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Draco Malfoy looked around as he exited Madam Malkin's, trying to find his father and godfather. He shook his head when he didn't see them, figuring they were in the Apothecary. With that thought, he decided to go to the Leaky Cauldron to wait for them. Walking down the deserted street, he sighed as he looked around at the small market. It was nothing like it had been just a year ago. Only a few others were on the street, shops were boarded up, others were halfway to being destroyed, and it was dull. The colourful liveliness that once graced Diagon Alley was absent. The only colour, the only sliver of hope was the joke shop owned by the Weasley twins.

Lost in his thoughts, Draco was hit with surprise when he felt his foot catch something and he fell to the ground. Groaning slightly at the impact, he pushed himself up onto his knees. He turned to see what he had tripped over and was startled to see the body of a person. For a long moment, he just stared at the body in shock. Whoever the person was was unconscious and covered in dirt, blood, and sweat. An arm was outstretched and Draco knew from the odd angle of the wrist that it was this he had tripped over.

He wasn't sure what to do. The person didn't seem to have anything nearby, not even a wand. However, before he could dwell on this fact, he noticed something dark moving away from where the person's abdomen touched the cobblestones. Looking slightly closer, he was shocked to see that it was blood…a lot of blood. Worried and not caring who the person was anymore, he rushed forward and gently rolled the person onto their back, searching for the injury. Unable to see past the shirt, Draco tore the oversized thing open and immediately found what he was looking for. On the person's right side just under the ribcage was a very deep gash that was about two inches long.

Swearing, Draco placed his hands on the wound and struggled to close it and slow the bleeding. He didn't care that he was getting covered in blood; he had to help this person. Finally he got control of the cut, holding it shut with only a trickle of blood leaving it occasionally. In slight control of the bleeding now, he looked at the person he was helping.

Whoever it was was extremely thin, so thin that Draco could see their ribs. He was disturbed to see numerous cuts and welts on the person's chest though they were well concealed beneath the dirt and blood. He moved his eyes up to the person's face. He really couldn't tell if he recognized the person or not beneath the grime. It was then that he took notice of the hair, the familiar black and messy hair. He quickly looked at the person's face again, specifically the forehead. Looking very closely, he was able to identify the famous lightning bolt scar.

"Potter?" he breathed. "What in Merlin's name happened to you?"

Shaking his head, Draco looked down the street again. He was exceedingly happy to see his father and godfather leave the Apothecary and head towards him.

Glancing around, Draco yelled, "Hurry up!"

The two men looked at him, frowning, but they did pick up their pace. Very soon they were close enough to see that Draco wasn't alone.

"What has happened here? Who is that?" Lucius Malfoy asked.

"I tripped over his arm and found him like this," Draco said.

"Who is it?" Lucius repeated.

"It's Potter," Draco said and the men gaped. "Do that later," he snapped. "Uncle Severus, you have to help him. He's dying. He's been hurt bad, cut really deep," he said, looking at his godfather.

"Draco, can you keep your hands there through Apparation?" Severus Snape asked.

"Yes," Draco nodded.

"Good," Snape said and proceeded to pick Potter up. "I'm bringing him to the manor," he told Lucius.

"Of course. Go," Lucius urged and they all Disapparated.

Appearing in the library of Malfoy Manor, Snape and Draco raced from the room with Potter and up the stairs to one of the spare rooms. Lucius quickly followed and stood in the doorway, watching the hurried actions take place. They had laid Potter on the bed, Draco still holding the wound on the abdomen. Snape banished all of Potter's clothes except his boxers and moved to the boy's stomach.

"Lucius, we need a Healer!" Snape shouted urgently. "I can only do so much."

"Lainie!" Lucius shouted and a house elf appeared with a crack.

"Master?" the house elf said.

"Get Healer Masters. Now. I don't care what he's doing," Lucius ordered and Lainie disappeared with a nod.

"It won't stop bleeding!" Draco said frantically as blood began to leave the wound in larger quantities.

"Where the hell is that Healer?" Snape growled as he tried to help stop the bleeding if only briefly.

