Probably from the tennis-match earlier'.

She got out a tissue and dabbed it gently on his forehead. His blue polo-shirt was damp and stuck to his body.

'I think we should get you out of this, or you will catch a cold.'

She went down the stairs to the living room, where the others were gathered. Her father looked up at her entrance with a grouchy expression. "How's the little brat?"

"Otou-san! Don't call him that! He is still sleeping." She turned to their host. "Momozono-san, do you have by any chance a shirt he can lend out? His own is all sweaty from our tennis-match and I don't want him to get sick."

Momozono gave it a short thought. "Uhm – you're lucky! I have some spare clothes here for my nephew when he uses the tennis-court. One moment – I'll get one for you."

She left the room and came back some minutes later with a small green t-shirt in her hands that she handed to Ran. "I think it should fit him, since my nephew is about his height."

Ran took the shirt and did a quick bow. "Thank you very much! I'll go back to Conan-kun and change him."

After closing the door and carefully avoiding any loud noises, she returned to his bedside and looked at her little charge.

'Still fast asleep – so let's get this done without disturbing him.'

First, she took off his glasses, which he was still wearing – as usual. She sat down beside him and carefully lifted his upper body with both hands, supporting his back and head. Scooting behind him, she let him rest against her and reached for the seam of his shirt. Slowly, she brought it up and pulled his little arms through the sleeves, followed by his head - avoiding touching the big band-aid right over his left eyebrow.

Again, she let him sink against her chest and was about to reach out for the new shirt, when her gaze fell on his now uncovered skin. She could see - well, rather imagine several traces of long since healed wounds.

Aside from the normal scratches a child his age would bring home from playing, running and falling, she knew that he had suffered some much more serious wounds.

'And for sure not caused from normal "kid's-stuff"'

Just yesterday, she had removed the latest band-aid. It had been on his right elbow, covering a scratch from what he said had been "An earlier tumble". But she had seen how he'd bumped against the wall hard, after kicking a soccer ball at the criminal who was threatening Sonoko and how he held his arm afterwards with a pained grimace.

So, again he had been hurt because he went up against a criminal and tried to protect others.

It hadn't been the first time either.

The day she'd first met him, he went off all by himself to search for the kidnapped girl. What was her name again? Oh right - Tani Akiko. When Ran had finally found the two kids by following the dog, Conan had been really badly beaten up by the culprit.

He'd scraped his whole forearm when he rescued Ai from the bus that was about to explode. He had tried to hide it from her, but she'd noticed it right away.

When this crazy serial killer had attacked her, he'd stepped right in front of her without even thinking a second about his own safety and nearly got stabbed.

She looked down at the soft rosy skin of the child's stomach and could almost see the sore angry red spot the knife had left - just stopped by the small link of the handcuff-chain in the lucky charm, Hattori had given him.

She sighed again.

A little round area of skin - slightly paler than the rest - caught her attention.

'This one is from the bullet those gruesome men fired at him in the cave.'

She still could feel the fear coursing through her, and the tears that stung in her eyes when she had seen him on the stretcher on the way to the operating room. She had been so certain that time that he was Shinichi, (although she had been disabused later) that she just knew that their blood would match. And it did.

She had been so close to losing him.

This thought made her shiver and without being aware of it, she started to run her fingers through the hair of his bangs – unconsciously trying to comfort him.

In the middle of her movements, she stopped.

Her fingers felt something at the center of his hairline, right where the dark strands of his fringe began. She shifted him a little to her left side to get a better view, stroke his hair back and took a closer look, just to discover a thin line – a scar.

Her eyes widened.

Images flooded her mind.

There was no mistaken. The form, the position - she knew this scar!

The images showed a little boy at her side. Maybe seven years old with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. It could have been Conan, but the glasses were missing and above all, she was eye to eye with him without kneeling.

They were remarkably similar, especially when Conan was without his glasses that he was wearing day and night.

But right now, when she was looking at his bare face, touching that scar, she saw straight into the face in her memories.

A memory of... "Shinichi!"

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