Alexus Lahote is Paul's sister and growing up they have always been close'ish. Alex could calm Paul down when no one else could. She would get him out of trouble for fights but was by no means afraid to get into a fight with anyone. Her temper rivals Paul's but she is better on keeping it unseen9 she has to be the level headed person in the house considering it is just them two). When Paul disappears for a while and then returns home different she becomes close with a certain Whitlock when he realizes that she is his mate. She knows about the Cullen's but not about the wolves. Her blood doesn't appeal to the Cullen's. What happens when Alex's life gets even more complicated? Set in the midterm area of Twilight and New Moon but will continue until I choose to stop. Most likely OOC. Jasper/OC and maybe others latter on. Rating may go up.

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Paul and Alex have always been close'ish. They understand when each other need space or when they want company. Paul is 16 when he disappears for 2 weeks and Alex is only 14 but despite her age she is exceptionally mature. She had to become the levelheaded person in the family because her mother died giving birth to her and her father left 4 years ago. She keeps the house in a decent condition and makes sure that Paul stays in school and gets him out of trouble when it is to extreme. But even though she looks level headed and calm she has a temper that is worse then Paul's and even though she tries to keep it hidden she is not afraid to use it if you deserve it. Paul taught her when she was 7 how to defend her self in a fight and she does not hesitate to start of finish one. But when Paul disappears for 2 weeks she doesn't worry to much because he has just vanished for a bit before but when he comes back and he is acting different Alex starts to get concerned but he just pushes her away and his temper is worse, not only that but he starts hanging with Jared again and with Sam Uley. Who he has never liked. Finally Alex is fed up with it and goes for a walk and ends up in Forks at some dinner where she meats Jasper and they instantly hit it off and they become closer and closer. She ends up spending most of her nights at the Cullen's and is friends with everyone, even Rose much to everyone's shock, She and Bella get along ok but by no means are BFF's. After a few months of realizing that Paul doesn't care what she does and that he was never home anyway she started sleeping over at the Cullen's (and yes just sleeping) and after a few more weeks of that she transferred schools from the res. to Forks High. But comes home most mornings to make Paul some breakfast. She never has had real friends just friends that wanted to get laid by her brother. With the Cullen's she is sweet and sassy and they know she has a temper. Jasper has taught her more self-defense. She knows that the Cullen's aren't allowed on the res. but doesn't know why, they refuse to tell her that her brother is a shifter or about any of the guys that are shifters so they just tell her that it is complicated and leave it at that. She is now only 2 months away from her 15th birthday and she is a sophomore at Forks high.

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