"He's co—"

"Lucius?" a male voice called up.

"Danny, up here!" Lucius yelled. They heard rushed footsteps on the stairs and a younger man rushed into the room. He had sandy hair and green eyes and was in his late thirties.

"What is going on?" the Healer said.

"We'll explain later," Snape snapped. "For now help me save him."

Danny nodded and ran forward. Draco was shooed away to his father's side.

"You have Healer training?" Danny asked.

"Yes. I am a certified Healer but I am not experienced enough to do this myself," Snape nodded.

Danny nodded back and pulled on some latex gloves, handing a pair to Snape. He quickly put two fingers in Potter's wound, searching for internal damage. He looked at Snape and shook his head as he removed his fingers, telling the man that there was no damage. He cleaned away the excess blood and began to quickly stitch the wound shut. When Potter's chest stopped moving, they nearly went into a panic.

With a frantic grumble, Danny flicked his wand and conjured a floating black screen. He tapped it and a red line appeared horizontally across the screen and it was making a continuous noise.

The Healer cursed. "Scan him," he ordered and Snape waved his wand over Potter a few times.


Danny then placed his wand to Potter's chest where his heart was and muttered an incantation. Potter jerked but remained still. Danny repeated the spell and Potter jerked but there was no life. He said the spell again and Potter jerked for a third time. This time there was a beep and the red line on the screen went jagged. Potter's chest was moving again though sharply and sporadically.

Both men breathed sighs of relief.

"What does the scan say?" Danny asked.

Snape looked at the parchment that had appeared. "Broken left ankle, right leg fractured in three places, broken right arm, dislocated right shoulder, sprained right wrist, broken collarbone, hundreds of cuts and welts and bruises, six broken ribs, four broken fingers, and his left lung is punctured."

"Bloody hell," they heard Draco mutter.

"We have to fix the lung," Danny said and Snape nodded. "You will have to set the ribs while I do the lung," Snape nodded again.

The two of them got into position and immediately began healing Potter when Danny gave the word. Snape worked on bringing the broken ribs back into alignment where he then cast a spell that had them knit back together. Even with this, it would be a while before Potter could even sit up without it hurting. He was just finishing with the final rib when Danny pulled away.

"His lung is healed but he'll need an oxygen mask for a couple days," the Healer said. Snape quickly conjured a magical oxygen mask and slipped the elastic around Potter's head, placing the clear mask over his mouth and nose.

"I suppose we'll begin at the top and work our way down?" Snape suggested.

"It's probably best and easiest," Danny nodded.

With deep breaths, the two men got to work on either side of Potter's body. Draco and his father never left even though it took well over four hours to even stabilize Potter and another two to heal him. Snape winced when he saw that it was Potter's right collarbone, right arm, and right wrist that were all broken or sprained along with two broken fingers. Even with magic and potions, the boy would be in agony. Finally, after nearly six hours, Danny and Snape finished healing Potter the best they could. Almost the entire right side of the boy's body was bandaged up.

"Is there anything we can give him to help with the pain?" Snape asked. "Regardless of how much we healed him, he's still going to be in near agony."

"We could put him on morphine for a few days," Danny suggested and Snape nodded. "I'll go get a bag."

When Danny was gone, Draco and Lucius walked into the room.

"What happened to him?" Draco asked.

"We have an idea about some of the wounds but not all. We won't really know what happened until Potter wakes up and tells us," Snape said and Draco nodded, his eyes never leaving his school rival. The silence that befell them was broken when Danny returned, holding a clear plastic bag filled with a clear liquid. He waved his wand at the screen monitoring Potter's heart and a small hook appeared on the side of it. He hung the bag on the hook before turning to the bag he had brought with him. He dug around in it and produced a long, thin, plastic tube and a needle. It was all very Muggle and Snape remembered once when he was hooked up to morphine. Danny attached one end of the tube to the bag and the other end to the back of the needle. He then put the needle in a vein in the back of Potter's left hand.

"It will only give him as much as he needs and we will be able to monitor it to make sure nothing goes wrong," Danny said and Snape nodded.

"When will he wake up?" Draco asked.

"Probably not for a few days and he won't be very coherent when he does. It will be over a week before he is coherent and aware when he is awake," Danny told the sixteen year old. "I'll come back tomorrow morning to make sure he's doing all right. Call me if anything goes wrong or happens before then."

"We will," Lucius said. "Thank you, Danny, for your help."

Danny inclined his head and left the manor.

"So now what?" Lucius asked.

"We keep him comfortable and wait for him to wake up," Snape said and Lucius sighed.

"Fantastic. I'm housing Harry Potter for Merlin knows how long," the man groaned. Snape smirked at him briefly before sobering and looking back down at Potter.

What in the world had happened to Britain's 'Chosen One'?

Almost a week had passed since Potter had been found in Diagon Alley and then brought to Malfoy Manor. His healing was slow, even with magic, though he had been taken off the morphine. Snape had taken to staying at Malfoy Manor instead of going home in order to keep an eye on Potter. The Gryffindor had yet to wake up even though Danny said he would any day.

Snape had just given Potter his potions and was changing the bed clothes when he finally saw movement. The fingers of Potter's left had twitched several times and Snape heard a near silent groan. His eyes flew up to Potter's face. Potter was turning his head slightly and his eyes were flickering. Soon he could see little slits in the green eyes.

"Potter," Snape said to alert the young man to his presence. He wasn't sure how aware Potter was. "Don't panic, Potter. I'm helping you."

He saw the green eyes open a bit more and slide over him. He could see the haziness and confusion in the barely lucid depths.

"You are safe, Potter. You are badly injured and I'm here to help you heal," Snape told him.


Snape shushed him when he tried to speak. "Don't speak, Potter. You are somewhere safe, know that. I will explain more the next time you wake. For now you must rest."

He held up a potion and could see that Potter wanted to object to the potion to sleep.

"There is no need to fear, Potter. You are safe here, I promise you," Snape said. He and Potter stared at each other for a long while before he shockingly heard Potter's voice in his head.

'I don't take Sleeping Potions or Dreamless Sleep, sir.'

Eyes wide as he stared at Potter, Snape asked, "Why?"

'Dreamless Sleep doesn't work on me and I'm not about to let you of all people render me defenceless.'

Snape sneered. "You already are defenceless, you cretin."

'Whatever. I'm not taking the potion.'

"It is to help you heal, Potter. You will take it," Snape growled.

'I'm not taking it.'



Snape glared at him and moved quickly. He pried open Potter's mouth and poured the potion in, slapping a hand over the Gryffindor's nose and mouth, and stroking his throat to make him swallow.

"You can hex me when you're better," Snape said at Potter's tired glare. Snape sighed. "You're safe, Potter, trust me."

He received no answer as Potter fell into a deep healing sleep. Snape watched the not-yet sixteen year old for a while before shaking his head and leaving the room.

It was another five days before Potter woke up again, this time lucid. Draco was sitting in a lounge chair that had been conjured up beside the bed and was deeply engrossed in the book on his lap.

He had just turned to the next chapter when he heard a quiet, "Malfoy." His head and eyes flew up to Potter who was definitely awake and aware, unlike the last time.

"You're awake," Draco said, knowing it was an obvious fact but having no idea what else to say.

"Why are you here?" Potter whispered in a voice so hoarse that it made Draco wince slightly.

Instead of answering the question, he said, "I'll be right back," and left the room.

Harry watched Malfoy leave in confusion. Why the hell had Draco Malfoy been there at his bedside? Granted he didn't have his glasses so everything was extremely blurry but he would know Draco Malfoy anywhere, with or without his glasses. The same, however, couldn't be said about wherever he was. He closed his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows. What had happened? Anything he could remember was hazy.

He was interrupted, though, by the sounds of someone walking into the room. He opened his eyes.

Snape followed Draco back to the room in which Potter was residing. Entering, he found Potter's eyes closed and a deep frown on his face. Perhaps he was thinking about what had happened to land him in the state he was in. He was just approaching Potter's bedside when the green eyes opened and stared at him.

"Mr. Potter, glad to see you've rejoined us," Snape said and watched Potter frown. "You've been unconscious for nearly two weeks, maybe more as we have no idea how long you were in Diagon Alley."

"Diagon Alley?" Potter repeated, his voice very scratchy.

Snape conjured a glass of water and, sitting on the edge of the bed, helped Potter drink some. "Yes, Mr. Potter, Diagon Alley. It is where we found you."

"We?" Potter said.

Snape sighed. "Yes, 'we'. As in myself, Draco, and Lucius."

Potter's eyes flicked to Draco. "What happened?"

"We were hoping you could tell us," Snape said.

"I—I don't remember," Potter said and found himself jumping—which made him hiss in pain—when Lucius Malfoy entered the room, carrying a few items in his arms.

"You don't remember anything?" Snape raised an eyebrow.

"It—it's there but really…hazy," Potter said.

"He may just need his memory jogged," Draco suggested and Snape nodded.

Snape gave Potter another drink of water and said, "I'm going to ask you questions. I want you to try and answer, try to remember."

Potter gazed at the three of them warily, distrustfully but nodded anyways.

"What is the last thing you remember before it gets hazy?" Snape asked.

Potter paused as he thought. "I was at my aunt and uncle's and my uncle was yelling at me."

"Yelling at you for what?" Snape said.

Potter paused again, thinking. "Something to do with my chores, I think, and also something about magic."

Noticing the cracking in Potter's voice, Snape gave him more water. "Can you remember anything more specific?"

Potter closed his eyes, trying to remember. "I didn't finish my chores in time and my uncle lost a couple clients, blamed it on me."

Snape glanced at Lucius who was leaning in the doorway and who frowned. "Why would he blame you?" Snape asked.

"Because it's always my fault. Because I'm a freak and he hates me and magic," Potter said in a very monotonous tone as if he had repeated it before.

"What about magic? Why was he yelling at you about magic?"

"The clients and I think I…used magic," Potter said, his forehead scrunching up in thought.

"Why did you use magic?" Snape asked.

"He was blaming me," Potter said. "He was punishing me for costing him clients."

Snape looked at Lucius again who was standing up straight now and staring at Potter.

"How was he punishing you?" Snape asked.

"Same way as always except…"

"Except what?"

"There was something different. It's why I used magic."

"What was different?"

"He wasn't going to stop," Potter said and Snape tensed.

"Potter, where are your things? We only found a few things on you," Snape said.

"I got my things from my room and went to get the rest from the cupboard," Potter said. Things were obviously becoming clearer as he didn't pause as much before answering. "My uncle started punishing me again when I tried to get in the cupboard. Then a—the letter."

Snape frowned, trying to figure out what the Gryffindor meant. "What are you talking about, Potter?"

"He stopped when the letter came," Potter said.

"What did the letter say?"

"I'm expelled. They expelled me for using magic in the presence of and against a Muggle," Potter said.

"What happened then?"

"He continued punishing me and then he got my things. He dragged them and me outside. He burned everything," Potter said, casting his eyes down.

"Where is your wand, Potter? You didn't have it on you," Snape said.

"He—he took it and—and he snapped it. He said I didn't need it anymore," Potter said and he bit his lip. Snape knew he was holding back tears. "I ran while he was burning my things. I don't know how but I Apparated outside the Leaky Cauldron. I went through and somehow the wall just opened for me. I went into Diagon Alley. It's a blur after that."

"You had a stab wound. What happened?"

"That was after letter came."

"What happened?"

"He—he stabbed me. I knew he was going to kill me. It's why I left."

"One more question," Snape said. "Where is your owl?"

Here Potter paled and looked stricken. "Hedwig," he whispered. "She—she tried to protect me. She went a-after him. He—he—he killed her. He killed her." Potter fell into tears and sobbed. Snape didn't bother looking at the Malfoys; he knew what he'd see. Instead he reached over and took Potter's uninjured left hand, trying to convey any kind of comfort to the devastated teen. Surprisingly Potter gripped his hand tightly.

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